Neyland Stadium Seating Plan 2024, Ticket Price, Ticket Booking, Parking Map

The Neyland Stadium is a sports and multipurpose activity stadium located in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. This stadium is considered the sixth-largest stadium in the United stadium and the eighth-largest in the world. This stadium is the home ground of the team Tennessee Volunteers football under NCAA from its beginning. In 1962 this stadium was renamed in the name of head football coach Robert Neyland who served from 1926 to 1952 at the University of Tennessee. This stadium also hosted large conventions and various National Football League games. In this article, we are providing the Neyland Stadium seating map, ticket price, ticket booking, and parking map.

This stadium started to build in  March 1921 and after six months on 24th September 1921, this stadium opened its gate to the public. This stadium has faced many expansions in various years and to match the time-to-time requirement this stadium was renovated in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2022. In the beginning completion cost of the stadium was $42000. This beautiful stadium was designed by the McCarty Holsaple and owned & operated by the University of Tennessee.
During the journey, this stadium hosted many games, concerts, and religious and political gatherings. Sports events hosted by the stadium are College Football Season for the home team, Tennessee Titans NFL Preseason Games, College Football Bowl Games, and Tennessee State High School Football Championships other than football this stadium also hosted soccer matches, lacrosse games, and marching band competitions etc

Neyland Stadium Seating Plan 2024

The Neyland stadium seating capacity is 101915 after various expansions and the highest attendance recorded in 109061. The Neyland stadium seating chart is very useful for the visitors and parted as below:

  • Lower Level: The lower-level seats cover the entire stadium. On this level, the amazing view can be enjoyed by the visitors. The lower-level seats consist of sections A to Z and AA to ZZ.  The Lower-level seating capacity is around 60000 to 65000 people.Neyland Stadium Seating Plan Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Upper Level: The upper level has a mix of reserved seating and general admission sections. This level provides a panoramic view of the field. These level seats are good for families and large groups. The upper level consists of the sections X1 to X16 and Y1 to Y16. The upper-level seating capacity is around 35000 to 40000 people.
  • North End Zone: The North End Zone has a direct view of the Jumbotron and is famous among the people for its passionate crowd. This level consists of sections from NN1 to NN5. The North End Zone seating capacity is around 3500 to 5000 people.
  • South End Zone: The South End Zone provides the full-day experience to the visitors and consists the sections from SS1 to SS5. The North End Zone seating capacity is around 3500 to 5000 people.
  • Skyboxes and Club Seating: With the luxurious facility this level provides the sky boxes and club seating area. Visitors can enjoy this level’s wider and more cushioned seating space with premium amenities.

Neyland Stadium Information

Capacity 101915
Location Knoxville, Tennessee
Owner University of Tennessee
Operator University of Tennessee
Parking Yes
Tenants Tennessee Volunteers football (NCAA)
Surface Grass

Neyland Stadium Ticket Price

Neyland Stadium ticket prices are not fixed, they can be changed according to the event, match, games, etc. The exact ticket price of every event, concert, and other sporting event are available on the official website, Visitor can check the updated ticket price of Neyland Stadium on its official website. This site provides all the tickets price and they are variable as per the seat location, demand, and the event.

Neyland Stadium Ticket Booking

Neyland Stadium ticket booking can be possible online and offline. Neyland Stadium offline ticket booking visitors can go in person to buy the tickets from the stadium box office and authorized outlets. Offline ticketing other outlets charge some additional fees for the tickets.
Neyland Stadium online ticket booking can be possible through the stadium’s official website and authorized ticketing sites and platforms. During online booking, visitors can book the ticket after following simple steps. Online booking is considered the best option to book any tickets and it’s a time-saving method. Third-party ticketing platform charge some additional cost for tickets.

Neyland Stadium Parking Map

On match day all parking gets full easily it is suggested that reach the stadium on time, to avoid the last time rush. Here are given some parking options for Neyland Stadium:

  • Neyland Stadium Parking Lots: The stadium has surrounded by parking lots; these are the nearest parking space of the stadium within walking distance. To avail of these lot parking, a valid parking permit is required for pass holders and donors.
    Neyland Stadium Parking Plan Knoxville, Tennessee
  • G10 Garage: On walking distance a G10 Garage is available which provides a parking facility based on first come and first served. This parking garage is very convenient for the attendees.
  • University of Tennessee Parking: The University of Tennessee also offers a parking space on the campus. The availability of parking depends on the event or on the game.