Bramall Lane Stadium Seating Plan 2024, Ticket Price, Ticket Booking and Parking Map

Bramall Lane Stadium is a football stadium located in Sheffield, England. It is the home stadium of Sheffield United Football Club, which was founded in 1889. Bramall Lane is one of the oldest football stadiums in the world, having been established in 1855 as a cricket ground before being converted for football use in the 1860s.

The stadium has a capacity of around 32,000 spectators and is known for its unique, three-tiered stand, which was completed in 2005. The stadium has undergone several renovations over the years, with the most recent being the construction of the South Stand, which was completed in 2019.

In addition to hosting Sheffield United matches, Bramall Lane has also been used for other sporting events, such as cricket, rugby league, and boxing, as well as music concerts and other events.

Bramall Lane has a rich history and has hosted many important footballs matches over the years, including the first-ever floodlit football match in 1878, and the opening match of the 1966 FIFA World Cup. The stadium has also been used as a filming location for several movies and television shows, including the popular British comedy series, “The Full Monty”.

Bramall Lane Stadium History

Bramall Lane Stadium has a rich and fascinating history that dates back to the mid-19th century. Here are some key events and milestones:

  • Bramall Lane was originally a cricket ground, established in 1855 by the Sheffield Cricket Club. It was named after the local Bramall family, who owned the land.
  • In 1860s, Bramall Lane began to be used for football matches as well. This was before the creation of modern football leagues, so matches were usually arranged on an ad hoc basis between local teams.
  • The first ever floodlit football match took place at Bramall Lane in 1878, using temporary lighting. The match was between two local teams, Attercliffe and Heeley.
  • In 1889, Sheffield United Football Club was founded, and Bramall Lane became their home stadium. The first match played at the stadium by Sheffield United was a friendly against Rotherham Town, which they won 4-0.
  • Bramall Lane was one of the venues used for the 1966 FIFA World Cup, hosting a group stage match between Argentina and West Germany. It was also the venue for the tournament’s opening match, between England and Uruguay, although that match was played at a different time and location due to scheduling conflicts.
  • The stadium has undergone several major renovations over the years, including the construction of a new South Stand in 2019. The stand features a rooftop garden and a large mural celebrating Sheffield’s industrial heritage.
  • Bramall Lane has also been used for other sports besides football, including cricket, rugby league, and boxing. In 1997, it hosted the world championship boxing match between Prince Naseem Hamed and Tom “Boom Boom” Johnson.

Today, Bramall Lane Stadium is one of the most iconic and historic football stadiums in England, with a rich and varied history that reflects the city of Sheffield’s deep sporting and cultural heritage.

Bramall Lane Stadium Seating Plan 2024

Bramall Lane Stadium has a unique three-tiered seating plan, with stands on three sides of the pitch and a large scoreboard in the fourth corner. Here is a breakdown of the different seating areas:

  1. John Street Stand: This is the largest stand at Bramall Lane and runs along the length of the pitch on the east side. It has three tiers and can accommodate over 10,000 fans. The lower tier is reserved for home supporters, while the upper tier may be used for away fans or hospitality guests.
  2. South Stand: This stand was completed in 2019 and is located at the southern end of the stadium. It features a unique design with a rooftop garden and a mural celebrating Sheffield’s industrial heritage. The stand can accommodate around 5,400 fans and is reserved for home supporters.
  3. Kop Stand: The Kop is a large, single-tiered stand located on the west side of the stadium. It is named after the famous Kop at Anfield, home of Liverpool FC, and can accommodate around 7,000 fans. The stand is reserved for home supporters.
  4. Away Section: This section is located in the corner of the stadium between the John Street Stand and the Kop. It can accommodate around 2,500 away fans and is separated from the home sections by a barrier and security personnel.

Bramall Lane Stadium has a seating capacity of around 32,000, although this can vary depending on the match and the configuration of the seating areas.

Bramall Lane Stadium Ticket Price

Ticket prices for Sheffield United football matches at Bramall Lane Stadium can vary depending on a number of factors, including the opposition, the competition, and the location of the seats. Here is a general overview of the ticket prices you can expect:

  • Prices for a standard adult ticket can range from around £25 to £50, depending on the location of the seat and the level of demand for the match.
  • Concession tickets, which are available for children, students, and seniors, may be priced slightly lower, typically ranging from around £15 to £35.
  • VIP packages and hospitality tickets, which offer access to exclusive seating areas and other amenities, can be significantly more expensive, with prices ranging from several hundred pounds to over £1,000.

It is worth noting that ticket prices can fluctuate depending on a variety of factors, such as the popularity of the match, the competition, and the team’s performance, so it is always a good idea to check the official Sheffield United website or the Premier League ticketing website for up-to-date pricing information. Additionally, there may be occasional promotions or discounts available, particularly for season ticket holders and members of the club’s loyalty program.

