Bryant-Denny Stadium Seating Plan 2024, Ticket Price, Ticket Booking and Parking Map

The Bryant-Denny Stadium is located on the Campus of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, south-eastern United States. This stadium was known as the Denny Stadium, this stadium was named to honour George Hutcheson Denny who was the president at both Washington and Lee University and the University of Alabama. Later in 1975 “Bryant” name was added to the stadium name to honour Paul William “Bear” Bryant who was the head coach of the University of Alabama football team. The Bryant-Denny Stadium is the home of the Alabama Crimson Tide (NCAA). In this article, we are sharing the Bryant-Denny Stadium seating plan, ticket price, ticket booking details and parking map.

This stadium started to build in 1928 and opened on 28th September 1929. The first game was played on 5th October 1929. Bryant-Denny Stadium was designed by Atwood and Nash, Inc., Architects and Engineers. This stadium is owned and operated by the University of Alabama. This stadium is also often the most visited place in the stadium in the state. The seating capacity of Bryant-Denny Stadium, in the beginning, was 12000. This stadium is considered the eighth-largest stadium in the United States and the tenth-largest stadium in the world. Many games and matches are hosted by the stadium High School Championship, season matches etc.

Bryant-Denny Stadium Seating Plan 2024

The seating plan of Bryant Stadium is very helpful for those visitors, who are afraid of the seating location. The seating chart helps the visitor and fan to understand the seat location and the seating view of the field. The current seating capacity of Bryant-Denny Stadium is 100077 and the highest attendance recorded was 101821.
The Bryant-Denny Stadium Seating chart is parted as follows:

  • Lower Level: The lower level of the stadium is the nearest level to the field, which provides the visitors amazing experience for the fans. This level is labelled with numbers and letters, and this level is divided into various sections. Sections near the 50-yard line are considered the best and prime seating area which provides the full field view.

Bryant-Denny Stadium Seating Chart Tuscaloosa, Alabama

  • Upper Level: This level is located just above the lower level; this level provides a bird eye view to the fans. This level was also divided into various sections and these sanctions extended from the end zone to the 50-yard line on both filed. This level of ticket prices is generally affordable and mostly cheerful and energetic fans enjoy this level.
  • Club Level Section: Normally knowns as the West Side Club level. Visitors enjoy the Premium seating area like chairback wider seats with cushioned and more legroom, luxurious hospitality, amazing food, and beverage options, private restroom, VIP services etc. This level is also good for groups, corporate meetings etc.
  • Student Section: The student section is normally located in the prime area of the stadium. The section is set to increase student interest and support for the team and games. The student section is very cheerful and energetic. This also has an area for cheerleaders, pep bands, dance teams etc.

Bryant-Denny Stadium Information

Capacity 100077
Location 920 Paul W Bryant Drive, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, U.S.
Owner University of Alabama
Operator University of Alabama
Parking Yes
Tenants Alabama Crimson Tide (NCAA)
AHSAA Super 7
Surface Grass

Bryant-Denny Stadium Ticket Price 2024

The Bryant-Denny Stadium Tickets prices are dependent on the event and game. Visitors can enjoy the stadium. The match-wise ticket prices are available on the stadium’s official website. We are providing tentative football tide pride and season game ticket prices here, tickets price is subject to availability as per the stadium.

Seating Area Sections TIDE Pride Prices Season Ticket Prices
Skyboxes 101-116, 135-136, 201-236, 246-282, 301-382 Variable $550
Ivory Club IVORY $4,500 $550
Loge Boxes (4 Seats) LG-1 – LG-54 $16,000 $2,200
South Champions Club CHP-1 – CHP-4 $3,500 $550
North Champions Club CHP-5 – CHP-8 $3,500 $550
Terrace Club TER-1 – TER-4 $2,750 $550
South Zone SZ-1 – SZ-10 $2,750 $550
North Field Suite NFS $2,750 $550
North Zone NZ-1 – NZ-10 $2,500 $550
South Field Suite SFS1, SFS2 $2,500 $550
Scholarship Club F, G & H (Rows 14+) $2,000 $450
Tier 1 GG (Rows 14+) $1,000 $450
Tier 2 U3-H, U3-J, U3-K $900 $450
Tier 3 ADA-E (WCH 61-180)
E, D, J & K (Rows 14+)
EE (Rows 35-56, Seats 1-6) FF (Rows 14-34)
HH (Rows 14-29, Seats 13-24 & Rows 30-56)
JJ (Row 34, Seats 13-23;
Rows 35-39, Seats 13-26;
Rows 40-53, Seats 15-28; Rows 54-56, Seats 15-30)
$700 $450
Tier 4 A, B, C, L, M & N (Rows 14+) $500 $450
Tier 5 U3-E, U3-F, U3-G,
U3-L, U3-M, U3-N
$450 $450
Tier 6 A-N & FF-LL (Rows 1-13) $350 $450
Tier 7 N-1 – N-8, S-8 $300 $450
Tier 8 U3-A – U3-D, U3-O – U3-R
U4-GG – U4-KK
$250 $450
Tier 9 U4-AA – U4-FF, U4-LL – U4-RR $50 $450

Bryant-Denny Stadium Ticket Booking

Bryant-Denny Stadium Ticket Booking can be done through the stadium’s official website. Online ticket booking is a time-saving and hassle-free process to book the tickets. Some other online ticketing platforms are also available for the ticket booking of Bryant-Denny Stadium, visitors can book the ticket after paying some additional fee on ticketing platforms. The in-person ticket can be purchased from the stadium box office and authorized outlets.

Bryant-Denny Stadium Parking Map

On match days parking is one of the important issues for visitors. Normally parking gets full quicker on match day, but visitors suggested that reach the stadium on time. Here are some parking options of Bryant-Denny Stadium are given below:

  • The University of Alabama Parking Lots: The multiple parking lots located around the campus of the University are operated by the University of Alabama. To secure the parking space at the stadium reach early on gameday.

Bryant-Denny Stadium Parking Map Tuscaloosa, Alabama

  • Parking Garages and Lots: Within walking distance, some parking garages and lots are located near the stadium, on game day they charge some additional parking charges. Popular garages Transportation Centre Parking Garage and Intermodal Facility Parking Garages are given.