Accor Stadium Seating Map 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Ticket Price, Booking

Accor Stadium Australia

Stadium Australia is a sports stadium located in New South Wales, Australia. It is known as Accor Stadium due to sponsorship reasons. It is primarily used for rugby Matches and Soccer matches. It is one of the largest Sporting stadiums in Australia in terms of seating capacity. At the time of the opening of this Stadium, it was Australia’s second-largest stadium in terms of seating capacity and the seating capacity of the stadium was 115000 after MCG. 2000 Summer Olympics were hosted in this stadium and 115000 guests were present during the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics. It is the largest Olympic Stadium ever built. Olympic Stadium, Homebush Stadium,  and Sydney Olympic Stadium are the other names of this wonderful stadium. During Sporting events and concerts, it is tough to locate a seat in this stadium. In this post, we are sharing the Australia Accor Stadium seating map with rows so that visitor can locate their seats easily.

Telstra Stadium, ANZ Stadium, and Stadium Australia are the former names of this stadium. It is located in Sydney Olympic Park, New South Wales. Venues NSW via the Government of New South Wales are the owner of this Olympic Stadium. It is operated by VenuesLive Management Services. Apart from Sporting events it also hosts regular events and concerts on a regular basis. Apart from soccer and rugby this Stadium also hosted T20 International matches for a couple of years. 1st T20 International match was played in this stadium in 2012 and the last T20 International match was played in this stadium in 2014. Some domestic and BBL matches were also played in this stadium. Now this stadium is primarily used for Ragni Matches and Australian rules football matches.

170m x 128m is the field size of the stadium and the surface of the stadium is made of grass. Stadium Australia was opened on 6 March 1999 and HOK Sport was the architect of the stadium. Accor Stadium has had more than a dozen of tenants in the past and currently. The opening and closing ceremony of the 2000 Summer Olympics was hosted in this Stadium and all the tickets were sold out in advance. It is one of the most popular stadia in Australia which host multiple Sporting events and concerts from time to time.

Accor Stadium Australia Seating Map 2024

It is Australia’s second-largest stadium and it is counted as one of the largest stadiums in the world. In rectangular configuration Stadium seating capacity is 82500 and it can be extended by adding temporary seats. In oval seating configuration, stadium seating capacity is limited to 81500. During Sporting events and concerts, it is difficult to find a seat in this big stadium. Therefore, people look for the Australia Accor Stadium seating map with seat numbers before visiting this huge stadium. The stadium is divided into multiple levels and sections. We are sharing the Stadium Australia seating plan with rows and seat numbers so that spectators can easily find their allocated seats. Some private suites are also built in the stadium along with the seats. Ek Aur Stadium seating map is showing reserved seats for members, competing team fans seats, alcohol-free seats, etc.

Accor Stadium Australia Seating Map with Rows
Accor Stadium Australia Seating Map (Click for large image)

Accor Stadium seating plan also shows all the levels of the Stadium so that visiting members can easily find their seats with the help of the Stadium Australia seat plan. This map is also very useful to find the best view seeds before booking the Accor stadium tickets.

Accor Stadium Australia Concert Map

Many events and concerts are also held in this stadium in Australia on a regular basis. The seating of the concerts is different from the Sporting events. The seats behind the stage are generally Noni usable and these seats remain vacant. We are sharing the Accor stadium concert seating map for our visitors so that they can find their seats easily in this huge Stadium.

Accor Stadium Australia Concert Seating Map with Rows
Accor Stadium Australia Concert Seating Map with Rows (Click for Large Image)

Accor Stadium Parking Map 2024

On game days and concerts, it is tough to find barking spots near the stadium therefore visitors are advised to pre-book their parking space in advance. Pre-booking of same-day parking is generally not available so spectators should book their spot in advance. We are sharing the Accor stadium parking lot map with our leaders so that they can check the nearby parking at their convenience. The parking is showing all the parking lots near the stadium along with accessibility parking.

Accor Stadium Parking Map
Accor Stadium Parking Map

Accor Stadium Tickets Price 2024

Stadium Australia ticket price depends on the event to the event. For a normal event ticket rates generally start from 10-15$ and for High Voltage events ticket rates might start from $100. Event and concert ticket prices can be in a higher range depending on the popularity of the event. Premium seats and best-view seats are generally on the higher side as compared to normal seats. Accor Stadium Australia ticket price list generally available before the event.

Accor Stadium Australia Tickets Booking

Tickets for this Stadium are generally available in online mode from Accor Stadium’s official website. Offline tickets for Stadium Australia can be bought from the box office located outside this Stadium. Some of the reputed reseller websites are also selling Accor Stadium tickets online. We are advising our readers to book Australia tickets only from the official site to save themselves from any online potential fraud.

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