Wollongong Showground Seating Map 2024 with Rows, Parking, Tickets Price, Booking

WIN Stadium Wollongong

Wollongong Showground is a multi-purpose stadium located in Australia and due to Commercial reasons, it is known as WIN Stadium. It is an old Stadium and used for many sports in the past. Currently, it is used to host football matches, rugby matches, concerts, etc. The stadium seating capacity is 22000. It is located in Wollongong, therefore, it is known as Wollongong Stadium. Before the opening of this stadium, this ground is used for Greyhound racing and Agriculture shows. After the opening of this stadium in 1911, rugby league matches started in this stadium. In 1984, the last Greyhound meeting was hosted here.

Wollongong Showground is currently used for the hosting of Soccer and Rugby matches. Venues NSW is the owner and operator of this ground. This Stadium was opened in 1911 and it was rebuilt again in 2012. The surface of the stadium is made of grass and a scoreboard is also available here for the games. St. George Illawarra Dragons and Wollongong Wolves are the current tenants of this stadium.  During Sporting events and concerts, there is a high demand for Woolongong stadium tickets and WIN stadium seating plan with rows.

Wollongong WIN Stadium Seating Plan with Rows 2024

Wollongong WIN Stadium Seating Plan
Wollongong WIN Stadium Seating Plan

The stadium seating layout map of Wollongong Showground Stadium is showing all the stands of the stadium along with the rows. The general standing hill area, entry gates, box office counters for ticket booking, Harbour Street, etc are depicted on the map clearly. The location of the ground, corporate boxes, stand names, etc are also marked on the map. WIN Stadium seating chart 2024 with rows is very helpful for those who are planning to visit this stadium during events. It is also very helpful in locating seats during the events.

WIN Stadium Parking 2024

Multiple parking lots are available within close proximity to the stadium. Approximately 1200 vehicles can be parked at the different parking lots located near the stadium. During high-voltage events and big games, these parking lots can be full early. It is advisable for visitors to book parking spaces in advance to secure a spot. Visitors should use public transport options to reach this venue as roads connecting to the venue are very busy during the games. Visitors can use Google Maps to reach this venue easily.

Wollongong Showground  Stadium Tickets Price 2024

WIN Stadium ticket prices 2024 are available in multiple categories depending on many factors like the view from the seat, type of stand, demand of the event, etc. For Sporting events, the ticket rates generally start from $10 and they are available in multiple categories. Visitors can check the ticket prices on Wollongong Showground Stadium’s official website and social media handles a few weeks before the event.

WIN Stadium Wollongong Tickets 2024

The tickets for this Stadium are generally available a couple of weeks before the event. All the upcoming events are listed on the official website along with to keep booking link. WIN stadium online tickets can be booked from the official website and a ticket booking link is also listed on the website along with the event. The offline tickets can be purchased from the ticket counters located outside the stadium entry gates.

The guests of the stadium are advised to book WIN stadium tickets only from the official website only to save themselves from any potential online fraud.