Michigan Stadium Seating Map 2024, Ticket Price, Ticket Booking, Parking Map

The Michigan Stadium is a dedicated football stadium located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This stadium also knows as The Big House among the fans. This stadium is considered the 34th largest sport place in the world and it is the largest stadium of United Stadium. This stadium is the home stadium of Michigan Wolverines’ football. Michigan Stadium started to build in 1926 and opened its gate to the public on 1st October 1927 during the match between Michigan and Ohio Wesleyan University. This stadium has gone through various renovations and the latest renovation of this stadium was done in 2010 to match the time-to-time facilities of the stadium. The beautiful stadium has been designed by Bernard L. Green at the time of construction and NHTB in 2010. The construction cost of the stadium was $9500000, and Michigan Stadium is owned and operated by the University of Michigan.

Over the period Michigan Stadium is witnessed many amazing tournaments and games. This stadium hosted various games like Ice Hockey, soccer, and many football games. The historic games hosted by the stadium were the 1950 Snow Bowl, The Big Chill at the Big House, the 1984 Olympics Gold Medal match, International Champions Cup in 2014, 2016, and 2018, the Association Football games etc. were played with huge spectators.

Michigan Stadium Seating Map 2024

The Michigan Stadium’s initial seating capacity was 75000 spectators and now this stadium’s seating capacity is 107601. The highest attendance recorded in the stadium was 115109 in 2013. The seating chart of Michigan stadium is parted into the following :

  • Field Level: At this level, visitors can enjoy the pitch view with a close view. At this level, ticket prices are normally higher than the upper seats. In this level, sections are covered Sections 8, 9, 10 & 20.
  • The Lower Bowl: In this section, seats are located behind the end zone with the sidelines. This section has wider seats and which are just upward through the field level. On this level, visitors can enjoy the amazing view from the seats. The lower Bowl is divided into various sections which are counterclockwise located around the stadium. The Sections are covered in this level from Section 1 to Section 39.

Michigan Stadium Seating Plan Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Club Seating Area: With premium amenities and hospitality this level provides VIP treatment to visitors. The broad and cushioned seats, lounges, etc enhance the game-watching area. This area is located on another level and the famous clubs The Jack Roth Stadium Club on the east and The PNC Club on the west side of the stadium.
  • Upper Deck Area: This is the highest level of the stadium located with additional seating above the lower and club level. This level has a panoramic view and visitors can enjoy the full stadium’s energetic roar and cheering from this level seating. The upper deck sections are parted into rows and the row numbers start higher number to lower.

Michigan Stadium Information

Capacity 107601
Location 1201 South Main Street Ann Arbor, Michigan
Owner University of Michigan
Operator University of Michigan
Parking Yes
Tenants Michigan Wolverines football
Surface FieldTurf

Michigan Stadium Ticket Price 2024

Michigan Stadium ticket prices depend on the demand and playing team, which decide the event’s importance in the stadium. The demand of the event mostly fixed the prices, the high demand of the game makes the ticket charges higher and ticket prices allocated as per the seat location. Visitors can check the official website for the updated ticket price of The Big House for every event and game.

Michigan Stadium Ticket Booking 2024

Normally Michigan Stadium Ticket booking is easy to book visitors can book the ticket online and offline. Generally, online ticket booking is considered the best option. The Big House ticket booking options are given below:

  1. Online Ticket Booking Michigan Stadium: The Big House online ticket booking can be done through the official website just after following simple steps. On the official website, all events and games are available for booking. The authority also authorized many third-party sites to book the tickets. On these sites, visitors can search the specific event for the booking. Normally these third-party sites are charged some additional fees on the booking.
  2. Michigan Stadium Offline Ticket Booking: The Big House offline ticket booking can be done through the stadium box office and third-party outlets. The stadium box office is the best option to book offline tickets but this outlet is open only during working hours. Normally Many ticket-selling outlet work longer and they sell the ticket at some higher charges. It is suggested that buy the tickets on time to avoid the last-time rush.

Michigan Stadium Parking Map

The Big House parking is always in high demand as this stadium is the largest stadium in the US with a wider seating capacity. Michigan Stadium has various parking lots located around the stadium. Some parking options of Michigan Stadium here given below :

Michigan Stadium Parking Map Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Blue Lot: This is this stadium’s main parking lot which provides the attendees sufficient parking on a first come and first served basis.
  • Gold Course Area: the University of Michigan Gold Course provided parking on game days. This parking is located within walking distance.
  • Other Parking: Some private parking is also available near the stadium, visitors can take reach the stadium through walking and shuttle service. Liberty Square Parking Structure and Ann and Ashley Parking Structure are also the other option for Michigan attendees.
  • Ann Arbor Pioneer School: On match day and due to the high demand for parking this school also provided the spectators parking facility. The shuttle service is also available at the school for the stadium up and down.