Pittodrie Stadium Seating Plan 2024, Parking Map, Ticket Price, Ticket Booking

Pittodrie Stadium is a football stadium, which is located in Aberdeen, Scotland. The Pittodrie Stadium is the full-seater stadium and the home of the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) club Aberdeen F.C. This stadium is the fourth largest stadium in SPFL and this stadium also become the first all-seater stadium in the United Kingdom. In this article, we are sharing the Pittodrie Stadium seating plan, parking map, ticket price, and ticket booking.

The Pittodrie Stadium started to build in 1899 and on 02nd September 1899 this stadium opened the gate for the public. Over the age, this stadium has also been renovated many times to match the latest facilities. The Pittodrie stadium is owned by Aberdeen F.C. The Pittodrie stadium hosted many domestic matches including Scottish Premiership matches, the Scottish Cup and the Scottish League Cup, UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League, international matches, National team friendly matches, Rugby Union international matches, etc. Apart from the games this stadium also hosted musical concerts by Rod Stewart and Elton John.

Pittodrie Stadium Seating Plan  2024

The Pittodrie Stadium seating capacity is 20866 and the Pittodrie Stadium seating chart 2024 is divided into four stands :

  • Main Stand: The main stand is the oldest stand on the north side of the stadium which offers the visitors a mix seating area regular and premium seating. The main stand is a long side stand and most of the seats cover the amazing view of the pitch.
    Sections  Covers: A, B, C, D, E, F.
  • Merkland Stand: This stand is located on the west side of the stadium and offers seating for home and away both supporters. This stand is located behind the goals and provides a good view from the seats.
    Sections Covers  : MKL1, MKL2, MKL3, MKL4, MKL5, MKL6, MKL7.

    Pittodrie Stadium Seating Map Aberdeen, Scotland
  • South Stand: This stand is located on the south side of the stadium and is considered as the home team stand. This stand creates an energetic atmosphere in the stadium as this is the long-side stadium and offers a good view of the pitch from the seats.
    Sections Covers : P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, X, Y.
  • Richard Donald Stand: On the west side of the stadium and behind the goals this stand is located. This stand has the facility of media and VIP boxes, hospitality suites, and standard and premium seating. This stand also hosts events and conferences beyond the matchdays seating.
    Upper Sections : RDU 1, RDU 2, RDU 3, RDU 4, RDU 5, RDU 6, RDU 7.
    Middle Sections: RDR 1, RDR 2, RDR 3, RDR 4, RDR 5, RDR 6, RDR 7.
    Lower Sections: RDF 1, RDF 2, RDF 3, RDF 4, RDF 5, RDF 6, RDF 7.

Seating Plan Aberdeen Stadium, Scotland

Pittodrie Stadium Ticket Price 2024

Pittodrie Stadium ticket prices are variable as per the match and schedule. The updated ticket prices of Pittodrie Stadium 2024 home matches, season games, and away match tickets are available on the club’s official website. Visitors can visit the Aberdeen F.C. official website to check the Pittodrie stadium ticket prices 2024.
The Pittodrie Stadium Aberdeen Football Club Season 2023/24 tickets prices are given below :

Pittodrie Stadium Aberdeen Football Club Season Ticket 2023/24
Category A, B, E, F C and D RD Upper 4 & 5 RDF1 to RDF 7 RDR2 – RDR 3, RDR 5 – RDR7 S, T, V, W X and Y
Adult £465.00 £560.00 £465.00 £435.00 £560.00 £465.00 £435.00
Over 65 £352.00 £408.00 £352.00 £325.00 £408.00 £352.00 £325.00
Over 75 £267.00 £349.00 £267.00 £218.00 £349.00 £267.00 £218.00
Youth 18-21 £267.00 £349.00 £267.00 £218.00 £349.00 £267.00 £218.00
Under 18 £133.00 £249.00 £133.00 £125.00 £249.00 £133.00 £125.00
Under12 £49.00 £199.00 £49.00 £49.00 £199.00 £49.00 £49.00

Pittodrie Stadium Ticket Booking 2024

Ticket Booking for Pittodrie Stadium 2024 is available online, visitors can book the tickets through the club’s official website.  On the website Home games, season tickets, group ticketing, membership, away games, and events all ticket booking is available at Aberdeen F.C.’s official website. Visitors can directly call the club’s customer care for ticket booking information. The other option for ticket booking is offline visitors can visit the stadium ticket office to buy the tickets.

Pittodrie Stadium Parking Map

On matchday parking at Pittodrie Stadium gets full early due to limited parking availability. Around the stadium, many public parking spaces and garages provide parking facilities to visitors at reasonable prices. It is suggested that reach the stadium or any other parking point to avoid the last time rush. There are some parking options near the Pittodrie Stadium are given below :

  • Beach Esplanade: This parking is available near the stadium on a 5 to 10 minutes walking distance.

Pittodrie Stadium Parking Map Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Residential Streets: Visitors can also park their car near the stadium in the street but before parking anywhere should follow the parking rules and regulations.
  • Gallowgate Car Park: The Multilevel parking facility on 15 minutes walking distance.
  • Frederick Street: It’s a multi-story car park located within 20 minutes walking distance.