Perth Rectangular Stadium Seating Plan 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

Perth Rectangular Stadium HBF Park

Perth Rectangular Stadium is a very popular sports stadium located in Perth and it is also used for hosting concerts and events. HBF Park is the current name of the stadium after the naming rights. This stadium is mainly used for the hosting of rugby matches and concerts. Football and Soccer matches are also played in this stadium from time to time. This stadium regularly hosts concerts and sporting events. The demand for Perth rectangular stadium seating plan with stands is high during the events in this Stadium. It is a big stadium in terms of seating capacity therefore people look for the HBF Park seat map while visiting this Stadium.

The demand for the Perth rectangular stadium tickets is also very high during concerts and events.  Loton Park, Members Equity Stadium, ME Bank Stadium, NIB Stadium, and Perth Oval were the previous names of this Stadium due to naming rights and other reasons. It is located on Lord Street in Perth city of Western Australia.  The City of Vincent is the owner of HBF Park. It is operated by VenuesWest. The seating capacity of the stadium is 20500 and for concerts around 25000 visitors can be accommodated on this ground. This Stadium has also 24 executive suites. Perth Rectangular Stadium was built in 1910. This Stadium was renovated in the past multiple times.

This Stadium has many tenants related to football, rugby, and Australian rules football teams. In this post, we are sharing the HBF Park seating plan with stands for sports and concerts.

Perth Rectangular Stadium Seating Plan 2024

HBF Park Perth Rectangular Stadium Seating Plan
HBF Park Perth Rectangular Stadium Seating Plan

The seating capacity of HBF Park is 20500. This Stadium has 24 executive suites. The seating plan of Perth rectangular stadium shows all the stands of this Stadium on the map. All the stands of the HBF Park Stadium 2024 are clearly depicted on the map for the convenience of visitors. With the help of this map, visitors can easily find their seats and stands. This map is also very useful for finding the best view seats easily before booking the match tickets. The location of the ground and pitch is also drawn on the map. The location of suites, shed, open boxes, etc. Is mentioned clearly on the map.

Perth Rectangular Stadium HBF Park Concert Map

Perth Rectangular Stadium HBF Park Concert Map
Perth Rectangular Stadium HBF Park Concert Map

This Stadium can accommodate more than 25000 guests for the concerts. The seating layout is entirely different for the concerts as compared to sporting events. All the stands and rows are clearly mentioned on the map for easy identification. The location of the stage, Diamond, and Platinum section is also drawn on the map.  The layout of the HBF Park for concerts can be different from the above map as per the demand and type of event.

Perth Rectangular Stadium HBF Park stadium Detailed Accessibility Map
Perth Rectangular Stadium HBF Park Stadium Detailed Accessibility Map

The above map of HBF Park Stadium shows all the accessibility options of the stadium. The location of wheelchair seating, baby change rooms, first aid rooms, gate access, lift access, bike racks, etc. is marked on the map clearly. Nearby roads, all the entry gates, names of the stands, and accessibility parking area, are also depicted on the map.

Perth Rectangular Stadium Parking Map 2024

The HBF Park Stadium is located in the busy locality of the city and very limited parking is available near the stadium. Most of the parking space is available for the residents of the locality. On match days and events, it is very difficult to find parking near the stadium. Therefore visitors are advised to reach the venue via public transport. Perth Central Business District is very near to the stadium and multiple modes of public transport are available to reach this venue.

Perth Rectangular Stadium HBF Park Venue Map
Perth Rectangular Stadium HBF Park Venue Map

The above map of HBF Park shows all the possible public transport options near the stadium. Visitors coming from their own vehicles can research on Google Maps or other mapping applications to reach here and find the parking spot in advance.

Perth Rectangular Stadium Tickets Price 2024

The demand for the HBF Park Stadium tickets 2024  is generally very high before the events and matches scheduled in this Stadium. The starting ticket price for Sporting events generally starts from $10 to $15 and tickets are available in multiple price ranges depending on multiple factors. The starting ticket price for the concerts in Perth Rectangular Stadium is in the range of $80-$100.  Concert ticket rates are also available in multiple price ranges. The ticket rates generally depend on multiple factors like the importance of the event, type of the event, view from the seat, facilities, etc.

Visitors are advised to book Rectangular Stadium Perth tickets only from the official websites or ticketing partners.

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