Voith Arena Seating Plan 2024 Heidenheim, Parking Map, Ticket Price, Ticket Booking

Voith Arena Heidenheim, Germany

The Voith Arena was a multipurpose stadium and is currently used as a football stadium. The stadium is very famous and located in Heidenheim, Germany. This stadium was also known as Albstadion and GAGFAH Arena. In 2011 the stadium was renamed as Voith Arena. The Voith Arena is the home of 1. FC Heidenheim. In this article, we are sharing the Voith Arena seating plan, parking map, ticket price, and ticket booking details.

The Voith Arena was built in 1972 and over the period this stadium has been renovated many times. Currently, Voith Arena seating capacity is 15000 and has 37 executive boxes. The Voith Arena is owned by the City of Heidenheim an der Brenz and operated by the 1. FC Heidenheim.

Voith Arena Seating Plan 2024 

The Voith Arena seating chart is easy to understand by the visitors. It helps the visitors to understand the seat location and the view from the seats. This stadium is divided into four stands i.e. Sparkassen Haupttribüne (North Stand), Hellensteinenergie Osttribune (East Stand), Sudtribune(South Stand), and Westtribune (West Stand). The Voith Arena stadium seating map 2024 is divided into various sections and blocks clearly depicted on the map.

Voith Arena Seating Plan Heidenheim, Germany
Voith Arena Seating Chart Heidenheim, Germany

The North Stand has a business, media, and wheelchair seating area with normal seating. North Stand has the K1, J, I, H and G2. This stand of the stadium is the main stand with 16 wheelchair spaces.
The East stand of the stadium is the standing room area and consist the block L1, L, and M.
The South Stand has a fully seated area and consists of the blocks N, A, B, C, D1, and D2.
The West stand of the stadium is a mixed with seated and standing room area. F1, F2, and E1 standing room areas and E2 is the seated area.

Voith Arena Ticket Prices 2024 

The Voith Arena stadium ticket prices are usually different, as this stadium is a multipurpose stadium and many different games have different ticket charges. Ticket prices of Voith Arena 2024 are updated on the stadium and the team’s official website. The tentative Voith Arena stadium ticket prices are given below ;

“Standing room home area
Hellenstein Energie East/West Stand/Kiosk – Blocks L, L1, F, F1 & M ( Family block is F1)
Standing room € 165.00
Standing room – reduced € 115.00
Standing Room – Member € 110.00
Standing room – children (0 – 14 years included) € 40.00
Seats Category Seat South Stand Blocks A, B, C, D1 & N Seat Sparkasse main stand outside blocks G2 and K1
Seats € 355.00 € 455.00
Seat – reduced € 310.00 € 415.00
Seat – Member € 300.00 € 400.00
Seat – Children (0 – 14 years included) € 105.00 € 180.00
Wheelchair user
Wheelchair user € 165.00
Wheelchair users children (0 – 14 years included) € 80.00

Voith Arena Ticket Booking 2024 

The Voith Arena stadium ticket booking  2024 can be ordered online through registration at the official website. Ticket booking of Voith Arena is also available offline, but to secure the seats and match date most visitors booked tickets in advance to avoid the last rush.

Online sign-up at the official website with the basic details is the easiest way to book the tickets. It is suggested not to book the Voith Arena tickets from untrusted sites to prevent any fraud.

Voith Arena Parking Map 2024 

The Voith Arena Parking map is given for the visitor’s convenience. The detailed Voith Arena parking map 2024 helps the visitor to know the parking location around the stadium.

Voith Arena Parking Map Heidenheim, Germany
Voith Arena Parking Map Heidenheim, Germany

Many private parking also located near the stadium, visitors can contact the parking holders to know the parking availability.