Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium Seating Plan 2024, Parking Map, Ticket Price and Booking

The Metropolitano Stadium is located in Madrid, Spain and its football stadium. This stadium is also known as Cívitas Metropolitano with sponsorship deals. This stadium was famous by various names Estadio de la Comunidad de Madrid, Estadio Olímpico de Madrid, Estadio de La Peineta and Estadio Metropolitano. This stadium is the home stadium of Atlético Madrid since 2017 and the stadium hosts selected matches of Spain national football team . In this post we are sharing the Cívitas Metropolitano seating plan, parking map and ticket price details for the visitors convenience.

Cívitas Metropolitano stadium was started to be built in 1990 and opened its gate for the public on 6th September 1994. This stadium was closed in 2004 and after many years this stadium reopened on 16th September 2017. This beautiful stadium was designed by the Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos. The initial construction cost of the stadium was €45 million and after reopening its construction cost was €240 million due to huge level renovations. Currently Cívitas Metropolitano stadium is owned and operated by Atlético Madrid. Over the period this stadium hosted many friendly matches, championships and concerts etc. 1996 Supercopa de España, 2019 UEFA Champions League Final, 1997–98 Segunda División season, 9th IAAF World Cup, etc are the games hosted by the stadium. Estadio Metropolitano will host the 2030 FIFA World Cup matches also. Apart from the games this stadium witnessed many concerts like 24K Magic World Tour, This House Is Not For Sale Tour, Rockin’ 1000 Madrid, Sixty Tour etc.

Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium Seating Plan 2024

The Cívitas Metropolitano seating map 2024 is very helpful for those visitors who want to know the seating location and want to understand the pitch view from the seat. While online ticket booking of Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium seating chart shows seat wise ticket price. Where visitors can choose the seat according to budget.

Estadio Metropolitano Seating Map for General Seating

Estadion Cívitas Metropolitano Seating Plan Atlético Madrid Spain
Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium Seating Chart Atlético Madrid Spain

Estadio Cívitas Metropolitano seating capacity was 20000 in 2004 and currently Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium seating capacity is 70460. Estadio Cívitas Metropolitano has the four seating stand i.e. Lateral Este, Fondo Sur, Lateral Oeste and Fondo Norte. Estadio Cívitas Metropolitano seating layout is bifurcated into various parts as follows :
General Seating Area
Low Tier
Middle Tier
High Tier Level 1
High Tier Level 2
High Grad Level 1
High Grad Level 2
High Grad Level 3
Bench Experience

VIP/Premium Seating Area
VIP Rooms
VIP Boxes
Private Boxes

Estadio Metropolitano Seating Map for VIP/Premium Seating

Estadion Cívitas Metropolitano Seating Map Atlético Madrid Spain
Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium Seating Plan Atlético Madrid Spain

Estadio Cívitas Metropolitano Parking Map

Estadio Cívitas Metropolitano parking capacity is around 4000 vehicles (3000 outside the stadium and 1000 inside). The parking space is dedicated to the club member who has the parking pass with the club membership. These parking lots are available only for the reservation and who has the parking pass. Around the stadium many private parking garages and spots are available. Visitors are suggested to reach the stadium with the sufficient time for hassle free parking.With the help of Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium parking map visitors can locate the parking lot easily. Estadio Cívitas Metropolitano parking options are given :

Around the Stadium Parking
• Aparcamiento para discapacitados
• Aparcamiento para motos
• Aparcamiento para bicicletas
• Aparcamiento para buses
• Aparcamiento Gratuito
Other Parking Lots
• Parking 24h. Miguel Yuste Metropolitano
• Calle de Valdecanillas, 110 Parking
• Calle del Castillo de Simancas, 42 Parking
• Aparcamiento San Blas
• Parking para turismos
• Descampado las rosas

Estadion Cívitas Metropolitano Parking Map Madrid Spain
Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium Parking Map Madrid Spain

Estadio Cívitas Metropolitano Ticket Prices 2024

Ticket prices of Cívitas Metropolitano are variable as per the match, championship, events and concerts. Visitors can visit the stadium or teams official website to check the Cívitas Metropolitano stadium updated ticket prices. The tentative Atlético Madrid ticket prices 2024 are given below :

Low Tier Price starts €60
Middle Tier Price starts €100
High Tier Price starts €60
Bench Seating Experience starts €180
Northwest VIP Room starts from €225 to €350
East VIP Room starts from €300 to €350
Southwest VIP Room starts from €150 to €200
South Club starts €250
Northeast Club starts €300
North Club starts €250
Southwest VIP Boxes starts from €250 to €400

Estadio Cívitas Metropolitano Ticket Booking 2024

Ticket booking of Cívitas Metropolitano can be done through the online and offline. Offline unsold tickets available at the stadium ticket office. Online ticket booking of Estadio Cívitas Metropolitano are available on the stadium and team official website. Many third party sites also sell the tickets with a nominal convenience fee. Visitors are suggested that book the ticket of Metropolitano stadium only through trusted or authorized site for prevention of online frauds.

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