Canberra GIO Stadium Seating Map 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

Gio Stadium Canberra Australia

Canberra Stadium is a Sporting ground used for the hosting of Soccer and rugby matches. Due to sponsorship reasons, this stadium is also known as Gio Stadium. It is the largest Sporting venue in Canberra in terms of seating capacity. Canberra Stadium seating capacity is 25011 and visitors need Canberra Gio Stadium seating plan with rows to find their seats in this stadium. This stadium is all the modern facilities for the comfort of players and visitors. This ground has undergone renovation in 1997 for the hosting of the 2000 Summer Olympic Games.

This Stadium was constructed in 1977 and renovated in 1997. Philip Cox is the architect of Canberra Stadium. The main contractor of the stadium was Leighton Contractors. It is owned by Australian Sports Commission and the surface is made of grass. This stadium is hosting Soccer and rugby matches on a regular basis. This Stadium has many tenants related to soccer and Rugby team. Canberra Stadium, Bruce Stadium, and National Athletics Stadium are the past names of the stadium. Many concerts and entertainment events are also hosted by Gio Stadium.

GIO Canberra Stadium Seating Plan with Rows 2024

Canberra GIO Stadium Seating Map with Rows and Facilities
Canberra GIO Stadium Seating Map – Click for Detailed Map

The seating map of Canberra Stadium is showing all the details which are essential for the visitors. All the stands and rows of Gio Stadium are clearly shown on the map and it helps in finding seats in the stadium. All the stands of the stadium are marked in different colors for easy identification. Accessible seating, alcohol-free bay, lounges, corporate area, lifts, etc are marked on the map. All the important facilities are marked on the map like food and beverage, merchandise, toilets, ATMs, first aid location, baby change room, water station accessible toilets, information counter, and ticket sales office. All the concourse and transport facility is also marked on the map.

A general overview of the seating sections at GIO Stadium Canberra:

  1. Western Grandstand: This is the main grandstand of the stadium and typically provides premium seating options. It includes corporate boxes, hospitality areas, and reserved seating.
  2. Eastern Grandstand: Similar to the Western Grandstand, the Eastern Grandstand offers premium seating options, corporate boxes, and reserved seating.
  3. Northern Stand: Located behind one of the try lines, the Northern Stand usually provides a mix of reserved and general admission seating.
  4. Southern Stand: Positioned behind the opposite try lines, the Southern Stand also offers a mix of reserved and general admission seating.

Gio Stadium Canberra Concert Seating Map
Gio Stadium Canberra Concert Seating Map

The seating configuration of Canberra Jio Stadium is different from the normal seating layout of Canberra Stadium. During the concerts the above seating layout is applicable most of the times.

GIO Stadium Canberra Parking Map

GIO Stadium Canberra Parking Map
GIO Stadium Canberra Parking Map

Jio Stadium Canberra has 2 parking lots near the stadium. The location of all the parking lots near the Canberra Stadium is clearly marked on the stadium along with the directions. Disabled parking, drop-off and pick-up locations, bus terminal, taxi ranks, coach parking, and pedestrian Footpaths are also depicted on the map. All the roads near the stadium and directions are clearly mentioned on the map so that visitors can easily visit this Stadium. Visitors should use public transport during the event day as parking might get full early.

GIO Canberra Stadium Tickets Price 2024

The ticket rates for Canberra Stadium depend on the type of event, seating arrangement, view from the seat, and some other factors. The games played in Canberra Gio stadium start from $20 and they’re available in multiple price ranges as per the seat type. Gio Canberra Stadium ticket prices generally start from $100 or above. These tickets are also available in multiple price ranges. The expensive ticket to Canberra Stadium for concerts easily crosses the $500 mark.

GIO Canberra Stadium Tickets 2024

The tickets for Canberra Stadium can be bought from the official website. All the future and upcoming events are listed on the official website of Canberra Gio Stadium along with ticket booking link. Gio Stadium Canberra online tickets can be bought from the authorized website. The offline tickets can be purchased from the Stadium ticket counter located outside the stadium.