Vonovia Ruhrstadion Seating Plan 2024 Bochum, Parking Map, Ticket Price, Ticket Booking

Vonovia Ruhrstadion Germany

Ruhrstadion is a very famous football stadium in  Bochum, Germany. This stadium was previously known as rewirpowerSTADION. Currently, Ruhrstadion is known as Vonovia Ruhrstadion due to sponsorship dealing with the German housing association “Vonovia”. This stadium is the home of VfL Bochum and Germany national football team for the selected matches. Previously this stadium was the home of TuS Bochum and SuS Bochum. In this article, we are sharing the Vonovia Ruhrstadion seating map, parking map, ticket prices, and ticket booking details.

Ruhrstadion played the game on the stadium ground on 08th October 1911 and the construction of the stadium was completed in 1921 after World War I. This stadium is owned and operated by the VfL Bochum.

In this stadium, many games and championship has been hosted and many artist have performed in this stadium. This stadium is an old stadium and it has a great history during its lifespan. Matches of UEFA Champions League, many home games, away games, Germany international matches, etc. are hosted by the stadium. Apart from the games David Bowie and  Herbert Grönemeyer have performed in the Vonovia Ruhrstadion.  

Vonovia Ruhrstadion Seating Plan 2024

Vonovia Ruhrstadion seating chart is very easy to understand for visitors, with the help of  Ruhrstadion seating map fans and visitors can locate the seat position in the stadium. They can easily understand the pitch view from the seats. Vonovia Ruhrstadion seating capacity is 26000 and the capacity of the stadium is divided into four stands. The detailed Vonovia Ruhrstadion Seating Chart 2024 is given below with blocks, rows, sections, and stand details. 

Vonovia Ruhrstadion Seating Plan Bochum, Germany

Vonovia Ruhr Stadium has four stands i.e. Nord(North), Ost (East), Sud (South), and West stand.
North Stand has the VIP, Comfort seating zone, and Family block.
East Stand has the standing room mostly.
South Stand has seating space for children up to 14 years and severely disabled people space.
West Stand has a mixed seating space with the away supports.

Vonovia Ruhrstadion Ticket Prices 2024

Vonovia Ruhr Stadium hosts games and concerts, therefore games and concerts prices are always different. Concerts prices depend on which performer performs. The Ruhrstadion ticket charges 2024 for games are different for leagues, home matches, away matches, and seasons. The ticket deciding factors like seat location, game demand, and playing team also impact the ticket prices. The tentative Vonovia Ruhrstadion ticket prices 2024 are given below : 

Vonovia Ruhrstadion Tickets Prices Bochum, Germany

Vonovia Ruhrstadion Ticket Booking 2024

Vonovia Ruhrstadion tickets booking is available online, visitors can visit the stadium and the team’s official website to book the ticket. All the ticket booking steps are very easy, visitors are advised to book the tickets through trusted sources only and the stadium’s official website to avoid fraud. 

Vonovia Ruhrstadion Parking Map 2024

On match day stadium parking is not an easy task, due to the demand for the parking. As per the Vonovia Ruhrstadion parking plan 2024 the nearest parking at the stadium is P1, P2, and P4 which are dedicated to VIP guests.

Vonovia Ruhrstadion Parking Map Bochum, Germany

Media and other parking lots are located at some distance around the stadium. It is suggested that on match day reach the stadium on time to secure the space with parking hassle-free.