Boland Park Seating Plan with Seat Numbers 2024, Parking Map, Tickets Price

Boland Park Paarl

Boland Park is a multi-use stadium located in South Africa. It is situated in Paarl town of South Africa. This stadium is mainly used for the hosting of cricket matches. Due to its location in Paarl, it is also known as Paarl Cricket Stadium. Commercially it is known as Eurolux Boland Park due to sponsorship reasons. The seating capacity of the stadium is just 10,000 and it is one of the smallest International cricket grounds in South Africa. During the hosting of cricket matches on this ground, cricket fans are looking for the Boland Park seating chart with seat numbers.

This stadium is a picturesque stadium of South Africa and it has hosted many notable cricket matches in the past. Due to the low seating capacity of the stadium, the demand for Boland Park tickets is always very high. The first cricket match in this Stadium most played in 1997 between India and Zimbabwe. The first T20 International match on this ground was played between South Africa and England in 2020. Boland Cricket Ground has hosted many women’s International matches. Three matches of the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup were also played in this Stadium. This cricket stadium is operated by the Boland cricket team. This stadium is the home ground of the Paarl Royals cricket team and Boland cricket team.

Boland Park Seating Plan 2024

The seating capacity of the Boland Park stadium is very low and it is one of the smallest International cricket grounds in the world in terms of seating capacity.

Paarl Boland Park Seating Chart
Paarl Boland Park Seating Chart

As per the map of Paarl Cricket Ground, most of the area is in the form of grass embankment, and permanent seats are installed in a limited area. The location of the page, Grandstand, sight screens, entry gate, scoreboard, Nederburg stand, etc is depicted on the map. Generally, people look for Boland Park seating plan with seat numbers to find their seats easily. With the help of a seating arrangement map, it is easier to book the best view seats in the stadium.

Boland Park Parking 2024

Sufficient parking arrangements are available for the visitors. The main parking of the stadium a generally reserve for players, VIPs, and disabled guests. The temporary parking arrangements are generally made near the secondary field of Boland Park, which is located in the east of the main entrance.

Boland Park Map
Boland Park Map

Visitors can use Google Maps and other parking applications to reach the venue.

Boland Park Tickets Price 2024

Boland Park tickets are available mostly for cricket matches and they can be booked online. This Stadium has hosted T20 International and one International matches only in international cricket. The starting ticket rates generally start from 100 Rand and tickets are available in multiple price ranges depending on many factors. Visitors can check the Boland Park ticket price list 2024 from the official ticket booking website or app. We are advising our readers to book Boland Park tickets online from the official website only. The offline tickets might be available from the ticket booking counter located outside the stadium. Visitors should check the official website regarding the ticket booking.