Deepdale Stadium Seating Plan 2024 with Sections, Parking Map, Ticket Price and Booking

The Deepdale Stadium is the football stadium in Preston, Lancashire, England. This stadium is the home of Preston North End Football Club and is known as PNE. The Deepdale stadium is considered the oldest stadium in the world for football playing. Apart from the games this stadium is also used for concerts, sporting events and community gatherings. In this article, we are sharing information Deepdale stadium seating plan, parking map, ticket price and ticket booking.

This stadium started to build in 1875 and opened the door for the public in 1878. Over the period to match the latest upgradation, this stadium was many times renovated and faced expansion. The Deepdale stadium is owned and operated by Preston North End F.C. Deepdale stadium’s current seating capacity is 23408 and the highest attendance is 42684 recorded in the FA Cup semi-final match between Preston North End and Huddersfield Town. This stadium hosted various games like cup competitions, league games, the 1938 FA Cup Final, international matches etc.

Deepdale Stadium Seating Plan 2024 with Sections

This stadium is very famous among the fans and the Deepdale stadium seating chart 2024 is always in search by its visitors. Seating plans help the fans to locate the seat location before and after booking of the tickets. This stadium is parted into 04 stands:

  • Sir Tom Finney Stand: The Sir Tom Finney stand is located on the west side of Deepdale. It is the long side stand which consists of the family, regular, premium, and lounge seating areas. This stand was renamed to honour the great football player Sir Tom Finney and has a seating capacity of 7893.
    Sections Covers: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, & J.
  • Alan Kelly Town End: This stand is named in honour of Alan Kelly Sr. who was the goalkeeper of Preston North End and Ireland. The Alan Kelly Town End seating capacity is 5859 which is located on the north side behind the goal. This stand seating is mostly used by club supporters.
    Section Covers:  AC, AB, AD, AE, AF, AG & AH.

    Deepdale Stadium Seating Map Preston, Lancashire, England

  • Invincibles Pavilion: This stand is located on the east side of the stand. This stand is named after the  Preston North End team of the 1888-1889 season in which the team did not lose any match in the entire league and become famous as The Invincibles. This Invincibles Pavilion seating capacity is 3719.
    Sections Covers B, C, D, F, G, H & J.
  • Bill Shankly Kop: This stand is named to honour the great manager Bill Shankly who was a player at Preston North End and manager with Liverpool FC. This stand is famous for the away supporter. The Bill Shankly Kop stand is located behind the goal on the south side and has a seating capacity of 5933.

Deepdale Stadium Ticket Price 2024

Ticket Price of Deepdale Stadium is very demanding by the fans. This stadium is the home stadium of two teams and tickets are always searched by the visitors. Ticket Prices at Deepdale Stadium 2024 are variable from match to match and every home matches, leagues, and championship ticket prices are different. The tentative home day matches ticket prices for season 2023/24 are given below :

Stands Alan Kelly Town End Family Zone Sir Tom Finney Sir Tom Finney Invincibles Pavilion Premium Sir Tom Finney & Invincibles Pavilion
Sections (AB-AH) (A/B/C) (G/H/J) (B/C/G/H) (D/E/F)
Adults (25-64) £30 £30 £32 £32 £34
Seniors (65+) £22 £22 £24 £24 £26
Young Adults (19-24) £22 £22 £24 £24 £26
Juniors (11-18) £11 £8 £11 £11 £13
Under 11s £5 £5 £5 £5 £5
Stands Alan Kelly Town End Family Zone Sir Tom Finney Sir Tom Finney Invincibles Pavilion Premium Sir Tom Finney & Invincibles Pavilion
Sections (AB-AH) (A/B/C) (G/H/J) (B/C/G/H) (D/E/F)
Adults (25-64) £28 £28 £30 £30 £32
Seniors (65+) £20 £20 £22 £22 £24
Young Adults (19-24) £20 £20 £22 £22 £24
Juniors (11-18) £10 £7 £10 £10 £12
Under 11s £5 £5 £5 £5 £5

Deepdale Stadium Ticket Booking 2024

Ticket booking of Deepdale stadium 2024 is available online through the official website of the team official website. Other than online ticket booking, visitors can also purchase the ticket by in-person visit at the stadium’s official box office. Over-the-phone booking is also available at the stadium. Visitors are suggested that while online payment checks the website authenticity to avoid online fraud.

Deepdale Stadium Parking Map

Deepdale stadium has limited parking space which fills fastly. On match and event day Preston City Council operates Park and Ride services on match days. Visitors can park their vehicles at the designated place and take the bus to the stadium.

Deepdale Stadium Parking Map Preston, Lancashire, England

Nearby the stadium many private parking lots, car parks and schools offer the parking space for parking. These parking lots are available on short and long walking distances. On-street parking visitors should follow the parking regulations and restrictions to avoid the penalty and fines.

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