Sydney Football Stadium Seating Map 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

Allianz Stadium New Sydney Football Stadium

Sydney football stadium is one of the newest football stadiums located in Australia. It was opened to the general public in 2022. It is known as Allianz Stadium due to sponsorship reasons. This stadium is the replacement of the old Sydney football stadium. The old Stadium was demolished and the new Stadium was constructed. This stadium is primarily used for hosting football matches, Soccer matches, and rugby matches. The stadium was opened to the public on 28 August 2022. Visitor Looks for Sydney football stadium seating plan with rows to find their seat easily.

This newly built Sydney football stadium is the replacement of the old stadium of the same name. After the sponsorship from Allianz, it is known as Allianz  Stadium. The seating capacity of Allianz Stadium is 42500. This beautiful stadium is operated by Venues NSW and the owner of the stadium is the government of New South Wales. It is a multipurpose stadium and it is used for hosting Sporting events and concerts. It is located in Moore Park and the nearest public transit option is Moore Park. It is a rectangular ground. It is a new Stadium and still, it hosted many Sporting events and concerts till now. Sydney Roosters, South Sydney Rabbitohs, Sydney FC, and NSW Waratahs are the current tenants of this ground.

Allianz Stadium Seating Plan with Rows 2024

Sydney Football Stadium Allianz Stadium Seating Map with Rows
Sydney Football Stadium Allianz Stadium Seating Map with Rows – Click for Detailed Map

The above map of Allianz stadium is showing all the important sections of Sydney football ground. Rows and sections of Sydney football stadium are clearly depicted on the map. All the four sides of the stadium are mentioned on the map and the stands of the stadium are marked in different colors. Private suites, premium hospitality, members reserve, and corporate terrace are shown in a different colors. It helps to find a reserved seat in this stadium. All 8 entry gates of the stadium are also depicted on the Allianz Stadium seating chart. The dining area, information point, ticket booking office, lounge, suites, etc. are marked on the map clearly. Moore Park Road and nearby streets’ direction is drawn on the map.

Sydney Football Stadium Concert Map 2024

Allianz Stadium of Sydney is used for hosting concerts too. The seating layout of the new Sydney football stadium is different from the normal seating layout of the stadium. The configuration of seats in the stadium is different as a stage is set up in the stadium for the concert. The seats for concerts have restricted views. All the stands and seeds of the Allianz football stadium are depicted on the new Sydney Football Stadium concert map.

Sydney Allianz Stadium Concert Seating Plan
Sydney Allianz Stadium Concert Seating Plan

New Sydney Football Stadium Parking Map

This stadium is located very near to Sydney Cricket Ground and limited parking options are available in the stadium. The parking sports available on the premises of Allianz Stadium are generally reserved for players, staff, and members during events. As per website, multiple paid parking options are situated near by the new football stadium of Sydney. Visitors can park their vehicles in the parking lots after paying a small amount. The parking near the stadium generally gets full early therefore visitors are advised to secure a parking spot in advance or by reaching early.

Allianz Stadium New Sydney Football Stadium Parking Map
Allianz Stadium New Sydney Football Stadium Parking Map

Allianz Stadium Sydney Tickets 2024

To book new Sydney football stadium tickets visitors should log in to Allianz Stadium’s official website. As per the official website, is an authorized seller of Sydney football stadium tickets. This stadium is used to host a variety of sporting events and concerts from time to time. People interested in watching live events in the stadium can book online tickets by visiting the official website. Offline tickets for the Allianz stadium can be booked from the ticket booking office located outside the stadium.

Sydney Allianz Stadium Ticket Prices 2024

The ticket rates of Sydney football stadium depend on multiple factors like the type of event, concert, view from the seat, stand, and some other important factors. Sydney football stadium ticket prices for football matches generally start from $20. Tickets for Sporting events are generally available in multiple categories and price ranges. Ticket prices for best view seats are generally on the higher side. The expensive ticket for Sporting games generally crosses the $100 mark.

Allianz Stadium concert ticket prices normally start from a hundred dollars and they’re available in multiple categories. Apart from the tickets, many packages with extra facilities are also available for sale. Concert tickets easily cross the $500 range for the best view seats. The prices of the stadium are subject to change as per the event and answers. Visitors are advised to check the official website also regarding updated ticket rates.