qtokenin-for liquor in delhi e-coupon

qtoken.in for Liquor in Delhi – E Coupon for Liquor in Delhi

Ever since Indian government has allowed liquor shops to operate across the country, the rush on the shops is too high. Delhi government has found a way to keep the crowd at shops in check. It has issued a website link qtoken.in for people. One can visit this link and get ecoupon for liquor in Delhi. Anyone can visit qtoken. in for liquor in Delhi and provide their personal information to book time for buying. Currently, 50 people can book time for buying liquor for every hour at one shop. Once your application is submitted, you will get e-coupon on your registered mobile number. It is expected to keep things smooth in these tough times of pandemic. The high rush at these shops has increased the risk of Coronavirus among the buyers. It has been on the news since long and this initiative of sharing qtoken.in Delhi liquor seems like a good step. This initiative has come after the government has increased the liquor price by 70%.

qtokenin-for liquor in delhi e-coupon

The only concern of the people is that this service should run smooth. During last couple of days, crowd gathered in a very high number at such shops. This gives us a hint of how many people would be visiting the qtoken.in for getting E-coupon for liquor in Delhi. The website should be able to handle such a high traffic of people accessing the website at once. It should also be appreciated that Delhi government has thought something about the ongoing concern and it may ease the pain of buyers.

The Delhi Government had initially allowed 200 shops to open across Delhi from Monday onwards. However, poor social distancing was displayed at a large number of shops and only around 50 shops could be made operational. This forced government to figure out a way to ensure social distancing is maintained to keep Corona in check. The qtoken.in website may turn out to be a good decision by the Kejriwal government.

The people across the globe are facing the heat of Coronavirus and India is also leading to a worrisome path. Launching websites like qtoken.in helps the authorities to keep the number at shops in the limit. The cases are increasing, and everyone seems quite concerned. During these times of pandemic, the government’s decision has received mixed reactions. These shops are opened in the cities where it was not banned by their state government. It has brought a really big smile across the millions of faces. It was no less than a miracle for them. People visiting these shops need to keep following the guidelines shared by the government and keep everyone safe around them.

As of now link qtoken.in/liquor/intro is not working and it is down might be high demand.

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