Bramall Lane Stadium Ticket Booking

To book tickets for a Sheffield United football match at Bramall Lane Stadium, you can visit the official website of the club or the ticketing website for the English Premier League, depending on availability and preference. Here are the steps to book tickets:

  1. Visit the Sheffield United website or the Premier League ticketing website and search for the match you want to attend.
  2. Choose the number of tickets you need and the area of the stadium where you would like to sit. Prices and availability may vary depending on the match and the seating location.
  3. Follow the prompts to create an account, enter your payment details, and complete your booking.
  4. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email with your ticket details and instructions on how to collect your tickets or how access them digitally.

It is important to note that tickets for popular matches may sell out quickly, so it is advisable to book as early as possible. You should also check the official website or social media pages of Sheffield United for any updates or changes to the ticketing process, as they may occasionally offer special promotions or discounts.

Parking at Bramall Lane Stadium

Parking at Bramall Lane Stadium can be limited on match days, as the stadium is located in a residential area with limited parking spaces. However, there are a few options available for fans who wish to drive to the stadium:

  1. On-site parking: Bramall Lane Stadium has a limited number of on-site parking spaces available for fans, although these tend to fill up quickly on match days. It is recommended to book parking in advance if possible.
  2. Street parking: There are a limited number of street parking spaces available around the stadium, although these can be difficult to find on match days. Additionally, some streets may have parking restrictions in place, so it is important to check local signage before parking.
  3. Nearby car parks: There are several car parks located near Bramall Lane Stadium, including the Q-Park Sheffield Station, which is about a 20-minute walk from the stadium. These car parks tend to be popular on match days, so it is recommended to arrive early to secure a spot.
  4. Public transportation: For fans who prefer not to drive, public transportation is a convenient and cost-effective option. Sheffield has a well-developed public transportation network, including buses and trains, which provide easy access to the stadium.

Parking at Bramall Lane Stadium can be challenging on match days, so it is recommended to plan ahead and arrive early to secure a spot. Additionally, fans should be aware of parking restrictions and respect local residents when parking in the area.

How to Reach at Bramall Lane Stadium

Bramall Lane Stadium is located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, and can be easily accessed by a variety of transportation options. Here are some of the most common ways to reach the stadium:

  1. By car: Bramall Lane is located just off the A61, which connects Sheffield to the nearby city of Chesterfield. There is a limited amount of parking available at the stadium and in nearby car parks, but these spaces tend to fill up quickly on match days.
  2. By public transportation: Sheffield has a well-developed public transportation network, including buses and trains. The closest train station to Bramall Lane is Sheffield railway station, which is about a 20-minute walk from the stadium. Alternatively, several bus routes serve the stadium, with stops located just a short walk away.
  3. By bicycle: Bramall Lane has several bicycle racks located around the stadium, making it easy for fans to cycle to the game. Sheffield also has a network of dedicated cycle routes, so cycling can be a convenient and environmentally friendly option.
  4. By foot: For fans who live in the local area, walking to the stadium is a great option, as it allows you to avoid traffic and parking hassles. Bramall Lane is located in a residential area, so walking to the stadium can be a pleasant and scenic experience.

Getting to Bramall Lane Stadium is relatively easy, and fans have a variety of transportation options to choose from depending on their preferences and location.

Bramall Lane Stadium Facilities

Bramall Lane Stadium offers a range of facilities and amenities for fans attending matches. Here are some of the key facilities available at the stadium:

  1. Food and Drink: Bramall Lane has a variety of food and drink options available for fans, including kiosks serving hot and cold food, snacks, and drinks. There are also bars and hospitality areas located throughout the stadium.
  2. Toilets: There are toilets located throughout the stadium, including accessible toilets for fans with disabilities. Baby-changing facilities are also available.
  3. Merchandise: Fans can purchase official Sheffield United merchandise and souvenirs at the club shop, which is located near the stadium.
  4. Wi-Fi: Bramall Lane offers free Wi-Fi throughout the stadium, allowing fans to stay connected and share their match-day experiences on social media.
  5. Accessibility: Bramall Lane Stadium is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive environment for all fans. The stadium has a range of accessibility features, including wheelchair seating, accessible toilets, and assistance for fans with disabilities.
  6. First Aid: The stadium has a first aid room and trained medical personnel on-site to provide medical assistance to fans in case of injury or illness.
  7. Hospitality: Bramall Lane offers a range of hospitality packages for fans who want to enjoy the match in style. These packages include access to private boxes, lounges, and dining areas, as well as exclusive experiences such as meet-and-greets with players and managers.

Bramall Lane Stadium offers a range of facilities and amenities to ensure that fans have a safe and enjoyable match-day experience.