FC Barcelona Camp Nou Seat Map 2024, Camp Nou Tickets Price, Schedule

The game of Football is the most famous sports in Spain. The country is widely popular for its football league and the clubs. Two of the main clubs which are very well known worldwide are Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Rivalry of Messi and Ronaldo has been the heart of the league football here. Even after the departure of Ronaldo from Barcelona, the heat of the competition is still on. Camp Nou is the best place to watch the Barca team in action. The stadium has been hosting the football matches since 24th September 1957. The stadium was opened for public with a Football match. The Camp Nou was built for hosting football matches and it replaced the Camp de Les Corts stadium. The Camp Nou Pitch size is 105 x 68 yards.

The stadium can host any international or league match and it has a huge capacity. The Camp Nou stadium can accommodate more than 99000 spectators. The Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium seat map layout could help the people who visit the stadium. The Camp Nou Stadium seat map is shown on the page along with much important information. For the people visiting from various cities, there are many Camp Nou nearby hotels as well. One can easily book their stay in advance, to be able to stay there when the football season starts. Camp Nou stadium hosts few events and concerts too, and hence it serves many purposes. This Barcelona stadium hosts the league match of FC Barcelona and it is the official stadium of the team. The FC Barcelona tickets for Camp Nou are sold online and offline.

How to Reach Camp Nou Stadium

The stadium of FC Barcelona team is Camp Nou and it is located in East Barcelona. The stadium is at a distance of just 5 km from the city center. The stadium is very reachable and you can take the metro or cab to reach the stadium. One needs to walk for approx 10 minutes, after getting down from the metro. One of the nearest metro stations on line 3 is Les Corts. Some other metro stations are equally far and Badal, Collblanc on line 5. The address of Camp Nou is Calle Arístides Mallol 12, 08028 Barcelona.

FC Barcelona Camp Nou Tickets 2024

Most of the matches played here are generally La Liga matches. The Camp Nou FC Barcelona Tickets are sold offline and online and ticket price varies widely. Earlier the stadium seating capacity was somewhere near 120,000. After the renovation, many standing places have been converted to seating places and hence the overall capacity is reduced. Now, the seating capacity is approximately 92,000. The reduced seats mean the tickets price for the replaced seats is a little bit higher. One can buy Camp Nou FC Barcelona, La Liga tickets at the official website and the Camp Nou ticket counter. The online tickets are sometimes sold at a discounted price and they might be cheaper than Camp Nou ticket counter. There are various websites apart from the official website, which are selling Camp Nou Barcelona tickets and you might find some price variation also, for the FC Barcelona Camp Nou Tickets 2019.

FC Barcelona Camp Nou Tickets Price 2024 – La Liga FC Barcelona Ticket Price

The ticket price for FC Barcelona matches varies. The high voltage matches between two competitive teams may have high price tickets. The low – profile matches are priced at a lower side. For general matches, the price may vary between €50.00 and €200.00. Some of the best seats on the sides cost somewhere between €110 to €200. The seat right behind the goal is priced between €60 to €110, it is the cost of some of the ground tier seats. The Camp Nou La Liga tickets for top tier costs between €50 to €70, these seats are behind the goal. The upper tier seats on the sides also cost between €60 to €110. The price varies for different matches. The finals or some important matches may have ticket price more than the price above. For the low profile matches, the prices go down too.

Camp Nou FC Barcelona Schedule 2024

The La Liga schedule decided the time around which the Camp Nou stadium will be busy. There are various matches played on this stadium. The FC Barcelona is the official team of camp Nou and hence most of its matches are played here. The Camp Nou FC Barcelona Schedule 2024 is shown below:

FC Barcelona Camp Nou seat Map 2024

The Camp Nou stadium seat map is very wide as it can hold close to 92000 for any football match. Searching your seat in the stadium can be really messy if you have got no idea about the location of your seat. It is quite important to have a look at the Camp Nou seat layout, to be able to locate your seat easily. The stand and tier are easily seen in the seat map of Camp Nou. There is a total of 7 categories, divided in tiers. The Premium one is VIP CAT 1 and the seats are located on the long side of the stadium. After that, CAT 1 is also shown, it is a little cheaper priced. It is mainly present at the corners of the pitch. The CAT 2 seats are just above the VIP CAT 1 seat. The Camp Nou CAT 3 seats are the lower tier seats right behind the goal. CAT 4 lies just above the CAT 3 seat and hence they are also behind the goal, and it is the middle tier and top tier. The CAT 5 and CAT 6 seats are the top tier seats. Let us have a look at the stadium seat map, showing various categories clearly.

FC Barcelona Camp Nou seat Map, Chart along with all categories, seat, stands and views.
FC Barcelona Camp Nou seat Map and Chart (Image Source: die-fussballreise.de)

The stadium is Bowl Shaped and it has mainly four stands. Camp Nou stands are names on directions such as North Stand, East stand, South Stand, and West Stand. The stadium looks beautiful from inside due to of its bowl shape. The Camp Nou North stand and Camp Nou South stand are right behind the goal. The East stand and West stand are spread along with the pitch. The Camp Nou pitch position is also clarified, once the stand position is known. One should visit the stadium on time as the Camp Nou gates face crowd right before the match start time.

Camp Nou Nearby Hotels

The Camp Nou is very near to the city center, and it has many stay options nearby. There are many nearby hotels, one of them is the Hotel Reina Sofia. The hotel can also be used for parking if you have already taken permission. Most of the hotels present near Camp Nou are the premium ones and they charge a good amount of money too. You can check the hotels and book the hotel well suited for your needs. Having various options gives you the power to choose the best one. Most of the hotels are busy during La Liga and one should plan the booking in advance if you are coming around the same period.