SoFi Stadium Seating Plan 2024, Ticket Price, Ticket Booking, Parking Map

The SoFi Stadium is an entertainment indoor stadium in Los Angeles, Inglewood, California in the United States. This stadium is the home of the National Football League’s two football teams i.e.  Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers. This stadium is one of two stadiums that is used as the home stadium of two teams of the NFL, the other one is MetLife Stadium. It is also the home stadium LA Bowl in College Football. This stadium’s roof is fixed and designed very well by the architect. The stadium naming rights are purchased by the SoFi a financial service company. The naming right is sold at $30 million dollars per year for a 20-year agreement. In this article, we are sharing the SoFi Stadium Seating Plan, Ticket Price with Ticket Booking procedure, and detailed parking map.

The SoFi stadium opened on 08th September 2020, it was started to build in 2016 and took approximately 4 years to complete. The overall construction cost of the stadium was around $6 billion. This beautiful stadium was designed by the HKS Inc. SoFi stadium owned by StadCo LA, LLC, and Hollywood Park Land Company, LLC., operated by StadCo LA, LLC. This stadium hosted various games within the premises. Many games Super Bowl LVI, College Football Playoff National Championship, soccer games club friendly doubleheaders, Showcase, etc. SoFi stadium will host the 2023 CONCACAF Gold Cup Final, matches of the 2026 FIFA World Cup, games of the 2028 Summer Olympics, and Rugby World Cups for 2031 & 2033.  The famous concert “The Eras Tour” by Taylor Swift will be held at SoFi stadium in 2023 and this concert will organize on grand level and it will be a big boom for the fans.

The Sofi Stadium also hosted many concerts and attract many spectators for the events. Many big celebrities performed in the stadium and parted many concerts such as Kaskade: Los Angeles, ALT 98.7’s “COME OUT AND PLAY”, Permission to Dance on Stage, The Freedom Experience, etc. The SoFi stadium also won industry awards for its design, “Outstanding Architectural Engineering Project” of 2021 by the American Society of Civil Engineers., “Stadium of the Year” in Stadium DB’s Jury Award, etc.

SoFi Stadium Seating Plan 2024

SoFi Stadium Seating Chart is very easy to understand for visitors. The total seating capacity of SoFi stadium is 70240, which is expandable up to 100240. The SoFi Stadium seating layout is divided into the following parts:

  • Lower Level: Lower Level is the nearest level to the pitch, which gives the mind-blowing of the pitch. Where visitors can enjoy the game from the near and see their favorite players play. The lower level is divided into four portions i.e., southeast, southwest northeast, and northwest. This lower-level seating capacity is around 29000 seats and sections cover 101 to 136, 138-148, and 150 to 157.
  • Premier Level: This level is situated just above the lower level with wider seats, exclusive lounges and clubs, food, and beverages with premium facilities. This level seating capacity is around 13000 seats and sections cover 201 to 232.

    Sofi Stadium Seating Plan Los Angeles Inglewood California
  • Terrace Level: This level has an outdoor seating area and is located just above the premier level. Terrace level seating capacity is around 17000 seats. These seats are providing a unique experience with the standing-room space.
  • Upper Level: The level is located just above the Terrace level with the bird eye view. From this level, visitors can see the entire stadium in a single view and can enjoy the field as well. This level seating capacity is around 21000 seats.
  • Suites: A total of 260 luxury suites are located over the stadium and approx. 8 to 32 guests can accommodate in each suite. The seating may be varied as per the size of the suits.
  • Field Level Suites: The Field level suites are located on the ground level of the stadium and can 8 to 16 visitors can accommodate in each suite.
  • Loge Boxes: The Loge boxes are located on the stadium’s east and west sides. These boxes are prepared for small groups and provide premium facilities. The loge boxes can accommodate approx. 4 to 8 visitors in the loge box.
  • Peristyle Suites: The peristyle suite is located at the stadium’s north end with an amazing outdoor view. The peristyle suites ensure the luxury experience with the best outdoor and field view. The peristyle suites can accommodate approx. 10 to 20 visitors in each suite.

SoFi Stadium Information

Capacity 70240
Location 1001 South Stadium Drive, Inglewood, California, U.S.
Owner StadCo LA, LLC. Hollywood Park Land Company, LLC.
Operator StadCo LA, LLC.”
Parking Yes
Tenants “Los Angeles Rams (NFL) Los Angeles Chargers (NFL) LA Bowl (NCAA)
Surface Artificial (Matrix Turf)”

SoFi Stadium Ticket Price 2024

SoFi stadium ticket price is very demanding always among the people. As this stadium is a new stadium and build with new & advanced features, this stadium is very attractive. The ticket price of the SoFi stadium is not fixed, because every game, match, and concert has different importance among the people. Therefore, ticket prices are set as per the importance of the game, performer, seat location, etc. General SoFi stadium tickets price are given below:

  1. Normal NFL game ticket charges range from $60 to $500 or more dollars as per the seat location and match demand.
  2. Concerts ticket prices range from $50 to $500 or more depending on the performer and set location.
  3. Other Sporting games ad events such as college football games, soccer matches, etc start from $30 to $200 or more dollars as per the choice of seat selection.

SoFi Stadium Ticket Booking 2024

On important and special matches or events, stadium tickets get full easily. Prior ticket booking is the best option to avoid the last-time ticket purchase tension. Ticket booking of SoFi stadium can be done through various following options:

  1. SoFi Stadium Online Ticket Booking: Online ticket booking of any event, game, or match is the easiest way of booking. Visitors can book tickets from anywhere and confirm their seats in minutes. Visitors can book the ticket online through the stadium’s official website or some other authorized ticketing platform. Stadium also authorized many sites to sell tickets, where visitors can also buy the tickets after paying some additional fees. Online tickets can be online and through various payment gateways payment can be done easily. After the payment is confirmed ticket is sent to the registered mail Id and mobile number. Before booking from any third party ensure the authentication of the site from stadiums authorized online ticketing site list
  1. SoFi stadium Offline Ticket Booking: Offline ticket booking is the other way of buying tickets or can say it is the old way. This option is available for those who want to buy tickets in person. Visitors can buy the offline ticket from the stadium box office directly. But in the offline ticket visitor must spare additional time to buy tickets offline and face the long ticketing queues.

SoFi Stadium Parking Map:

Parking is the main concern of every vehicle holder, on match and events days parking gets full fastly. Visitors also come to the stadium through public Transportation, Metro C and E line both stops near the stadium within walking distance. If they are coming through the vehicle TAKE sufficient time for the parking.  The SoFi stadium parking options are available for the visitors :
Sofi Stadium Parking Map Los Angeles Inglewood California

  • SoFi Stadium Parking: In the stadium, many parking lots are available for visitors and surround the stadium. The parking capacity of the stadium is around 27000 and available on a first come and first serve basis. Ticket prices are depending on the match and event.
  • Hollywood Park: Hollywood Park is adjacent to SoFi stadium which has a parking area. The Hollywood Park parking capacity is approximately 20000 vehicles.