NRG Stadium Seating Plan 2024, Ticket Price, Ticket Booking, Parking Map

NRG Stadium (Taylor’s Version) is a multi-purpose stadium located in Houston, Texas, United States. This stadium is the home of Houston Texas in the National Football League, Houston Livestock Show, Rodeo Texas Bowl (NCAA), and Texas Kickoff Game (NCAA). The NRG stadium opened its door to the public on 24th August 2002 and played its first game between the Miami Dolphins and Houston Texas. This stadium formerly was known as the Reliant Stadium. NRG Stadium hosted many Cups, tournaments, concerts, and many events. In this article, we are providing the details of the NRG Stadium seating Plan, Ticket Price, ticket booking, and parking map.

In the history of the sport biggest profit-making naming right was done for 32 years of a value of $300 million. In 2014 the stadium was renamed from NRG Energy to NRG Stadium. In April 2023 NRG Stadium become NRG Stadium (Taylor’s Version). The NRG stadium building cost was $352 million and this stadium is owned by the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation and operated by ASM Global. This stadium is designed by the most famous HOK Sport, Houston Stadium Consultants, etc.

NRG stadium organized many high-profile events and hosted many cups and tournaments like Super Bowl LI, the NCAA Final Four, the CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2019, 2021 & 2023. The FIFA World Cup qualification in 2010 was also hosted by the stadium. The soccer international matches were also hosted by the stadium. NRG stadium will also host the matches for FIFA World Cup in 2026. Being a multipurpose stadium, many colleges’ basketball, motorsports, Hockey, and Concerts are also played in this stadium.

NRG Stadium Seating Map 2024

The NRG Stadium’s seating capacity is 72220 and seating capacity is expandable up to 80000. The highest attendance recorded in the stadium is 80108. NRG stadium seating layout 2024 is a very convenient option for the fans and visitors to check the seat location and to know the seating view. The NRG Stadium seating chart 2024 is parted into the following levels.

  • Lower Level: This level is the nearest level to the pitch, in this level, all visitors enjoy most because while watching the match they can easily see their favorite player to play. The lower level seating capacity is approximately 52000. The lower level has covered sections 100, 200, and 300.
    NRG Stadium Seating Chart Houston, Texas, USA
  • Club Level: The club level is situated between the lower and upper levels. This level provides the best and premium facilities to visitors and fans. This level covers 04 seating sections i.e., 400, 500, 600 & 700. Section 400 is the closest to the lower level. This level provides the best view from the seat of the entire stadium. The seating capacity of the club level is approx. 23000.
  • Upper Level: This is the highest level of the stadium and provides an eye-catching bird’s view from the seats. With lots of people, visitors can enjoy the seating view and can feel the roar of fans from every corner in this level. The seating capacity of the upper level is 17000. The upper level of the stadium is divided into 02 sections i.e., 800 & 900.

NRG Stadium Information

Capacity 72220
Location 1 NRG Parkway, Houston, Texas
Owner Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation
Operator ASM Global
Parking Yes
Tenants Houston Texans (NFL)
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Texas Bowl (NCAA)
Texas Kickoff Game (NCAA)
Surface Hellas Matrix Helix

NRG Stadium Ticket Price 2024

The NRG stadium ticket prices are very demanding among the fans. Football is played on a bigger scale in America and many countries. Football is a game with international renown. NRG stadium ticket charges depend on the significance of the match, the teams involved, the seat location, the concert’s performer, etc. The most recent NRG Stadium ticket prices are available on the stadium’s official website, which visitors and fans can access.

The general ticket price of NRG stadium 2024 events starts from $50 and increases in multi hundreds as per the demand, availability, and seat location. To avoid any type of fraud, it is suggested to check accurate and genuine prices of the games and concerts on the stadium website. The updated ticket price is available as per the seat location and availability.

NRG Stadium Ticket Booking 2024

NRG Stadium ticket booking is possible in two ways i.e., online, and offline:

  1. NRG stadium online ticket booking: Through internet ticket booking is the easiest way to book tickets in less time. Visitors can book tickets through internet-enabled devices from anywhere. Online booking is considered the best way to book a ticket. Visitors can book tickets online through stadium websites and stadium-authorized websites. Beware if you are booking tickets from third-party sites, then check the site details with the stadium authorized sites list. Here are the general steps for online booking of NRG stadium.
  • Open the stadium sites or any authorized site for NRG ticket booking.
  • Go to the booking section and select the event or game of your choice.
  • Select the date and number of tickets.
  • Select the seat location and proceed further.
  • Fill in the necessary information like mobile number and email id.
  • Review the booking summary and proceed with the payment.
  • Choose the payment gateway and pay the ticket amount.
  • After the successful payment, the confirmation of ticket booking message will be sent to the registered mobile number and email id.
  1. NRG stadium offline ticket booking is the other option of ticket booking; visitors can buy NRG stadium tickets through the following options:
  • Stadium Box Office: Visitors can directly go to the stadium box office to buy the ticket. Visitors who are not online-friendly can visit the stadium and buy tickets accordingly. In offline booking, visitors have to face long queues and have to spend extra time booking. Visitors who are not online-friendly can visit the stadium and buy tickets accordingly.
  • Over the Phone: Visitors can also book the ticket through a call at the stadium.
  • Retailers: Stadium also authorized some resellers to sell the goods. Visitors can buy the ticket from them at a little higher price. They charged additional fees for the tickets.

NRG Stadium Parking Map 

Match and event days are the highest days of parking demand. Visitors who are visiting the stadium on match days should consider extra time for parking and leave accordingly. NRG Stadium parking options with capacity are given below:

  • NRG Stadium Yellow Lot: This parking lot has a parking capacity of around 8000 vehicles. This parking is the nearest parking to the stadium gates and is located on the south side of the stadium.
  • NRG Stadium Blue Lot: This parking lot is located on the west side of the stadium and the nearest stadium gate is the West gate. This parking lot can accommodate up to 2000 vehicles.
    NRG Stadium Parking Map Houston, Texas, USA
  • NRG Park Orange Lot: The nearest gate of this parking is the North gate and this parking lot is located on the north side of the stadium. The parking capacity of an orange lot is approx. 2500 vehicles.
  • NRG Stadium Green Lot: This parking lot is located on the southeast corner of NRG Park. This parking can accommodate approx. 1000 vehicles, considered best for the visitors who are attending the event at NRG park, NRG center & stadium.
  • NRG Stadium Red Lot: Located at NRG park’s northeast corner and parking capacity of this lot is up to 800 vehicles. The nearest location of this parking is NRG Arena, NRG Center & stadium.