Bridgetown Kensington Oval Seating Map 2024 with Seat Numbers, Kensington Oval T20 World Cup Tickets 2024

Kensington Oval Bridgetown Stadium in Barbados

Kensington Oval is the Cricket Ground located in Barbados country in the Caribbean. This stadium is mostly used for hosting cricket matches. It is one of the oldest cricket grounds in the world and Barbados. It is a big cricket ground and during High Voltage events it is difficult to locate seats without the Kensington Oval Stadium seating plan. This stadium is located in Bridgetown, therefore, it is also known as Bridgetown Stadium. This stadium has been hosting cricket matches for a long time and many important matches were held here. One Day International matches of the 2007 ODI World Cup were hosted in this Stadium along with other stadiums of the Caribbean. Apart from International matches this stadium is also used to host Caribbean Premier League matches. Now this Stadium will host the matches of the 2024 T20 World Cup. The final of the 2024 T20 World Cup along with the Super 8 matches and league matches will be hosted in this ground.

Kensington Oval Stadium was established in 1876 and the Stadium seating capacity is 28000. In 1930, West Indies and England played the first test match at this stadium. The first one-day international match in this Stadium was played in 1985 between West Indies and New Zealand. West Indies and Australia played the first T20 International match on this ground in 2008. This ground is also used by women’s cricket teams. This stadium is operated by Kensington Oval Management Inc. Barbados Tridents and Barbados Cricket Association are the main tenants of this ground. Apart from cricket matches this stadium also hosts other sporting events and musical concerts.

Barbados Kensington Oval Seating Map 2024

Barbados Kensington Oval Bridgetown Seating Map
Barbados Kensington Oval Bridgetown Seating Map

This ground is a big stadium in terms of seating capacity and with the help of the Bridgetown Kensington Oval seating plan, visitors will easily locate their seats. This stadium is also used for hosting concerts and the seating plan for the concerts is different than the Sporting event. All the stands and general ground are mentioned on the map along with the entry gates. The food and drinks option is also marked on the map. Nearby roads and streets are also mentioned on the map. The name of the stands is marked on the Kensington Oval Stadium layout map. Visitors can use this Stadium while visiting this Stadium for cricket matches and other events.

Bridgetown Kensington Oval Barbados Seating Plan
Bridgetown Kensington Oval Barbados Seating Plan
Kensington Oval Barbados Seat Plan
Kensington Oval Barbados Seat Plan

Now cricket fans across the world are looking for Barbados stadium seating plan along with seat numbers to locate their seats easily.

Bridgetown Barbados Kensington Oval Seating Plan Map
Bridgetown Barbados Kensington Oval Seating Plan Map

The seating layout map of Bridgetown Barbados shows all the seats of the stadium along with the rows and position of the pitch. The location of the club hospitality, media center, party stand, etc is shown on the map. We will update the latest seating map of the stadium with seat number regularly.

Bridgetown Kensington Oval WC T20 Tickets 2024

9 matches of the T20 World Cup are scheduled to be played at Bridgetown Kensington Oval stadium. The T20 matches will be played at this venue from 03 June 2024 to 29 June 2024. During Sporting events and concerts, there is a high demand for Bridgetown Barbados Kensington Oval tickets. The online match tickets for this stadium are available via the World Cup official website. Cricket fans interested in watching live matches in the stadium can easily book online tickets for this stadium. Offline tickets for Kensington Oval Stadium can be bought from the Stadium ticket counters located outside the stadium.

Bridgetown Kensington Oval Tickets Price 2024

This stadium is mainly used for playing cricket matches and ticket rates for this stadium are generally on the lower side as compared to other stadiums in the world. For test matches, ticket rates normally start from 5 to $10. T20 International and one-day international match tickets are generally more expensive than test match tickets. The tickets are available in multiple categories depending on the seats and type of stand. Some other factors also affect the prices of match tickets. Cricket fans should check the ticket rates on the official website before the upcoming event. The ticket rates for the upcoming T20 World Cup matches in Barbados Stadium start from $17. The highest ticket price is $575 The Club – Indoor Lounge. The tickets are available in multiple price ranges depending on the opponent teams, demand of the match, view from the seat, etc. 2024 T20 World Cup final ticket rates are the most expensive tickets. The starting ticket price for the final match in Barbados starts from $80.

Type of Tickets Ticket Price Range
Standard $17 to $45
Standard Plus $17 to $85
Premium $17 to $135
The Club – Indoor Lounge $400 to $575

Bridgetown Kensington Oval Parking

This beautiful stadium is located in a busy locality inside the city and during big events it is difficult to find a parking spot near the ground. The stadium parking is generally used by the members and players during the events. The visitors should use public transport to reach the venue. The visitors of this Stadium can also use Google Maps and other applications to find nearby parking.

Kensington Oval T20 World Cup 2024 Schedule

Teams Day and Date
Namibia vs Oman Monday 3 June 2024
England vs Scotland Tuesday 4 June 2024
Australia vs Oman Thursday 6 June 2024
Namibia vs Scotland Friday 7 June 2024
Australia vs England Saturday 8 June 2024
C1 vs A1 Thursday 20 June 2024
A2 vs C2 Saturday 22 June 2024
A2 vs B1 Sunday 23 June 2024
Final Saturday 29 June 2024

The first match of the T20 World Cup in Barbados will be played on 3 June 2024 between Namibia and Oman. The final match will be played on 29 June 2024. A total of 9 matches will be played at Kensington Oval Stadium.