Stadio Olimpico Seating Plan, Chart – Book Stadio Olimpico Tickets

Stadio Olimpico is owned by Italian National Olympic Committee and it is largest sports facility. Seating capacity of the Stadio Olimpico is over 70000. It is largest stadia in Rome and it can accommodate more 70 thousand spectators. Stadio olimpico seating plan is widely search by visitors before visiting or booking the tickets of this facility. After the announcement Euro 2020, Stadio olimpico is in trends and Stadio olimpico seating plan euro 2020 is in demand.

Stadio olimpico was built in 1927 and partial opened for public in 1932. It was completely opened in 1953. It was expended in 1990 to accommodate more visitors. Initial name of the stadium was Stadio dei Cipressi. In 1990, roofing and restructuring of the stadium was done. Restyling of the stadia was done in 2008. Stadio Olimpico is around 1 century old stadium and during the years it was restructured to provide more facilities and increase seating capacity. A.S. Roma and S.S. Lazio are current tenants of this stadium since 1953.

Stadio Olimpico Seating Plan

Finding seats in Stadio Olimpico stadium is a tough task. It is biggest stadium of Rome and one of the most famous stadium of Italy. It is very popular among the sport fans. Stadio Olimpico seating layout will surely help sport fans to locate their seats inside the stadium. We are sharing the Stadio Olimpico seat map which helps you to choose best seats. It also helps you to understand view from the seat.

stadio olimpico seating plan
stadio olimpico seating plan (Click on Image for Large size)

Above Stadio Olimpico stadium seatig layout is showing the stands and pavilions of the stadium.

rome stadio olimpico seating plan chart
Rome Stadio Olimpico seating plan chart

Above image depicts the stands and rows of the Stadio Olimpico stadia. It helps to choose Stadio Olimpico best seats with view. These maps helps you to analyze view from my seat Stadio Olimpico.

How to Book Stadio Olimpico Tickets

It is the biggest sports facility in Rome. Rome city is very popular among the tourists all over the world. During international events tourist from all over the world flew to Rome to watch the events. It is tough to book the Stadio Olimpico tickets during international sporting events and matches. Stadio Olimpico tickets generally open to sale through online mode and offline mode.

In online mode, entry tickets can be booked through by visiting official websites. In these website tickets are listed along with price and seating stand. Best view seats have higher ticket price as compared to regular seats. Stadio Olimpico seat map might help you to book best viewing seats from the map. Some authorized kiosks also sells the offline tickets.

I hope, this blog will helps you to book your desired seat from the stadium.

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