Eiffel Tower Stadium Seating Chart, Stade Tour Eiffel Seat Arrangement Map

The Eiffel Tower Stadium is a temporary seating structure for the upcoming Olympics 2024. Paris is the hosting city of the Summer Olympics and the Eiffel Tower Stadium was built only for the hosting of the Summer Olympic Games. The Beach Volleyball Olympic Games will be hosted in this stadium and the supporters are looking for an Eiffel Tower Stadium seating chart with seat numbers and rows. Stade Tour Eiffel is the name of the stadium in the French. Paris is one of the most lively and famous cities in the World. Now the Olympics are being hosted in this city, visitors from all over the World will visit Paris to support their teams and Players.

An outdoor Arena is built in the Champ de Mars to host beach volleyball games. The football matches of the Paralympics are also played here. After the completion of the Olympics and Paralympics games, the structure will be dismantled and Champ de Mars will be restored. Blind football games of Paralympics will be played here according to the schedule. Around 13000 spectators can be seated in the Eiffel Tower Arena. The demand for the Stade Tour Eiffel tickets is high for the upcoming games of the Olympics in the Arena.

Eiffel Tower Stadium Seating Chart

Eiffel Tower Stadium Seating Chart with Seat Numbers
Eiffel Tower Stadium Seating Chart with Seat Numbers

13000 seats of the Arena are divided into four categories. Category A seats are near the ground and Category D seats are far from the ground. The category names are A, B, C, and D. The rate of the Category A tickets is on the higher side as compared to the other categories. It is easy to locate seats in this Stadium with the help of the Eiffel Tower Stadium Seating plan with seat numbers and rows. It is a temporary structure, and the detailed seating arrangement chart will be shared at a later stage.

It is a big Arena in terms of seating capacity and the proper seating map is very helpful in booking best-view seats. The rate of the tickets depends on multiple factors like the view from the seat, type of the game, type of the event, type of the stand, facilities, etc.

Stade Tour Eiffel Parking Map

Eiffel Tower Stadium Parking Map
Eiffel Tower Stadium Parking Map

Eiffel Tower Arena is located at Champ de Mars and it is the busiest locality of Paris. Finding a proper parking spot near the Champ de Mars during the Olympic games is a tough task.  The rate of parking is on the higher side near the Champ de Mars. We are sharing the Eiffel Tower parking map for the convenience of visitors. It is advised to reach the venue with the help of public transport as this area is very well connected with all the parts of the City.

The parking arrangements can be entirely different during the hosting of games at the Eiffel Tower Arena located at Champ de Mars.

Eiffel Tower Stadium Location Map and How to Reach

This temporary structure is built at Champ de Mars it is the most famous place in the City. This place is very well connected with all parts of the city and visitors can use public transport to reach the venue comfortably. This venue is around 12 KM from the Olympic Village. Some of the public transport options to reach the Arena are

  • Pont de l’Alma” stop: RER C – 950 m to the venue
  • Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel” stop: RER C – 600 m to the venue
  • Alma-Marceau” stop: Metro 9 – 1.25 km to the venue
  • Bir-Hakeim” stop: Metro 6 – 800 m to the venue