Memorial Stadium Seating Plan Nebraska 2024, Parking Map, Ticket Price and Ticket Booking

The Memorial Stadium (Nebraska) is an outdoor stadium located on the campus of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in Lincoln, Nebraska. This stadium also knows as The Sea of Red. This stadium is the home of Nebraska Cornhuskers football and the other tenant of the stadium is NSAA State Football Championship. In this article, we are sharing information regarding the Memorial Stadium seating chart, ticket price, and ticket booking along with parking map and parking options.

The Memorial Stadium started to build in April 1923 and opened on 20th October 1923. This stadium was designed by John Latenser Sr. and Sons, Davis & Wilson and the construction cost was stadium is $430,000. This stadium is owned and operated by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. The starting seating capacity of the Memorial Stadium was 31080 and over the years this stadium went through various renovations in the years 1964, 1965, 1966, 1972, 1998, 2006 & 2013. The stadium is a very old stadium and renovation was done in 2006 to meet the latest facilities. This stadium hosted many games high school championships, College Football games, national championships, etc.

Memorial Stadium Seating Plan Nebraska 2024

Memorial Stadium Seating Plan, Lincoln, Nebraska is very useful for visitors who want to book tickets, with the help of the map visitor can easily understand the seat location.  Memorial Stadium Seating Capacity is 85458 and the highest attendance recorded in the stadium was 91585. The Sea of Red Seating Chart is described below:

Memorial Stadium Seating Map, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Lower Level: The lower level of Memorial Stadium has various sections and this section covers the field. The lower level covers the stadium’s east and west sides. The lower level of the stadium provides the visitors wonderful and amazing experience, from this level fans can see their favorite players playing with a close-up view. The lower level has a chairback and bleacher style.
  • Club Level: Memorial Stadium has an amazing club seating area. The Club level is situated between the lower and upper levels with luxurious amenities.
  • Upper Level: The upper level surrounds the stadium and is located above the lower level, providing birds-eye views from a higher vantage point. It comprises pieces on both the east and west sides and has mostly bleacher-style seating.

Memorial Stadium Information

Capacity 85458
Location 600 Stadium Drive, Lincoln, Nebraska
Owner University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Operator University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Parking Yes
Tenants Nebraska Cornhuskers football
NSAA State Football Championship
Surface FieldTurf

Memorial Stadium Ticket Prices 2024

The Memorial Stadium Tickets prices are dependent on the location of the seats and the game. These ticket prices are not fixed. Ticket prices for Memorial Stadium are available on the stadium’s official website. It is suggested that buy before buying the ticket from anywhere should check the stadium website for the right prices. Normally College football games’ prices range approximately from $30 to $ 100 and more. Here are some tentative annual donation charges per seat available :

Seating Area Value
Indoor Club Level (West Side $5100
Outdoor Club Level Category -1 $2500
Outdoor Club Level Category -2 $2000
Outdoor Club Level Category -3 $1750
Outdoor Club Level Category -4 $1500
Regular Seating Category-1 $2500
Regular Seating Category-2 $2000
Regular Seating Category-3 $1750
Regular Seating Category-4 $1500
Regular Seating Category-5 $1250
Regular Seating Category-6 $1000
Regular Seating Category-7 $750
Regular Seating Category-8 $500
Regular Seating Category-9 $250
Regular Seating Category-10 $150
Regular Seating Category-11 $250

Memorial Stadium Ticket Booking Nebraska 2024

There are various options for Tickets Booking of Memorial Stadium, Nebraska. Spectators can visit the for offline ticket purchases from the stadium box office and ticketing outlets. The other way is online Memorial Stadium ticket booking from the stadium’s official website and other authorized sites with the following general steps:

1. Visit the ticket booking website official or authorized
2. Select the event and date
3. Choose the seat with the help of the seating chart of Memorial Stadium Nebraska
4. Fill in the information of Mobile number and mail id for the ticket confirmation message
5. Review the details of the ticket and proceed with the payment
6. After completion of the payment, the ticket confirmation message will be delivered to the mobile number and mail id.

Memorial Stadium Parking Map Nebraska

The match days parking is a very challenging process for the visitors. There are many parking options of Memorial Stadium Nebraska:

  • Memorial Stadium Parking Lots: Stadium has its own parking space located around the stadium, these parking lots are especially available for those who purchase the parking passes in advance. The charges for parking are variable. Should cross-check the availability of these parking lots in advance with the parking authority.
Memorial Stadium Parking Map, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • University Campus Parking: On walking distance parking lots are available within the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. These parking lots also required permits and passes for parking.
  • Other Parking lots and garages: There are some parking lots and garages that are also available within short and long walking distance. These parking spaces are operated by private vendors. They charge some extra parking fees than stadium parking lots.