Central Coast Stadium Seating Plan 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

Central Coast Stadium Australia

Central Coast Stadium is one of the most popular Sporting stadiums in Australia. It is located in Gosford City of Australia and after naming rights it is known as Industree Group Stadium. Grahame Park is the original name of the stadium. During the Sporting events in the stadium, people look for Central  Coast Stadium seating plan with seat numbers to find their seats. The demand for Industree Group Stadium tickets is also very high before the events. This stadium is mainly used for rugby and soccer matches. This stadium is also known as Gosford City Stadium as it is located in Gosford City.

Industree Group Stadium was built in 1999 and it was open to the public in 2000. The size of the field is 133m x 82 m. Central Coast Mariners Football Club is the current tenant of this ground. This Stadium has had several name changes in the past and the first name of the stadium was Waterside Park. Industree Group Stadium is the current name of the stadium and it was renamed on 14 November 2022.  This stadium is owned by Central Coast Council and it is operated by VenuesLive. The seating capacity of the stadium is 20059. This stadium hosts sporting events on a regular basis, therefore fans look for the Industree Group Stadium seating map to find their seats easily.

Central Coast Stadium Seating Plan 2024

The seating layout map of the Industree Group Stadium is very helpful in finding seats in this stadium. The central cost stadium is surrounded by seats on three sides. On the fourth side, it is surrounded by palm trees with a view of the Brisbane Water. Northern Concourse, Western Concourse, and Eastern Concourse are the names of the main stands. The seats are also fixed on the Eastern Upper Level and Western Upper Level. The names and numbers of the rows and blocks are clearly depicted on the Central Coast Stadium seating map. the location of the ground is also shown on the map. With the help of the Industree Group Stadium seating layout map, it is easy to find the best view seats.

Central Coast Stadium Seating Plan Australia
Central Coast Stadium Seating Plan Australia

The details layout map of Central Coast Stadium shows some additional details like nearby roads, entry gates of the stadium, ticket booking counters, location of the lift, etc.

Industree Group Stadium Seat Layout Map in Detail
Industree Group Stadium Seat Layout Map in Detail

Industree Group Stadium Parking Map 2024

Parking for vehicles is not available in the complex of Central Coast Stadium and visitors are advised to park their vehicles in the designated area only. Multiple parking lots are available near the stadium in the range of 100 to 300 meters.

Central Coast Stadium Parking Map
Central Coast Stadium Parking Map

The above parking map of the Industree group stadium shows all the public parking areas near the stadium. The reserved parking area near the stadium is reserved for authorized personnel on events day. Most of the public parking areas are located in the vicinity of the stadium and the rest of the distance can be covered easily by walking. Visitors are advised to check the opening and closing times of the parking lots before reaching the parking lot. Central Coast Stadium parking map 2024 also Shows the nearby roads, public transport options, and parking lot spaces in the image. Visitors can also use multiple public transport options to reach the venue like train, bus,  ferry, taxi, etc. Gosford Train Station is around 300 m from the stadium.

Industree Group Stadium Tickets Price 2024

During the high-voltage events, the demand for Central Coast Stadium tickets is very high. Visitors can book event tickets for Industree Group Stadium from the official website or authorized ticket partner website. The ticket rates of the stadium generally start from 15 to 20$ and tickets are available in multiple price ranges depending on multiple factors. Visitors can check the Central Coast Stadium ticket price list 2024 on the ticket booking website in advance before booking match tickets.

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