Villa Park Stadium Seating Map 2024, Villa Park Stadium Ticket Price 2024

Villa Park stadium is one of the famous stadiums of Aston, Birmingham, England, and is also known as the Aston stadium. Villa Park stadium dedicated stadium for football and it hosted the World Cup and European Championship football. It has hosted the most FA Cup semi-finals than any other stadium. England has played at least eleven times in the course of three different centuries. it was the stadium that hosted the final winner of the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup final took place.

The biggest boxing events as well as American Football events have also been held there as well as music festivals and religious gatherings. Villa Park truly is a place for everyone and all seasons.

The pitch was made home to Aston Villa in 1897 with the club having to pay annually 300 pounds. “The Villains” bought it in 1911, and in just three years had dismantled the cycle track, which was initially located between the stand and the pitch. The renovations were halted because of the outbreak of World War I and a complete overhaul was completed in 1924. Many years later Villa Park was regarded as one of the most beautiful places in England designed by the legendary Archibald Leitch.

In 1939, further work was completed by the son of Leitch who was the one responsible for the south stand that was built around mid-year 1940. The stand was later changed to garrison soldiers in WWII and was later bombarded by the German air forces. The damage that was caused to the north-facing sides of the ground was not repaired until 1954. Floodlights were put in place in 1958 and, in 1962-63, a roof became part of two stands. The most significant redevelopment occurred in the 1990s following the Hillsborough tragedy prompted regulation changes. In 1992-94, a new north-facing end was constructed, and then later between 2000 and 2001, a new west side was constructed with three tiers.

Apart from Aston Villa games the stadium was host to the 1966 World Cup and 30 years later Euro 1996. Starting in 1899 England’s national team was regularly playing here until 2005 and further games were transferred to the new Wembley, thus ending over a century of England’s game. Other sports also took place here – cycling from the start, rugby since 1909, and boxing from 1942. In 1983 first concert was played by Duran Duran, later followed by Belinda Carlisle, Bruce Springsteen, and Rod Steward.

Villa Park Stadium Seating Plan 2024

Villa Park stadium seating capacity is 42,682 seats and Villa park seating plan is divided into four stands.

  • The Holte End Stand includes seat blocks L1 -L9 at the lowest tier, and K1 -K7 in the upper tier.
  • Trinity Road Stand Trinity Road Stand includes seat blocks C1-C0 in the lower layer. In the middle, you’ll have seats B1 and B7. At the back, you will find seat blocks A1-A8.
  • Within the North Stand, seat blocks R1 – R7 are situated on the lower level, and seats T1 – T5 are situated in the upper tier.
  • Doug Ellis Stand includes seat blocks Q1, Q2, Q3, and M2, and M5 in the lower tier, and seats blocks P1 – P11 in the upper level.

In the event that a stage will be utilized in the stadium, it is placed on the side of the North Stand with floor standing over the remainder of the field.

Villa Park stadium ticket price 2024

Villa Park stadium tickets can also be purchased at the same shop before the match starts. Aston Villa tickets are rarely sold out. Villa Park ticket prices for home games are divided into three pricing categories.

The most expensive category A matches are priced at  £25.00 for a lower-tier North Stand seat to £45.00 for a central position at one of the long sides. The cheapest tickets for category V V matches are priced between  £20.00 and  £37.00

Tickets for Aston Villa matches are available online or by calling +44 (0) 8006120 970.

How to Reach Villa Park Stadium

Villa Park stadium is located toward the northwest of the city of Birmingham around 2.5 miles away from the city’s center.

If visitors arrive by car from outside of the city, the best way is from the M6 motorway to reach the stadium. Follow exit 6, and then follow the instructions towards the A38 (not that of the A38M). Then, on the island, turn left (A5127) and follow the directions to Villa Park.

If visitors coming via the East, you may also exit 7 off the same motorway and then take the A34 to the south over a couple of miles. When you reach Alexandra Stadium make sure to remain in the lane closest to you and exit the carriageway prior to the flyover. Follow the directions for parking on match days.

Visitors using public transportation, the stadium is most easily accessible by railway. Aston Station and Witton Station are a quick train ride to Birmingham New Street Station. Witton Station is the closest to the stadium, while it takes around 15 minutes to walk to Aston Station.

Alternatively, the stadium is accessible by bus. Bus 7 leaves from Upper Bull Street in the city’s center.

Parking at Villa Park Stadium

Villa stadium parking is limited at the stadium. If visitors are lucky enough to park in the official club car park but were only seeing a reserve game so interest was minimal. Visitors can find many residential roads, it may be easier to park on the far side of Aston Park and walk through.

Facilities at Villa Park

Villa Park stadium is located in the typical English urban region. This means there are several pubs in the area, as well as some quick dining options however if you have more time the city center of Birmingham could be the better choice.

If you are arriving via car, it is possible to go to The Star City shopping center, located just off exit 6 of the M6. It offers the usual food establishments you’d discover in a shopping center along with a range of entertainment choices. Birmingham’s nightlife center is mostly found between the west and south of Birmingham New Street Station.

There are a handful of hotels in close proximity to the stadium. The Holiday Inn Express located in the Star City shopping center is most likely the closest, but it is most convenient for those arriving via automobile. It’s a walk to the stadium from there.

In the city’s center, further to the center, there is a  Campanile Hotel as well as Premier Inn. They are cheap and receive excellent reviews, however, they are ideal for people who are arriving via automobile. If you are traveling by public transport, it’s most likely to choose accommodation in Birmingham’s central area and travel by train or bus to reach here.