Champ De Mars Arena Seating Chart 2024, Champ De Mars Seat Arrangement Map

Champ de Mars Arena Paris

Champ De Mars Arena is a temporary building structure to host the games of the Summer Olympics 2024 and the Paralympics. Grand Palais Éphémère will be renamed Champ De Mars Arena during the Olympics. It is near the Eiffel Tower and is located on the Champ De Mars. It is a popular place in Paris and the whole structure of the Arena will be dismantled after the completion of Paralympics 2024. People are looking for Champ De Mars Arena seating layout with seat numbers to locate their seats easily. The Olympics committee already announced the schedule for the Champ De Mars Arena and this venue will be used for the hosting of Judo and Wrestling matches.

The demand for the Champ De Mars Arena tickets is high as supporters from all over the world will reach here to support their country and players. Champ De Mars is a Green area and park located near the Eiffel Tower.  Grand Palais Éphémère is a 10000 square metre temporary structure and it was opened in 2021. It is scheduled to be dismantled in late 2024 after the hosting of the Olympics. The architect of the building is Jean-Michel Wilmotte. This exhibition hall is ready to host the games of the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Paris. Temporary seats are added to the structure to accommodate guests during the event.

Champ De Mars Arena Seating Chart with Seat Numbers

Champ De Mars Arena Seating Plan
Champ De Mars Arena Seating Plan

This temporary structure has enough space to accommodate a large number of spectators during the games. The seating arrangement for the arena is divided into 4 categories. Category A seats are near the sports location and Category D seats are far from the main location. The seats are divided into category A, category B, category C, and category D. The rates of the tickets will be according to the location of the seat, view from the seat, type of the event, opponent teams, etc. It is easy to find seats in the stadium with the help of the Champ De Mars Arena seating arrangement map with seat numbers, categories, and rows.

Champ De Mars Arena Parking Map

This Venue of the Paris is located in one of the most busy localities and finding parking near the Arena is a tough task. During the games, it is tough to park a vehicle near the stadium. Visitors are advised to use public transport to reach this venue easily. Guests can use Google Maps and other navigation applications to reach this venue efficiently. We are sharing the parking map near the Champ De Mars. All the parking lots near the venue are depicted on the map.

Champ De Mars Parking Map
Champ De Mars Parking Map

Champ De Mars Arena Location and How to Reach

It is located in Champ de Mars and the address is 2 Pl. Joffre, 75007 Paris, France. This stadium is around 11 km from the Olympic Village. Visitors can reach the Champ de Mars Arena with the help of public transport. La Motte-Picquet – Grenelle” stop: Métro 6/8 and Ségur” stop: Métro 10 are the nearest metro stations. They are around 400 m and 800 m far from the venue respectively.