Melbourne Rectangular Stadium AAMI Park Seating Map 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

Melbourne rectangular stadium is one of the most popular multi Sporting grounds in Australia. It is known as Army Park due to sponsorship reasons. 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup matches are also scheduled in this Stadium. It is located in Melbourne. This stadium is mainly used for Rugby League, Rugby Union, Association football, Australia rules Football, and Soccer. Cox Architecture is the main architect of this stadium. 136 m × 85 m is the field size of the ground. Stadium seating capacity is 30050 and during Rugby matches, 29500 spectators can attend the event.

The construction of the stadium was started in 2007 and the completion of the ground in 2010. This Stadium has many tenants related to the Rugby team, soccer team, Australian rules football, and Association football team. This newly built stadium is all the required facilities and amenities required by the visitors and Players. Women’s FIFA World Cup matches will be played as per the schedule in AAMI park stadium. The stadium was upgraded in early 2023 for the FIFA Women’s world cup 2023. Many high-voltage concerts are also hosted in this stadium apart from Sporting events.

AAMI Park Seating Plan with Rows 2024

Melbourne Rectangular Stadium AAMI Park Seating Plan with Rows
Melbourne Rectangular Stadium AAMI Park Seating Plan with Rows

This rectangular stadium is one of the largest stadiums in the region. The map of AAMI Park Stadium is showing all the rows and stands of the stadiums in different colors. All the entry Gates and Melbourne rectangular Stadium seating plan is displayed clearly. One location of the ground and pitch is clearly marked in white color. The AAMI Park stadium seating chart is helpful in finding seats in the stadium.

AAMI Park Concert Seating Plan with Rows 2024

Melbourne Rectangular Stadium AAMI Park Seating Plan with Rows for Concerts
Melbourne Rectangular Stadium AAMI Park Seating Plan with Rows for Concerts

The concert map of AAMI Park Stadium is different from regular seating due to the addition of a stage. Some parts of the ground are also used for standing visitors. Visitors can see Melbourne rectangular concert seating map with rows and stands. It helps visitors to find a seat on the ground. Entry gates are also marked in the above image.

AAMI Park Stadium Parking Map

Parking is generally available near the stadium during non-event days for less fee. During events or High Voltage concerts, visitors are advised to pre-book the parking as Parking near the stadium gets full early. Multiple parking lots are available near the AAMI Park Stadium. Due to heavy traffic in the area, visitors are advised to use public transport.

AAMI Park Stadium Parking Map
AAMI Park Stadium Parking Map

Some of the popular parking lots near the stadium are:

  • Eastern Plaza Carpark
  • Yarra Park (MCG)
  • Securing Parking – 121 Exhibition Street
  • Secure Parking – 300 Flinders Street
  • Securing Parking – 12-20 Flinders Street
  • Secure Parking – Grand Hyatt Melbourne
  • Wilson Parking – 11 Exhibition Street
  • Wilson Parking – Collins Place
  • Wilson Parking – 32 Flinders Street
  • Wilson Parking – 172 Flinders Street
  • Wilson Parking – Federation Square
  • ACDC Garage – 114 Flinders Street

Visitors should use Google Maps and other parking-related applications to reach the parking lots.

AAMI Park Tickets Price 2024

Melbourne rectangular stadium ticket prices start from $10 for most of the domestic matches in the stadium. The tickets are available in multiple price ranges depending on multiple factors. The expensive ticket rate is generally in the range of $100 and above. The concert ticket rates for AAMI Park Stadium normally starts from $100 and they are also available in multiple price range as per the seat type, stands, view from the seat, etc.

AAMI Park Stadium Tickets 2024

Visitors interested in purchasing AAMI Park online tickets should check the official website for upcoming events. The tickets for Melbourne rectangular ground are available through multiple options in online mode depending on the type of event. Offline tickets for the venue can be purchased from the Stadium ticket counters located outside the stadium.