Stadio San Nicola Seating Plan 2024, Parking Map, Ticket Price and Ticket booking

Stadio San Nicola is located in Bari, Italy, and is a multipurpose stadium. San Nicola stadium is the home of S.S.C. Bari which is the Italian football club. In this stadium, mostly football games are played on a big level. This stadium is considered the third largest stadium in Italy, due to the stadium area or size this stadium also hosted Italy’s international games.  In this article, we are sharing the Stadio San Nicola seating chart, parking map, ticket prices, and ticket booking.

San Nicola stadium was built between 1987 to 1990 for the FIFA  World and this stadium was designed by Renzo Piano. This stadium was designed very well, and stadium divided into 26 segments for air ventilation purposes. The owner of the Stadio San Nicola is the Municipality of Bari.  This stadium hosted both sporting and non-sporting events and games such as football matches of Serie A and Serie B, 1990 FIFA World Cup matches, friendly matches, and concerts of national and international performers like Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna etc. Apart from games and concerts stadium also hosted cultural events like religious ceremonies, mass gatherings, etc.

Stadio San Nicola Seating Plan 2024

The seating capacity of Stadio San Nicola is 58270. The Stadio San Nicola seating map 2024 is very easy to understand and much helpful to locate the seat location. The detailed seating chart San Nicola Stadium (Saint Nicholas Stadium)is given below :

  • Tribuna Est: This stand is located on the east side of the stadium and is known as the east stand. This stand provides an amazing unobstructed view to the visitors. This stand is mainly dedicated to reserved seating areas like VIP and premium. Apart from this this stand also has a press box and space.

    Stadio San Nicola Seating Chart, Bari, Italy
  • Curva Sud: This stand also known as the south stand is located just behind the goals. This stand is considered the home of the away supporter. The ambiance of the stadium becomes more beautiful and energetic after the fans cheer and support.
  • Tribuna Ovest: The stand is known as the West Stand and is located just opposite East Stand. This stand is famous for its family and premium seating. Partially this stand also provides luxurious facilities to the visitors.
  • Curva Nord: Opposite the south stand the Curva Nord located which is also known as the North stand. This stand is famous for home team supporters and fans. In this section standing area is also located, where visitors can watch the match while standing.

Stadio San Nicola Information

Capacity 58270
Location Strada Torrebella, 70124 Bari BA, Italy
Owner Municipality of Bari
Parking Yes
Tenants S.S.C. Bari
Surface Grass

Stadio San Nicola Ticket Price 2024

Stadio San Nicola ticket prices 2024 vary as per the game and event, or we can say that there are no fixed ticket prices San Nicola stadium 2024. The updated ticket prices are available on the official website of the playing team, stadium, and event. Before booking from other sites visitors suggested cross-checking the Stadio San Nicola tickets price with the official sites.

Stadio San Nicola Ticket Booking 2024

Stadio San Nicola ticket booking 2024 can be done online and office. Many authorized ticketing outlets and stadium box offices are selling tickets offline. As well as online tickets can be booked through the Stadio San Nicola official website, authorized websites, and the official website of the team or event. Online ticket booking is considered the best way to book tickets San Nicola Stadium. To prevent any type of fraud, visitors should check the authenticity of the website while online booking and payment.

Stadio San Nicola Parking Map

Stadio San Nicola parking gets full on the match day easily. Visitors should check the reach of the stadium prior to a match or event starting to avoid the last-time rush. Parking options at Stadio San Nicola are given :

  • Stadium Parking: Stadio San Nicola parking is located near the stadium on a chargeable basis. Parking space is allotted based on first come and first serve. On game and event day these parking space gets full fastly.
Stadio San Nicola Parking Map, Bari, Italy
  • Offsite Parking: Apart from the stadium parking various garages and parking lots are also available on game day. These parking spaces are located within walking distance of the stadium and are managed by private authorities. Before reaching any parking place, it is suggested that should check the stadium parking availability over the phone.