Rogers Place Arena Seating Plan 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

Rogers Place Arena Canada

Rogers Place is an Arena located in Edmonton and it is a multi-use Arena. This Arena hosts multiple Sporting events and concerts on a regular basis. During the hosting of Sporting and non Sporting events, the visitors look for Rogers Place seating chart with seat numbers and rows to find their seats. It is a very famous Arena located in Canada and it is the second largest Arena in Canada in terms of seating capacity. Rogers Place Arena is mainly used for the hosting of Ice Hockey, basketball, and concerts. Many other events are also hosted in this Arena on a regular basis.

The construction of the Arena was started in 2014 and it was completed in 2016. It was opened to the public on 08 September 2016. ICON Venue Group is the project manager of this project. PCL Construction is the main contractor of this Arena. The seating capacity of the arena varies as per the type of events and concerts.  The seating capacity of the Arena for Ice Hockey is 18,347 and 19500 for Basketball matches. 20734 guests can be seated in this stadium for the concerts. Rogers Place Arena seating map is almost the same for all types of matches and concerts. Rogers Place ticket demand is always during the hosting of events and concerts in this Arena.

The City of Edmonton is the owner of Rogers Place Arena and it is operated by Oilers Entertainment Group. Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Oil Kings are the current teams on this ground.

Rogers Place Arena Seating Chart 2024

Rogers Place Seating Chart
Rogers Place Arena Seating Chart

All the important details of Rogers Place Arena are shown on the above map. The seating layout is marked on the above map of Rogers Place Arena. All the rows and stands of all the floors of Rogers Place Arena are depicted on the seating arrangement map. The wheelchair accessibility areas are also mentioned on the map. Rogers Place Arena seating plan with seat numbers is very helpful in finding the seats in this Arena. The upper Bowl, Lower Bowl, Sky Lounge, theatre boxes, standing area, suites, etc are clearly drawn on the map. Rogers Place Arena rows and stands with numbers are marked on the Rogers Place Arena seating chart map.

Rogers Place Seating Plan with Seat numbers and Rows
Rogers Place Seating Plan with Row Numbers

The Rogers Place Arena seating arrangement map is shared above and all the stands and rows are shown on the map along with numbers. Penalty area, players area, suites, theatre boxes, pitch, and ground location are shown on the map.

Rogers Place Arena Seating Chart Concert 2024

Rogers Place Seating Chart for Concerts
Rogers Place Arena Seating Chart for Concerts

The seating plan for concerts is different for Rogers Plan Arena as compared to the normal seating plan. Rogers Place seating plan for concerts with seat numbers and stands is in high demand during the hosting of concerts in this Arena. All the stands, suites, location of the stage, theatre boxes, etc are shown on the map. The seating plan map of Rogers Place Arena is almost similar for most of the concerts and events.

Rogers Place Arena Parking Map 2024

Parking is available at the Ice District Parking Lot which is very near Rogers Place Arena and parking spots for vehicles are also available near the venue.  Underground Parking is available at Ice District Parking Lot and the name of the parking lot is 56.  This parkade has height clearance. This parking is available on a first come first serve basis. Visitors can book the parking spot in advance by visiting the Reef Events Website. Accessibility parking space is also available for the visitors and it can be booked in advance too.

Rogers Place Arena Parking Map
Rogers Place Arena Parking Map

Outdoor parking lots have no height barriers or restrictions, so outdoor parking lots are suitable for large vehicles like buses and trailers. This area is well connected with public transport, therefore the public should also use public transport method to reach the venue. The roads connecting to the venue might be fully packed during the event at Rogers Place Arena.

Rogers Place Arena Tickets Price 2024

The tickets for the Rogers Place Arena can be checked and booked on the official website. Ticketmaster is the authorized ticketing partner for Rogers Place Arena. Toyota Ticket Centre located outside the Arena also sells the Rogers Place Arena tickets 2024. The ticket counter is located near the Rogers Place Arena gate no. 10. Ticket rates for sporting events are generally in the range of $40 to $50. Concert ticket prices depend on various factors like the view from the seat, demand for the tickets, facilities in the stand, etc. Visitors can check Rogers Place Arena ticket price list 2024 from the official ticket booking website.