Stadio Olimpico Seating Plan 2024, Seat Chart, Stadio Olimpico Tickets Price 2024

The Stadio Olimpico is a multipurpose stadium specially dedicated to football games. Stadium Olimpico is the largest stadium in Rome, Italy. This stadium was previously known as Stadio dei Cipressi, Foro Italico, Stadio d.ei Centomila. In 1960 stadium hosted various games of the Summer Olympics including opening and closing ceremonies.  Since then, this stadium known as Stadio Olimpico. This stadium is the home of A.S. Roma, S.S. Lazio, Italy’s national football team, and Italy’s national rugby union team. In this article, we are providing information on the Stadio Olimpico seating chart, parking map, ticket price, and ticket booking.

The Stadio Olimpico construction started in 1927 and opened the gate for visitors on 17th May 1953. The starting stadium was designed by Del Debbio and by Moretti, Vitellozzi, and Clerici. The Stadio Olimpico stadium is owned by the Italian National Olympic Committee and operated by Sport e Salute. Over the period this stadium hosted many games and concerts. Stadium Olimpico has a rich in great history. UEFA Euro 1968, 1960 Summer Olympics, UEFA Euro 1980, 1974 European Athletics Championships, 1984 European Cup Final, 1990 FIFA World Cup, 2001 Summer Deaflympics, 2009 UEFA Champions League Final, and UEFA Euro 2020 are the games hosted by UEFA Euro 2020. Besides the sporting event stadium also hosted various concerts and tours such as The One Tour, Terremoto Tour, Stupido Hotel Tour 2001, Vertigo Tour, Simulation Theory World Tour, Il mondo è nostro Tour.

Stadio Olimpico Seating Plan 2024

Finding seats in Stadio Olimpico stadium is a tough task. It is biggest stadium of Rome and one of the most famous stadium of Italy. It is very popular among the sport fans. Stadio Olimpico seating layout will surely help sport fans to locate their seats inside the stadium. We are sharing the Stadio Olimpico seat map which helps you to choose best seats. It also helps you to understand view from the seat.

stadio olimpico seating plan
Stadio Olimpico seating plan (Click on Image for Large size)

Above Stadio Olimpico stadium seating layout shows the stands and pavilions of the stadium.

rome stadio olimpico seating plan chart
Rome Stadio Olimpico seating plan chart

The above image depicts the stands and rows of the Stadio Olimpico stadia. It helps to choose Stadio Olimpico’s best seats with a view. These maps help you to analyze the view from my seat Stadio Olimpico.

How to Book Stadio Olimpico Tickets 2024

It is the biggest sports facility in Rome. Rome city is very popular among tourists all over the world. During international events tourists from all over the world flew to Rome to watch the events. It is tough to book the Stadio Olimpico tickets during international sporting events and matches. Stadio Olimpico tickets are generally open to sale through online mode and offline mode.

In online mode, entry tickets can be booked by visiting official websites. On these websites tickets are listed along with price and seating stand. Best-view seats have higher ticket prices as compared to regular seats. Stadio Olimpico seat map might help you to book the best-viewing seats from the map. Some authorized kiosks also sell offline tickets.

I hope this blog will help you to book your desired seat from the stadium.