Lucas Oil Stadium Seating Plan 2024, Ticket Price, Ticket Booking, Parking Map

Lucas Oil Stadium is a very famous stadium located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Lucas Oil Stadium is the home ground of the Indianapolis Colts in the National Football League. The stadium is operated by the Capital Improvement Board of Managers of Marion County, Indiana. Lucas Oil Stadium opened its door to the public on 16th August 2008 with the ribbon cutting ceremony among the locals’ dignitaries and representatives of the home teams. Since then, this stadium hosted many matches, and it is a multipurpose stadium. Lucas Oil Stadium is very well designed by HKS Inc. The Lucas Oil Stadium is named after Lucas Oil Products which is the manufacturing company of automotive lubricants and additives. The naming rights company has from 2006 with 20 years agreement. In this article, we are providing the details of Lucas Oil Stadium  seating chart, ticket price, ticket booking procedure, and parking options with a parking map.

Many Matches such as the Super Bowl XLVI, Kenny Chesney concerts, International Olympic Cup between Chelsea and Inter Milan, NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four, Gen Con 50 etc. The first football game was played at the stadium on 22nd August 2008 and the first soccer game was played on 24th August 2008. Many other games like basketball, swimming games, trade shows, events, and concerts are hosted by the stadium.

Lucas Oil Stadium has a retractable roof that opens and closed as per the weather and takes approximately 11 minutes. This stadium the various amenities like restaurants, bars, good seating space, a large scoreboard, etc. The approximate construction cost of this stadium is $720 million.

Lucas Oil Stadium Seating Plan 2024

The Lucas Oil Stadium seating capacity is 700000. The Lucas Oil Stadium Seating chart is very helpful for those fans who want to enjoy the match. With the help of the seating chart visitor can understand the seating view from the seat. The Lucas Oil Stadium seating layout is divided into three levels:

  • Lower Level: The Lower Level is the nearest level from the pitch, which is spilt into 02 tiers. The first part of the Lower level consists of 38 rows and covered the section from 100 to 141. This part is the nearest party to the pitch. The second part of the lower level is just above the first level and covers a total of 23 rows with sections from 200 to 241.
Lucas Oil Stadium Seating Chart Indianapolis
    • Middle Level: This level is the medium level of the stadium which is also known as the loge level. This level is just above the lower level, which provides a good view from the seats in the elevated position. The middle level consists of a total of 11 rows and the section covers from 300 to 341.
    • Upper Level: This level is the highest level of the stadium and is also known as the terrace level of the stadium. This level provides a bird’s eye view from the various seats. The level has 24 rows of seating and covers sections 400 to 643.
    • The other seating criteria are also available i.e. luxury suites, and club seating. The Luxury suites are located on the mezzanine level with lots of facilities such as cushioned seating area, private space, nice hospitality, etc. On the other side Club seating are available on the lower and middle level with additional services and amenities.

Lucas Oil Stadium Ticket Price 2024

Lucas Oil Stadium ticket prices are very demanding by the fans and visitors. As per matches and events, ticket prices vary. Ticket prices are dependent on the event and match, seat location, the performer, and the team. The ticket price of Lucas Oil stadium can be checked on the stadium’s official website. The updated price and event information exactly available on the official website. Visitors should check the official website for ticket booking.

Generally, Lucas Oils stadium ticket charges for the Colts games can range from $50 for upper-level seats to unspecified several hundred dollars for lower-level, luxury suites, club seats, etc.

Events and Concerts ticket depends on the performer if a famous performer is performing then the price will be set as per the demand. Therefore, it is suggested that always check the official site for the ticket price.

Lucas Oil Stadium Ticket Booking 2024

The Lucas Oil Stadium ticket booking can be done in various ways. Visitors can book the ticket offline and online. The ticket booking should be bought on time, to avoid the last time pay high charges. There are the following ways to buy tickets of Lucas Oil Stadium:

    1. Online official website: Online ticket booking is the easiest way to book the stadium ticket, to avoid the last-time rush it is suggested that book the tickets on time. To save time and hassle-free bookings visitors can book online tickets from anywhere. It is the best way to buy tickets. Visitors can visit the official website of the stadium to book their tickets as per their seat choice.
    2. Other Websites: Many authorized ticketing sites are selling tickets, visitors can buy a ticket from authorized sites, in which charge a convenience fee and some additional fees for ticket selling.

  1. Stadium Box Office: Visitors can buy the ticket directly from the stadium’s box office, where they can go to the counter and pay there and collect the ticket easily. But for box office tickets, visitors have to specially visit the stadium. On match days tickets are not available easily at the counter. Therefore it is suggested to save time booking tickets online.
  2. Offline Tickets: Stadium also authorized some resellers to sell the tickets, visitors can buy the tickets from the authorized resellers. The ticket price may vary and can be the high then official website. The Resellers provide the ticket as per the seat selection on a higher price.

Lucas Oil Stadium Parking Map

On match day visitors are especially worried about the parking. Due to the high demand for parking lots, it is not easy to find the parking space easily. Visitors should visit with sufficient time for parking their car.

  • Lucas Oil Stadium Parking: Stadium has its parking lots around the stadium, which has approximately 2500 car parking spaces in the premises. Their parking lots are run by the stadium with a pre-paid parking facility.
Lucas Oil Stadium Parking Layout Indianapolis
  • Street Parking: Nearby the stadium there is limited street parking space, on-street there are up to a hundred car parking spaces available. Before parking on the streets checks the parking regulation and reserved parking conditions.

  • Downtown Parking Garages: Nearby the stadium many parking garages are available, and small and big parking garages are available. There are sufficient approximately 20000 car parking spaces available around the stadium in the garages. The Gate Ten and Denison Parking garages are the larger parking space around the stadium. These parking spaces are run by private vendors.


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