Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre Seating Map 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre is a multipurpose Sporting facility located in Brisbane Australia. It is a multipurpose stadium located in Australia and it is one of the largest stadiums in Australia in terms of seating capacity. Due to the large seating capacity of the stadium, visitors look for Queensland sports and athletic centre seating plans before visiting this stadium. In short, it is known as QSAC. It is more popular by its former name, ANZ Stadium. The seating capacity of this multipurpose stadium is 48500 and during concerts, it can accommodate more people than its original capacity.

ANZ Stadium and Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Sports Centre are the former names of this stadium. It is owned by Queensland Government and operated by Stadiums Queensland. Stadium was opened in 1975. It has an athletic track and grass surface for sporting events. Brisbane ANG stadium is also used to host events and concerts on a regular basis. The demand for Queensland sports and athletic Centre tickets is also very high during the events and games.

QSAC Seating Plan with Rows 2024

This stadium is a big stadium in terms of seating capacity and with the help of the QSAC seating map, it is easy to locate seats. All the entry Gates depicted on the map make it easy for the visitor to find their entry gates printed on the ticket. All the stands and rows are clearly marked on the sitting plan of the Brisbane QSAC stadium. Main Stadium and athletic tracks are also shown on the map along with all the important information related to the ground.

Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre Seating Plan Rows
Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre Seating Plan Rows

  • Sections: The stadium is typically divided into different sections or zones. Each section may have a designated name or number for easy identification. These sections are usually marked on the seating chart.
  • Rows: Each section is further divided into rows. Rows are typically numbered or labelled for reference. They usually run horizontally across the section, starting from the front closest to the field or stage and progressing toward the back.
  • Seats: Within each row, individual seats are arranged. Seats are typically numbered, and sometimes they are also lettered to distinguish between different parts of the row. Seat numbers can help you locate your specific seat within a row.
  • Aisles and Entrances: Aisles and entrances are designated pathways that provide access to different sections or rows. They allow easy movement within the stadium and help people find their seats efficiently.

It’s important to note that the specific seating layout and configuration at QSAC can vary depending on the event being held, such as athletics competitions, concerts, or other sporting events.

Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre Parking Map

The parking map of Brisbane QSAC stadium is showing all the parking spots near the stadium. The athletics facility and Nissan Arena are also clearly visible on the parking map. All the parking lots near the stadium are clearly depicted on the map along with all the information. PWD parking is also mentioned on the map for physically challenged people. All the venue gates and entry gates for PWD guests are marked on the map. The location of the bus stand, bus dropoff point, car dropoff point, lift access, public telephone booth, toilets, etc are also shown on the map. Nearby roads and pedestrian path is shown on the map clearly. This parking map is very useful while visiting this wonderful stadium.

Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre Parking Map
Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre Parking Map – Click for Detailed Map

QSAC Stadium Tickets Price 2024

Ticket prices for events at QSAC can vary depending on the type of event, seating location, and other factors. The official website or ticketing platforms will provide details on ticket availability, prices, and any discounts or packages that may be available for specific events. For Sporting events ticket rates generally start from $20 and they are available in multiple price ranges. For concerts and events, Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre ticket prices are generally on the higher side as compared to games played in the stadium.

QSAC Stadium Tickets

Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre tickets online can be booked from the official website or authorised websites. Some of the resellers and third-party websites are also authorised to sell QSAC Stadium tickets. Offline tickets are generally available for sale from the ticket office located outside the stadium.