Brisbane Cricket Ground the Gabba Seating Map 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

The Brisbane cricket ground is also known as the Gabba. It is a famous cricket ground in the world and is known for its bowling pitch. It is one of the most popular cricket grounds around the world. In the past, this Stadium has hosted the football games of the Olympics 2000. The games of the 2032 Summer Olympics are also scheduled in this Stadium. This is a multipurpose sporting ground located in Australia. It is located in the Woolloongabba locality of Queensland and the name the Gabba is inspired by Woolloongabba. People look for Brisbane cricket ground seating plans while visiting this Stadium to attend games and concerts.

This cricket ground is a multi-sports ground and many concerts are also hosted by this ground. Cricket, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Australian rules football, and concerts are the main sports of the Gabba stadium. This Stadium will be used as the central venue for the 2032 Summer Olympics. Brisbane cricket ground will go on through a major renovation and construction for the 2032 Olympics. The seating capacity of the ground will increase to 50000 for the upcoming Olympic game in Brisbane. It is one of the oldest stadiums in Australia and it was established in 1895. Stadium seating capacity is 36000 and more than 37000 visitors can be seated for Australian rules football. It is operated by Stadiums Queensland and the owner of the stadium is the Queensland government.

Queensland Bulls, Brisbane Lions, Brisbane Heat (BBL) & (WBBL) are the main tenants of this ground. The first international test of this ground was played in 1931 between Australia and South Africa. The first one day international match of the Gabba cricket ground is played between England and West Indies in 1979. South Africa and Australia played the first T20 International match of this ground in 2006. The women’s cricket team has also played many International and Domestic matches at the Brisbane cricket ground.

The Gabba Seating Plan with Rows 2024

The Gabba Brisbane Cricket Ground Seating Plan with Rows
The Gabba Brisbane Cricket Ground Seating Plan with Rows – Click for a big map

The seating chart of the Brisbane cricket ground is very popular during events and games. This is a big ground in terms of seating capacity and with the help of the Brisbane cricket stadium seating chart visitors can easily locate their seats. All the stands and rows with seat numbers of the Gabba Stadium seating plan are depicted on the map. The seats of the Gabba are divided into multiple seating options and all the categories are clearly mentioned on the map. Premium seating, entry gates, reserved seat location, outdoor seating location, sight screen, and pitch location. Box office location is also drawn in the map so visitors can easily purchase Stadium entry tickets.

  1. General Admission: These are usually the least expensive tickets and provide access to the unreserved seating areas. They allow you to sit in the available seats or find a spot on the grassy hills.
  2. Reserved Seating: This category includes seats that are assigned and marked. You can choose specific seats when purchasing tickets, ensuring you have a designated spot to enjoy the game.
  3. Corporate Boxes: The Gabba offers corporate boxes for businesses and organizations. These private suites provide a premium experience with dedicated seating, catering, and other amenities.
  4. Members’ Areas: The Gabba has dedicated areas for members of the Queensland Cricket Association and the Brisbane Cricket Ground Trust. These areas often provide exclusive seating and facilities.

The Gabba Stadium Map

The below map of Brisbane cricket ground it’s showing the seating layout of the stadium along with nearby roads and other important details. Nearby roads, entry gates, lift, toilet location, parents room, members area, bus stand, drop off, pick up location, and roads to the stadium are drawn on the map. This map can be used to reach the stadium and use the facilities situated near the Gabba stadium.

The Gabba Brisbane Cricket Ground Detailed Map
The Gabba Brisbane Cricket Ground Detailed Map – Click for Bigger Image

Brisbane Cricket Ground Seating Plan for Concerts

The Gabba cricket ground has hosted many events and concerts in the past. For concerts, a different seating plan is applied for the spectators. A stage is also set for the concerts. More than 50000 spectators can be entered inside the stadium. The Gabba seating chart layout for concerts is shared below with rows and seat numbers.

The Gabba Brisbane Cricket Ground Seating Plan with Rows for Concerts
The Gabba Brisbane Cricket Ground Seating Plan with Rows for Concerts

Brisbane Cricket Ground Parking Map

This Stadium has no public parking for the guests visiting this Stadium. It is hard to find a parking spot near the stadium during the events. A different parking plan is applied during concerts or games. Visitors can book parking spots in advance near the stadium on a first come first serve basis. Visitors are advised to reach Brisbane cricket ground via public transport.

The Gabba Parking Map
The Gabba Parking Map

Visitors can use Google Maps and other parking applications to find Parking near the Brisbane cricket ground in advance.

Brisbane Cricket Ground Tickets Price 2024

The Gabba hosts multiple types of events and games from time to time. The Gabba ticket prices depend on many factors like the type of event, type of stand, view from the seat, etc. Ticket rates generally start from $8 for test matches in Brisbane cricket ground. Brisbane cricket ground ticket prices for other formats of crickets are generally on the higher side as compared to test matches. Football match tickets generally start from $17. The tickets are available in multiple categories and price ranges. The most expensive ticket generally crosses the price range of $100.

The Gabba Tickets 2024

Brisbane cricket ground tickets can be purchased online and offline. Visitors need to visit the official website of the Brisbane cricket ground to book online tickets for the Gabba Stadium. Online tickets for the stadium can be bought from the official website or reseller website. Brisbane cricket ground offline tickets can be purchased from the ticket booking office located outside the stadium.

Readers of this website are advised to book online tickets after checking the authenticity of the website.