Perth Stadium Seating Map 2023 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

Optus Stadium Perth

Perth Stadium is a world-famous cricket and Australia rules football stadium located in Western Australia. It is Australia’s 3rd largest Sporting stadium in terms of seating capacity. Due to the sponsorship region, it is known as Optus Stadium. It is a new Stadium as compared to other stadiums in Australia. Perth Stadium is a very popular stadium among cricket fans, Rugby fans, and football fans. Perth stadium seating capacity is 61266 and it can be expanded for 70000 guests. This stadium is also used for hosting concerts and big-bash league matches. It is a home ground of men and women BBL teams. Sporting events and concerts are hosted by Stadium on a regular basis and during these events, people look for the Perth stadium seating map with rows to locate their seats easily.

The construction of the ground started in December 2014 and it was officially opened in January 2018. Hassell, HKS, and Cox are the architects of this high-capacity stadium. The government of Western Australia and VenuesWest are the owner of Optus Stadium. It is operated by VenuesLive. The general capacity of the stadium is 61266 and in rectangular seating configuration Stadium can accommodate 65000 guests. Around 70000 spectators can be seated during concerts. It is difficult to locate seats in this big Stadium without the help of the Optus Stadium seating plan.

The first test match of the stadium was played between India and Australia in 2018. The first one-day international match in the Stadium was played between England and Australia in 2018. Australia vs Pakistan T20 match in 2019 was the first T20 International match at this stadium. Some of the main tenants of this ground are Australian rules Football teams, cricket teams, and a Rugby League team for selected matches. This stadium is primary used for AFL and cricket matches. 73,092 is the record attendance of this stadium during the Ed Sheeran concert.

Perth Stadium Seating Map with Rows 2023

This stadium is a big stadium in terms of seating capacity and with the help of Optus Stadium seating plan, visitors can easily find their seats among 60000+ seats. We are sharing the Perth stadium seating chart with rows and seat numbers for the convenience of our readers. Optus Stadium is divided into multiple stands and suites. This stadium is used for cricket, football, rugby, and other events or concerts so the seating configuration for all events is almost the same.

Perth Optus Stadium Seating Map with Rows
Perth Optus Stadium Seating Map with Rows (Click for large image)

As per the above birth Stadium cheating chart, all the premium locations are clearly marked in different colors along with their names. Regular seating is also depicted on the stadium seating plan. All the entry gates, lobby area, VIP lobby, etc. marked on the Perth Stadium seat Plan. Pitch location and directions or also mentioned on the map. The Perth stadium seating map is very useful while locating the seat during the events. It is also very useful before booking the match tickets to find the best view seats as per the budget.

Perth Stadium Seating Map for Concerts

Optus Stadium Perth Seating Map for Concerts
Optus Stadium Perth Seating Map for Concerts

Optus Stadium Seating Map for Cricket Matches

Optus Stadium Seating Map for Cricket Matches
Optus Stadium Seating Map for Cricket Matches

Perth Optus Stadium Seating Map for Rugby Matches

Perth Optus Stadium Seating Map for Rugby Matches
Perth Optus Stadium Seating Map for Rugby Matches (Click for Large Image)

Optus Stadium Perth Seating Map for Football Matches

Optus Stadium Perth Seating Map for Football Matches
Optus Stadium Perth Seating Map for Football Matches

Perth Stadium Parking Map 2023

The Optus Stadium parking map is very useful before planning to visit this stadia. It is located in a busy locality therefore it is a good decision to check Perth Stadium Park map before making any plan to visit this Stadium. Below the map of Optus stadium is showing all the important details of the stadium and its surrounding areas. All the nearby Sporting lawns and ground are clearly mentioned on the map along with restaurants and cafes. All five parking lots, playgrounds, train stations, nearby roads, and taxi stands are also depicted on the map.

Perth Optus Stadium Parking Map with all details
Perth Optus Stadium Parking Map (Source – Click for large image

Entry gates, exit gates, toilets, picnic area, BBQ, lifts, reception area, etc are also marked on the map. It is a good decision to pre-book the parking space if visitors are planning to visit this Stadium via their own vehicle. This stadium is connected with all modes of transportation so spectators can also visit this Stadium with public transport. Can be very busy and finding a parking spot can be very tough. Therefore, visitors are advised to check the Optus Stadium parking map before visiting this Stadium.

Perth Stadium Tickets Price 2023

Optus Stadium hosts plenty of events from time to time. Optim Stadium ticket prices depend on event type and some other important factors. Generally, starting ticket range of Perth Stadium starts from 10 to $20. For cricket matches in the test format schedule in this Stadium, the starting ticket rate is $10 and the highest ticket rate is $100+. For football matches the starting ticket rate generally starts from $10-15 and the highest ticket price is in the range of $100. For Rugby matches, the ticket price is almost similar to football match ticket rates.

Optus Stadium event ticket prices are completely different from sporting events and their ticket rates entirely depend on the popularity of the concert. For popular concerts, the starting ticket rate might start from $100 + and the highest ticket can easily cross the $1000 mark. All the important information and the Perth Stadium ticket price list 2023 can be checked on the official ticket booking website before the event.

Optus Stadium Tickets Booking

Ticket booking for Perth Stadium is generally available online mode through official websites and reseller websites. The stadium box office opens on only events day at a particular time. All the detail and information regarding ticket booking is available on the official website before the event. Readers of this website are also advised to book Perth Optus Stadium tickets only from official sources to save themselves from any potential scam.

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