Stage Front Stadium Seating Plan 2024, Stage Front Stadium Seat Arrangement Map

Stage Front Stadium is a popular football stadium in Barcelona, Spain. It is a UEFA Category 4 Stadium and is famous among fans and football players. It is also known as Estadi Cornellà-El Prat. Stage Front Stadium is one of Spain’s largest football stadiums with a seating capacity of 40000. During the hosting of football matches in this stadium, visitors are looking for Stage Front Stadium ticket prices to book tickets easily. Stage Front Stadium seating plan is widely searched by the spectators to find their seats easily in this Stadium. In this article we are sharing, the seat map of the stadium along with all the important details like parking map, Stadium location map, etc.

The construction of the stadium was started in 2003 and it was completed in 2005. The first match of the stadium was played in 2009 and it was the inaugural match of the stadium. The stadium was open to the public on 2 August 2009 and a match was hosted between Espanyol and Liverpool. Liverpool lost this match to Espanyol by 3-0. 105 m × 68 m is the pitch of the ground and the surface is made of grass. The stadium seating capacity is 40000 and the record attendance is 40200 on 13 February 2011 in a match between Espanyol and Real Madrid CF. RCDE Stadium, Power8 Stadium, and Cornellà-El Prat are the former names of the stadium. It is owned and operated by Espanyol.

Stage Front Stadium Seating Plan 2024

Stage Front Stadium Seating Plan with Rows and Seat Numbers
Stage Front Stadium Seating Plan with Rows and Seat Numbers

All the rows of the stadium along with stand names and seats are depicted on the seating plan of Stage Front Stadium. The location of the VIP president club, VIP executive club, VIP corporate lateral, VIP corporate GOL, category 1 premium, category 1 Estandard, category 2, and category 3 can be seen on the seating arrangement map of the stadium. The locations of the stands are marked in different colors for easy identification. With the help of the Stage Front Stadium seating map with seat numbers and rows, it is easy to locate reserved seats in the stadium. The location of the ticket booking office, pitch, goal post, and other important areas are depicted on the seating layout map of the stadium.

Stage Front Stadium Location Map 2024

The location of the Stage Front Stadium can be seen on Google Maps and other mapping applications. This stadium is very well connected with all parts of the city and country. The address of the stadium is Av. del Baix Llobregat, 100, 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain. This location map is very useful to reach this stadium easily. It is also useful to find nearby parking, public transport options, eateries, and other important details.

Stage Front Stadium Stadium Parking Map 2024

Stage Front Stadium Parking Map
Stage Front Stadium Parking Map

Parking options are available near the stadium and during big games, getting a desired parking spot might be difficult. Visitors are advised to reach this venue on time to get a proper parking space near the Stage Front Stadium. Multiple transit options are situated near the stadium which are in the range of 500 m to 1 km. Spectators can use the public transport method easily to reach this venue.

Apart from hosting football matches, this stadium is also used for the hosting of events. It has successfully hosted a couple of musical events in the past. The seating plan for the events is entirely different as compared to the seating arrangement for the football matches.