Adelaide Oval Stadium Seating Map 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

Adelaide Oval Stadium Australia

Adelaide Oval is a sports ground located in Australia and it is one of the biggest stadiums in terms of seating capacity. This stadium is located in the Northern Adelaide of South Australia. This stadium is mainly used for cricket matches, Australian rules football matches, Soccer matches, Rugby matches, tennis matches, and for attending concerts. The demand for Adelaide Oval tickets 2024 is very high during the hosting of events and concerts in the stadium. People also look for the Adelaide Oval Stadium seating map with rows while visiting this Stadium.

Adelaide Oval is owned by the South Australian government and is managed by Adelaide Oval SMA Ltd. Stadium seating capacity is 53500 and during concerts, more than 60000 people can attend the event. 70000 is the record attendance of Adelaide Oval Stadium in 2017 at the Adele concert. This Stadium was opened in 1871 and it is one of the oldest stadiums in Australia. This stadium is primarily used for playing cricket, Australian rules football, and rugby matches. Adelaide Oval Stadium has many permanent tenants of cricket, football, and rugby teams. Cathedral End and River End are the names of 2 ends.

The first international test match of this Stadium was played in 1884 between Australia and England. The first ODI match at this Stadium was played in 1975 between Australia and West Indies. England and Australia played the first T20 International match in this stadium in 2011. Women’s International matches are also hosted with this stadium in all the formats of the game. It is an old Stadium and it has gone through many renovations over the years for the comfort of players and visitors. The oval stadium has also hosted multiple events related to baseball, cycling, tennis field hockey, etc. Many high-voltage musical concerts and events are hosted by this stadium on a regular basis.

Adelaide Oval Seating Map with Rows 2024

Adelaide Oval Stadium Seating Map 2023 with Rows and Seat Numbers
Adelaide Oval Stadium Seating Map 2024 with Rows (Click for Detailed Image)

Adelaide Oval Stadium is used for multiple Sporting events and concerts from time to time. There might be a little variation of seats and rows as per the type of events in the stadium. The whole Stadium seating is divided in multiple sections and all the important sections and areas are depicted clearly on the map. All the important sections and entry gates are also mentioned on the map. Adelaide Oval Stadium seating chart with rows 2024 is very helpful for the visitors coming to the stadium. All the sections of the stadium are coloured in different colour so that visitors can easily recognised the stands. This stadium is used for multiple Sporting events and concerts therefore there might be slight variation in seating arrangement of Adelaide Oval Australia.

Adelaide Oval Stadium Seating Map with Rows
Adelaide Oval Stadium Seating Map with Rows (Click for Detailed Map)

Both the maps of Adelaide Stadium shared on this page have little variation in the seating layout. The ticket office is located near all the entry Gates and the location of box office is clearly mentioned on the map.

Adelaide Oval Stadium Seating Map for Concerts
Adelaide Oval Stadium Seating Map for Concerts

The Oval Stadium seating chart for concerts is entirely different from the regular seating map due to seating arrangement. The seats behind the stage are generally of no use therefore only front and side seats are available for booking.

 Adelaide Oval Stadium Parking Map 2024

On non-events days, it is easier to find parking as compared to events days. Visitors are advised to book their parking spot in advance On events day. Parking generally gets full on concert or match day. Multiple parking lots are situated near the Adelaide Oval stadium and they can be booked in advance why visiting the official website of parking. Adelaide Oval stadium parking map is showing all the nearby parking on Google Maps

Adelaide Oval Stadium Parking Map
Adelaide Oval Stadium Parking Map

Adelaide Oval Stadium Tickets Price 2024

It is a very popular stadium in Australia and during the events, it is tough to predict ticket rates due to high demand. For games, ticket rates generally start from $10 and can easily cross $100 mark. For high-voltage concerts and events Adelaide Oval stadium ticket prices can start from $20-$30 and the highest ticket price can easily cross $500. Tickets are available in multiple categories and rates of tickets depend on multiple factors like event, match, stand, view from the seat, etc.

Book Adelaide Oval Stadium Tickets

Visitors interested in visiting Adelaide Oval Stadium should check the official website to book match or event tickets. Stadium tour tickets are also available on nonmatch or event days. Entry tickets for Adelaide over Stadium are also available from some other official and reseller websites. Offline tickets can be purchased from ticket offices located outside the Adelaide over Stadium.

Visitors should buy Oval Stadium tickets only from the official website to save themselves from any potential scam.