King Baudouin Stadium Seating Plan 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

King Baudouin Stadium Brussels Belgium

King Baudouin Stadium is a very popular sporting ground in Brussels, Belgium. It is the largest stadium in Belgium in terms of seating capacity. This ground is mainly used for the hosting of football matches, Rugby matches, and other events. King Baudouin Stadium is the iconic stadium of Belgium and during the hosting of matches in this stadium, people look for King Baudouin Stadium seating plan with seat numbers to find their seats. In French, it is known as Stade Roi Baudouin, and in Dutch, it is known as Koning Boudewijnstadion. It is a UEFA Category 4 Stadium and is very popular among football fans across the globe.

The seating capacity of King Baudouin Stadium is 50093 and it was opened on 23 August 1930. 64,073 spectators attended the Anderlecht vs Dundee match in 1963 and it was the record attendance of the stadium. This Stadium has undergone multiple renovations to improve the facilities and safety for the players and visitors. This stadium regularly hosts sporting events and concerts. It has many tenants in the past and they use this ground as a home ground. The Belgium National Rugby Union Team and the Brazil national football team are the current tenants of this ground. Stade du Centenaire or Jubelstadion and Stade du Heysel or Heizelstadion were the former names of this Stadium. Jubilee Stadium is the original name of this stadium.

UEFA Euro 2000 matches were played in this Stadium and the preparation match of the 2007 Rugby Union World Cup was also played here. Apart from the sporting events, this stadium used to host musical concerts and events from time to time. During the hosting of events and concerts, King Baudouin Stadium tickets are in high demand. This stadium has also an athletic track and many athletic games are also hosted here.

King Baudouin Stadium Seating Plan 2024

This stadium is used for sporting events and concerts, therefore, the King Baudouin Stadium seating arrangements are different for the sporting events and concerts.

King Baudouin Stadium Seating Map
King Baudouin Stadium Seating Map – Stade Roi Baudouin Seat Map

The above map of the stadium shows all the stands of the stadium in different colors. Around 50,000 seats in the stadium are divided into multiple rows and stands. It is a big stadium in terms of seating capacity and with the help of Stade Roi Baudouin seating arrangement map, it is easy to locate seats in the stadium. The name of The Tribune and the location of the ground is clearly mentioned on the map. During high-voltage matches and concerts, the seating layout map comes in handy for finding seats in the stadium. This map is also helpful and finding the best view seats in the stadium.

King Baudouin Stadium Concert Seating Arrangement Map 2024

The seating arrangement for the concerts in King Baudouin Stadium is different than the regular seating plan of the stadium. A stage is set up in the stadium during the hosting of concerts therefore the arrangements of seats are different.

King Baudouin Stadium Concert Seating Arrangement Map
Stade Roi Baudouin – King Baudouin Stadium Concert Seating Arrangement Map

The seating arrangement map of the stadium can be different from the above map. It depends on multiple factors like the demand for the seats, the importance of the event, etc. All the nearby roads and roads approaching the stadium are clearly shown on the map. The location of the stand, the standing area for the spectators, and all the sections and stands of the stadium are clearly depicted on the map. All the entry gates, food and drinks area, merchandise counter, parking lots, public transport options, accessibility areas, etc. are depicted on the map.

King Baudouin Stadium Parking Map

Various parking options are available near the Stade Roi Baudouin. Visitors can easily park their vehicles in these parking lots.

king Baudouin Stadium Parking Map
King Baudouin Stadium Parking Map

The nearby parking lots are marked in red color on the above map. Some of the parking lots are available near the stadium. Visitors can use Brussels Expo parking c, which has the space to park around 9000 vehicles. Visitors can also pre-book the parking spot. The visitors are advised to use Google Maps to reach this venue. The parking apps can be used to book the parking spot in advance.

King Baudouin Stadium Tickets Price 2024

The demand for Stade Roi Baudouin tickets is always high and people also look for King Baudouin Stadium ticket prices before booking the tickets. Visitors can book King Baudouin Stadium online tickets from the official website or the authorized ticketing partner website. King Baudouin Stadium ticket price list 2024 can be checked on the ticket booking website or app. The ticket price for sporting events in this stadium generally starts from $40 and tickets are available in multiple price ranges depending on multiple factors. View from the seat, importance of the game, the type of event or concert, etc. plays a crucial role in deciding ticket rates.

We are advising readers to book King Baudouin Stadium tickets only from the official sources only.