Cegeka Arena Seating Plan 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

Cegeka Arena Belgium

Cegeka Arena is a popular football stadium located in Belgium. It is located in Genk City Belgium. This stadium is a UEFA Category 4 Stadium. It is a multipurpose Sporting stadium but it is mostly used for the hosting of association football matches. This venue is also used for the hosting of UEFA matches. During the hosting of football matches, visitors look for the Cegeka Arena seating arrangements map and plan to find their seats easily. The demand for Cegeka Arena tickets is also very high during the hosting of football matches in this stadium.

K.R.C. Genk is the main tenant of this Arena. It is a very popular football stadium in Belgium and it is mainly used by the football club K.R.C. Genk. This Stadium has many formal names and previously it is known as Luminous Arena. The first name of the stadium was Thyl Gheyselinckstadion. The seating capacity of the stadium is 23718 and for UEFA matches the seating capacity of the stadium is 21500. 105m x 68 m is the field size of Cegeka Arena. In this post, we are sharing the Cegeka Arena seating plan map and ticket prices.

Cegeka Arena Seating Plan 2024

The seating map of Cegeka Arena shows all the stands and the pavilion of the stadium in the above image. With the help of this map of Cegeka Arena people can easily find their seats. All the bays and stands with numbers are easily depicted on the map. Cegeka Arena seating plan with seat numbers is very helpful in finding seat numbers in this Stadium. The layout of the ground along with the goal post and pitch is also drawn on the map. This map can be used while going to watch matches of K.R.C. Genk’s team.

Cegeka Arena Seating Plan
Cegeka Arena Seating Plan

Cegeka Arena Parking Map 2024

Cegeka Arena Parkin Map KRC Genk
Cegeka Arena Parkin Map KRC Genk

Multiple parking lots are available near the ground and during the high voltage matches these parking lots get full early. Visitors can buy parking tickets while purchasing the season ticket for the stadium so that they can easily park their vehicles near the stadium in the designated space without any issues. Visitors can park their vehicles in the free parking zone of Thor Park or other parking lots near the stadium in case of non-availability of parking near the stadium.

As of now, no electric charging station is available in the parking lot. Visitors can use Google Maps or other mapping applications to find the parking near the stadium and also they can plan the route with the help of mapping applications.

Cegeka Arena Tickets Price 2024

The starting ticket rate for Cegeka Arena normally starts from €10. Tickets are available in multiple price ranges depending on multiple factors like the view from the seat, the type of the stand, the facilities provided in the stand, and the importance of the game. Visitors can check the Cegeka Arena ticket price list 2024 on the official ticket booking website. Cegeka Arena tickets can be booked on the official website and authorized ticketing partners. We are advising our readers to book the Cegeka Arena tickets only from official sources.