Levi’s Stadium Seating Plan 2024, Ticket Price, Ticket Booking, Parking Map

Levi’s Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in Santa Clara, California, USA. This stadium is the home of the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League (NFL). This stadium started to build in 2012 and opened its door to the public on 17th July 2014. This beautiful stadium was designed by HNTB.  The stadium is named after the naming right purchasing company i.e., Levi Strauss & Co. The stadium is proposed to host various matches of the FIFA World Cup in 2026. As per the stadium proponents, Levi’s stadium is the largest registered building under the Green Building Council of the US. In this article, we are providing the details of Levi’s Stadium seating chart, ticket price, ticket booking procedure, and parking options with a parking map.


The seating capacity of Levi’s Stadium is 68500 and the highest attendance 76976 was recorded on 29th   March 2015 during the hosting of WWE’s WrestleMania 31. Levi’s stadium can be expandable up to 75000 spectators for concerts. This stadium is an open stadium with various facilities such s like, multiple lounges, bars, dining’s, a museum with special history of the home team, Wi-Fi network. The stadium created a special real-time app for the home football games specially designed to enhance spectators’ real-time experience. The stadium hosted many events, championships, indoor/outdoor conferences, motocross, etc. The stadium also hosted some international soccer matches, including games featuring the U.S. men’s and women’s national teams. In Levi’s stadium “The Eras Tour” will be held in 2023 and in this tour, Taylor Swift will perform between the loads of fans.

Levi’s Stadium Ticket Price 2024

Levi’s Stadium ticket price depends on the matches and concerts, many matches are in high demand by a spectator which raises the prices. The ticket prices of Levi’s Stadium are not fixed, many visitors search for the same. As this stadium is a new stadium with developed and advanced facilities many visitors are interested to watch the match at the stadium.

The Levi’s Stadium ticket cost depends on the section and seat selection. Here are some general average prices of the stadium ticket given:

  1. Club Seats: The Club seats are an expensive section of the stadium, the average ticket price starts from $425 to $499.
  2. Lower Reserved Seats: The Lower seats are not high as club seats and not less than the upper seats, the average ticket price for lower seats starts from $160 to $350.
  3. Upper Reserved seats: The upper seats are not expensive like club seats and lower seats; the average ticket cost of the upper seats starts from $81 to $165.

Levi’s Stadium Ticket Booking Options 2024

Levi’s Stadium Ticket Booking can be done through the following options.

  1. Official Website: On the official website, visitors can buy tickets for the dedicated matches as per the choice of seat selection. After the submission of information and the payment process, visitors can confirm their seats from anywhere.
  2. Concerts/Events Website: Many concerts and events are hosted by the stadium. Visitors can buy the tickets from dedicated websites of the events or from the official website as well.
  3. Authorized Reseller: Through the authorized reseller visitors can buy the tickets for concerts, as some resellers are authorized by the concert authority.
  4. Third-Party Websites: Spectators also can buy tickets from authorized Third-Party websites. These sites have multiple seating options with good prices and discount offers on different payment gateways.

Levi’s Stadium Seating Plan 2024

Levi’s Stadium Seating Chart is very demanded by the spectators. Every visitor wants to know the seating view from their seats. Being a fan, every heart is very emotional for their team, and the seat location is much more important for them. The total Seating capacity of Levi’s Stadium is 68500 and Levi’s Stadium seating layout has been divided into various parts as given below:

  • Lower Bowl: The lower bowl seats have a great and closet view from the pitch. The lower bowl seats of Levi’s Stadium consist of sections from 101 to 141. Lower bowl sections are divided into rows.
  • Upper Bowl: The upper bowl seats are located above the club-level seats. The entire upper bowl seats consist of sections from 401 to 447. The upper bowl seating area provides the entire stadium view from far and the upper bowl seats are not expensive as a lower bowl.
Levi’s Stadium Seating Map Santa Clara, California
  • Club Seats: The club seating area provides premium facilities such as access to private lounges, quality food, cushioned wider seats, & bars, etc. The club seats are in the middle level of the stadium and are located between the lower and upper bowls. The club seating consists of sections 201 to 240.
  • Suites: The stadium has also the facility of suites with luxurious and premium facilities. The stadium provides the filed level suites, loge suits, and luxury suits. These suits provide an amazing experience where visitors can join as a group and enjoy the amenities of the suits while watching the matches. As per the group size suites can be booked, and many people also organize official meetings in the suites.
  • Standing Room Only: In some sections of the stadium there are Standing Room Only zone located, where spectators can enjoy the match while standing and enhance the experience of the match from the various points of the stadium. The Standing Room Only ticket charges are the lowest charges for the match ticket.

Levi’s Stadium Parking Map 2024

Levi’s stadium has many parking options within the stadium, total car parking space at the stadium is about 31000 which is divided into various parking lots of the stadium. In the stadium, the Parking lot has been categorized by color coding and numbers. Levis Stadium parking layout has been divided into the following lots:

  • Red Lot 1: This parking lot is the nearest parking lot of stadiums on the east side and is reserved for the season ticket holder. Red Lot 1 has a parking space of around 21000 vehicles.
  • Red Lot 2: This parking lot is also reserved for the season ticket holder and is located on the west side of the stadium. This parking lot has approx. 4000 vehicle space.
  • Blue Lot 1: This Parking lot is a dedicated lot for the public with shuttle service up and down visits to the stadium. Blue lot 1 has around 2200 vehicle space.
Levi’s Stadium Parking Map Santa Clara, California
  • Blue Lot 2: This parking lot is on the south side of the stadium as per Blue Lot 1, it is also dedicated to public parking with up and down shuttle service to the stadium. The Blue lot 2 has approx. 2400 vehicle space.
  • Yellow Lot: This parking is on the stadium’s southeast corner and has the same facility as the Blue 1 and Blue 2 parking lots. The Yellow parking lot contains approx. 1500 vehicle space.
  • Green Lot: The Green lot has an up-and-down shuttle service to the stadium with a car parking space for approximately 500 vehicles.

Visitors are suggested to come on time before the event and matches, as per the match demand parking gets full quickly. To avoid the last-time rush, try to be on time for hassle-free parking and enjoy the match.