Stade Maurice Dufrasne Seating Plan 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

Maurice Dufrasne Stadium Belgium

Stade Maurice Dufrasne is a popular football stadium located in Belgium. This stadium is situated in Liège City Belgium. During the hosting of football matches, visitors look for the Stade Maurice Dufrasne seating arrangement map and ticket price list to find their seats in this Stadium easily. It is one of the oldest football stadiums in Belgium and it was opened in 1903. This stadium is also known as Stade de Sclessin. This stadium is hosting the matches of football on a regular basis and many important matches were hosted in this stadium in the past.

Standard de Liège is the main tenant of Stade Maurice Dufrasne stadium and matches of this Professional football club are hosted in this stadium. It is a very famous stadium in Belgium and football fans of Belgium visit this Stadium on a regular basis. The seating capacity of the stadium is 27670 and the maximum capacity of the stadium is 30023.

Stade Maurice Dufrasne Seating Map 2024

Stade Maurice Dufrasne Seating Map
Stade Maurice Dufrasne Seating Map

The seating map of Stade de Sclessin is very popular among football fans as all the stands of the stadium are clearly mentioned on the map. The different stadiums of the stadium are colored in different colors for easy identification. The location of the ground and goalposts are also mentioned on the map. This map is very useful for finding seat numbers in this Stadium while visiting the ground. The location of Clubs, press boxes, etc is shown on the map.

Sclessin Parking Map 2024

Multiple parking lots are available near the stadium for easy parking of vehicles. During the high voltage matches, the parking near the stadiums might get full early, therefore visitors are advised to reach the stadium early to secure the parking space.

Stade Maurice Dufrasne Parking Map
Stade Maurice Dufrasne Parking Map

The above layout map of Stade de Sclessin shows all the important information about the stadium which is very useful for visitors. All the parking lots located near the stadium are clearly mentioned on the map. Multiple parking lots are situated near the stadium for the comfort of visitors. The location of stadium stands, ticket booking counter, entry gates, club office, merchandise store, etc are also depicted on the map.

Sclessin Stadium Tickets Price 2024

The Stade Maurice Dufrasne ticket rates depend on multiple factors like the view from the seat, type of seat, facilities provided in the stand, and importance of the game. Sclessin stadium ticket prices start from €10 and tickets are available in multiple price ranges. Visitors can check the official ticket booking website to know about the ticket pricing of this Stadium. We are also advising our Stade readers to book Maurice Dufrasne tickets only from the official ticketing booking website or authorized channel.

During the high-voltage matches it is difficult to book Sclessin stadium tickets, therefore, fans should book the tickets in advance.

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