Kardinia Park GMHBA Stadium Seating Map 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

Kardinia Park GMHBA Stadium Australia

Kardinia Park Stadium is one of the largest Sporting grounds in Australia in terms of seating capacity. It is located in South Geelong, Victoria and it is the largest stadium in the region. This oval-shaped stadium is primarily used for hosting cricket, Soccer, and Australian rules football matches. This stadium is known as GMHBA Stadium due to naming rights since 2018. The stadium seating capacity is 36000 and after the current expansion, the stadium seating capacity would be 40000. Skilled Stadium, Shell Stadium, Baytec Stadium, and Simonds Stadium are the former names of the stadium due to sponsorship and other reasons.

GMHBA Stadium is owned by Kardinia Park Stadium Trust and it is operated by Kardinia Park Stadium Trust/Geelong Football Club. This Stadium was built in 1941 and it has gone through multiple renovations for the comfort of players and visitors. Many teams are using this Stadium as a tenant and these teams are related to Australian rules football, cricket,  Association football, and Rugby union. The first T20 International match at Kardinia Park Stadium was played in 2017 between Australia and Sri Lanka. The first woman International T20 match was played in this stadium in 2017 between Australia and New Zealand. Apart from the Sporting events, concerts are also hosted by this stadium.

GMHBA Stadium Seating Plan with Rows 2024

Kardinia Park GMHBA Stadium Seating Plan with Rows
Kardinia Park GMHBA Stadium Seating Plan with Rows

The Kardinia Park Stadium seat chart is very helpful while visiting this stadium. All the stands and rows of the stadium are marked on the map. This map is showing all the stands and wings of the stadium along with seat locations. With the help of the map, visitors can easily take an idea of their seat numbers. The location of entry Gates and light towers are also depicted on the GMHBA Stadium seat map along with the under construction area. The location of the pitch and ground layout is drawn on the map. The location of the box office is useful to purchase Kardiana Park tickets.

The stadium has a capacity of approximately 36,000 spectators and primarily hosts Australian Rules Football matches, particularly for the Geelong Football Club.

Kardinia Park offers various seating areas, including:

  1. General Admission: These tickets typically provide access to unreserved seating areas where you can choose available seats or find a spot on the grassy hills.
  2. Reserved Seating: This category includes assigned and marked seats. With reserved seating, you can choose specific seats during the ticket purchase process, guaranteeing a designated spot to watch the game.
  3. Premium Seating: Kardinia Park offers premium seating options, such as corporate boxes and private suites, which provide a more luxurious experience with dedicated seating, catering, and additional amenities.

It’s important to note that specific seating arrangements may vary depending on the event and the configuration of the stadium for a particular match.

GMHBA Stadium Parking Map

Kardinia Park GMHBA Stadium Parking Map
Kardinia Park GMHBA Stadium Parking Map (Click for Detailed Map)

Kardinia Park offers free parking on non-events days to their visitors. On events or concert days, a limited parking option is available on the premises of the stadium. Visitors need to pay a small fee are the vehicles in the parking slot. We are sharing the GMHBA Stadium parking map along with all the important details. The location of all the parking lots near the stadium is depicted on the Kardiana Park Stadium parking map. Parking entry, parking lot number, park walking track, location of the stadium, bus stops, toilets, underground station, etc are marked on the map clearly. Accessible parking lot near the C parking lot. All the roads connecting to the stadium and the stands of the GMHBA stadium are also marked on the parking map clearly.

Kardiana Park GMHBA Stadium Tickets Price

This Stadium hosts a variety of Sporting events and concerts from time to time. The ticket prices for Kardiana Park Stadium depend on the type of events, stands, view from the seat, and some other important factors. GMHBA Stadium ticket prices for Sporting events generally start from $20. The tickets are available in multiple categories and price ranges. The ticket with a good view and better stand in the price range of $80 or above.

Kardiana Park GMHBA Stadium online tickets can be bought through the official website or authorized websites. Offline tickets can be purchased from the ticket box office located outside the stadium.