Twickenham Stadium Seating Plan 2024, Ticket Price and Ticket Booking, Parking Map

The Twickenham Stadium is the dedicated stadium for rugby matches and is situated at 200 Whitton Road, Twickenham Middlesex TWA 7BA, London England. Twickenham Stadium is the home of the England Rugby team. Rugby is widely played on international levels and rugby tournaments are also organized by many foundations and authorities. In the world this stadium biggest rugby union place and fully dedicated rugby stadium.

Twickenham Stadium was built in 1907 and opened to the gates for the public on 2nd October 1909. The land was purchased for this stadium for £5572. This stadium was an architect by John Bradley. In a timely manner, Twickenham Stadium was renovated to match the facilities of the latest era.  Many Rugby world cups were also hosted by Twickenham Stadium in 1991, 1999, and 2015 and it also host the final match of the rugby world cup in 2015. Many people in the number of thousands visited Twickenham Stadium.

Guided stadium tours are also available for the visitors to taste the history of this stadium. You can also visit the here the newly built World rugby museum here. The tour takes to historic places of the stadium, backstages area although visitors also can explore the places which were prohibited during matches. All tours of this stadium included its museum tour in it. On this tour, visitors can also experience the playing of rugby in a rugby interactive zone, line out jump test, and featuring a scrum machine, etc. in exciting guided tour packages.

The tour package is also available privately where visitors can book tours with family & friends. In a private tour package, a maximum of 20 guests is allowed. Visitors also can click photos on the pitch of the Twickenham Stadium.

Twickenham Stadium Seating Plan 2024

Twickenham Stadium’s seating capacity is 82000 people. This stadium is the 2nd largest stadium in the United Kingdom, and it has the 3rd highest seating capacity stadium for rugby matches around the world. The highest capacity stadium for rugby in the world is the FNB stadium at Johannesburg, South Africa i.e 94736 people.

Twickenham Stadium Seating  Layout has divided into four stands:

  • North Stand: In this stand-away fan zone is located where visitors are more cheerful about the matches and enjoy the good view.
  • South Stand: In the South Stand tunnel is located, the big screen is installed in this stand for the replays. This stand is considered by the visitors very special.
  • East Stand: This stand is the largest stand in the stadium. In this stand, visitors can find many bars, corporate boxes, restaurants,s and press boxes with premium facilities.
  • West Stand: This stand has the Royal Box, in the west stand visitors can also visit the rugby store and Museum. This stand provides the best view of the pitch.
Twickenham Stadium Seating Plan London England

Twickenham Stadium seating plan is divided into three tiers i.e., Lower tier, Middle tier, and Upper Tier.

  • Lower-tier seats are the nearest seats to the pitch in the stadium. A total of 36 blocks are set in the lower tier i.e., from L1 to L36
  • Middle-tier seats are between in Lower and Upper tier and the block from M1 to M51.
  • Upper-tier seats are the highest level of the stadium, and it contains block from U1 to U51.

Twickenham Stadium Tickets Price and Ticket Booking 2024

Twickenham stadium tickets always are in high demand as rugby is very famous, especially in European countries. Twickenham stadium tickets price vary as per the events and spectators’ demand. Ticket Price Twickenham Stadium ranges from around £30-£100 for general admission seating, and up to several hundred pounds for premium seating options or hospitality packages for rugby matches.

For Twickenham stadium ticket booking stadium authority developed their application i.e. Twickenham Stadium App (download through the app store & google play store). Spectators can book online tickets through the official website or this app for a mobile ticket.

Offline visitors can also visit the stadium as per event, but as per demand and to avoid last time rush many people booked tickets online. Tickets are offered on the basis of first come and first served and this is a cashless venue. Reach the stadium at least before 60 minutes to avoid the queues at bars & gates.

Time-saving is necessary for everyone; therefore, it is best to book tickets online hustle free. Remembering point is the QR code only appears on tickets 48 hrs before matches and events. This feature helps to secure visitors’ tickets and data with digital security.

Before visiting to match visitors should read the pre-match guide. The government and stadium authority set the rules for people and stadium safety.

Twickenham Stadiums Parking 2024

The parking available at Twickenham Stadium is limited. Twickenham parking price and availability depend on the matches and events. The price of parking varies per day. Mostly for Rugby matches car parking is open before 5 hours of matches. No overnight stays are allowed at the stadium and no camper vans are permitted.

Twickenham Stadium Parking Map London England

Visitors can also park at the following locations: –

  • Rosebine Avenue Car park – This parking takes 12-15 mints walk to the Twickenham stadium.
  • Cardinal Vaughan Car Park – Cars only with the height of 6’ 1”. No Coaches, Minibus, and Vans allowed in this parking.
  • Tesco’s Car Park – Only available for Blue badge holders. Steward will help the visitors in the parking area.
  • North Car Park – For the Motorbikes free of cost.

Visitors can book pre-booking for the parking space through the official website. Blue badge parking is also available at Twickenham Stadium for booking.

Twickenham Stadium Facilities

  1. Food & Drinks: Twickenham stadium has many food outlets & bars for drinks.
  2. Entertainment: Twickenham stadium arranged the band and musician for the spectator’s entertainment post-match.
  3. England Rugby store: Here visitors and fans also buy clothes and accessories from the store.
  4. World Rugby Museum: Museum is also open for the fans/visitors directly or in the stadium tours.
  5. Tours: Visitors can take guided tours of the stadium, which include access to the England Rugby dressing room, the Royal Box, and the World Rugby Museum.
  6. Accessibility: The stadium is fully accessible for visitors with disabilities, with dedicated seating areas, wheelchair access, and accessible facilities throughout the stadium.
  7. Merchandise: There are several merchandise stores located within the stadium, offering a wide range of rugby-related merchandise and souvenirs.

Twickenham stadium opening timing.

  1. England Rugby Store – open at 09:30 & closes at 21:30
  2. World Rugby Museum – opens at 12:00 & closes at 17:00
  3. Ticket office – open at 13:30 & closes at 18:10