CBD Benefits for Sports

The cannabis sativa plant is truly remarkable. It has been enjoyed throughout history for its medicinal properties, and hemp has been found to be a strong and durable material. THC, the most well-known compound in the plant, is enjoyed worldwide as a recreational and mind-altering substance. CBD, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive in nature and, as such, is a wonderfully natural and safe alternative to use as management and treatment of pain or relief from disorders such as insomnia and depression. Ample research has been conducted on the many health benefits of CBD. Click here to read more about the research conducted on CBD and its benefits for our physical and mental health.

One surprising application of CBD is in the world of sports. Athletes can benefit greatly from using CBD as a part of their health regimen. Here are some ways in which CBD can be used to aid athletes and those who play sports often.

CBD can be used as a pain reliever

Anyone who has returned from an intense gym session knows the sensation of sore and fatigued muscles. Overusing muscles can cause them to tear, which will be experienced as a dull and painful ache in the body. Using CBD as a pain reliever in an ointment or as an edible such as a gummy can help with the reduction of the perception of pain. This, in turn, will shorten the recovery time and allow the athlete to return to training. Users of CBD products for pain relief attest to their ability to recover muscle pain. No side effects accompany this, so it is safe to use and will not impede the athlete’s performance.

A study among many conducted in this field investigated the effectiveness of CBD with patients suffering from chronic pain. They separated the participants into two groups, one of which was given CBD, while the second group was only assigned a placebo drug. The researchers observed that the individuals in the CBD group displayed improved and better control of their pain. In addition, the placebo group experienced overall less sleep than the CBD group. This study confirms that there is a link between CBD for both management of pain and better quality of sleep.

Regulating sleep with CBD

Another critical component of recovery and overall general health is getting good sleep quality. Sleep allows the body and mind to recuperate, especially after intense use. CBD has been linked to improving sleep quality and allowing the user to stay asleep for longer. Although it is not psychoactive, it creates a calming sensation that can help the user feel relaxed and sleepy before bed. CBD can be taken through drops in a drink or the under the tongue, eaten through gummies or other candies or swallowed in a capsule. This makes CBD very easy to take before bed anywhere you are, including for a restful nap for a long-haul plane journey, providing you are flying somewhere where CBD is legal! This brings us to the next point.

Is CBD legal?

CBD products are legal in several countries around the world. Mainly across Europe, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Several states in the United States have also legalized CBD products. CBD products cannot exceed more than 0.3% of THC to be legally sold and purchased. Safe and legal websites, such as Justbob.shop, are your best choice when buying the best quality CBD products.

Although CBD has not been found to be harmful for people to use, it is always wise to start using a small dose and increase as you explore your tolerance for CBD, as everyone may react differently.