Harare Sports Club Seating Plan 2024, ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifiers 2023 Harare Stadium Tickets

Harare Sports Club Ground Zimbabwe

Harare Sports Club is a Cricket Ground located in Harare, Zimbabwe. This is one of the most popular cricket Stadiums in Zimbabwe and it is used mainly for cricket matches. This Stadium is in LimeLight due to the hosting of ICC cricket world cup qualifiers 2023 matches along with Queens Sports Club stadium in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Apart from cricket, this stadium is also used for hosting rugby, tennis, squash, and golf. The Rhodesia cricket team is also used this Stadium for cricket matches. During cricket matches and other events, fans of Zimbabwe and other areas are looking for Harare Sports Club seating plan and tickets.

Harare Sports Club ground is an old stadium established in 1900 and Stadium seating capacity is also less. This Stadium can accommodate only 10000 visitors during an event. The first test match of this Stadium was played in 1992 between Zimbabwe and India. The first one-day international match in this Stadium was also played between India and Zimbabwe in 1992. Hare Sports Club ground hosted its first T20 International match in 2010 between India and Zimbabwe. Indian cricket team has played many international cricket matches on this ground in Zimbabwe. Due to low capacity of the stadium, there is always a high demand for match tickets during International matches.

Zimbabwe national cricket team Mashonaland Eagles, the Rhodesia cricket team, and the Mashonaland cricket team are the main tenants of this ground.  Prayag End Cycle and Pure End are the two ends of this ground. It is a very beautiful Cricket Ground located in the center of the City. This ground is authorized to host cricket matches of all formats like test, ODI, and T20 International. Many international cricket records were also formed in this stadium.

Harare Sports Club Ground Seating Map 2024

This is a small stadium in terms of seating capacity, only 10000 guests can be seated in this ground. The seating capacity of the stadium can be increased a bit by adding temporary seats in the ground. In 1956, this cricket ground accommodate more than 26000 guests to attend a cricket match between Rhodesia and MCC. The demand for Harare Sports Club seating plans 2024 increased during international and important matches. The layout out of the ground can be seen on the official booking website while booking match tickets. All the important details like seat numbers, rows, stand, and entry gates can be seen on the Harare Sports Club seating map layout.

Harare Sports Club Ground Tickets 2024

The sale of match tickets for Harare Stadium generally started a couple of weeks before the match. Cricket fans of Zimbabwe and nearby countries travel to Zimbabwe to watch International matches on this ground. Harare Stadium online tickets 2024 can be booked from the official website selling match tickets. Online tickets for this Stadium can be booked easily by visiting the official website. Offline tickets for this Stadium can be bought from the Stadium ticket counters located outside the City. All the information related to match tickets can be seen on official websites or social media channels.

The ticket rates for Harare cricket stadium can be checked on the official website while booking match tickets. Harare sports club ground tickets price list 2024 can also be checked on the official website and social media channels. Visitors are advised to book tickets only from authentic websites to save themselves from any potential scam.

Harare Sports Club Parking

As per the Google reviews, the parking space is available for the visitors of Harare Sports Club. During the big events, the parking space might get full early therefore visitors are advised to reach this venue early to secure a parking spot. The guests can use Google Maps and other applications to reach this venue easily. Reaching here via public transport is also a good option.