Cooper Associates County Ground Taunton World Cup 2019 Tickets Booking Process, Seat Map

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The County Ground stadium is located in the Taunton region of England. The stadium is well developed and it has all the required technology. The stadium is also known as Cooper Associates County Ground. The stadium is hosting international matches since 1983, which was an ODI between England and Sri Lanka. This stadium will be hosting some world cup 2019 cricket matches. The County Ground stadium is big enough to accommodate the huge crowd of international matches. Around 12500 spectators can enjoy the match from this stadium. County Ground Taunton world cup 2019 tickets are in high demand due to the 2019 World cup.

The County Ground stadium seat map shows the exact seating arrangement of the stadium. The original seating capacity of County Ground stadium is 8500, however, it has some scope for temporary seating. The temporary seating arrangement helps in increasing the County Ground stadium seating capacity upto 12500. The stadium has never hosted an international test match until now. The seating map of County Ground stadium is quite important for the visitors and spectators. It helps in buying the best tickets, ensuring a good view of the stadium. Three world cup 2019 matches will be played in this stadium. The first match will be hosted on 8 June and the last one would be played on 17 June.

Since 1983, County Ground stadium is hosting the international matches. The first and only T20 match was played here in 2019 and it was played between England and South Africa. The stadium didn’t host any other T20 international match since then. The stadium has been undergoing reconstruction and redevelopment in phases. There is a total of 3 phases, in which the stadium is being rebuilt and seating capacity is also increased in the process.

County Ground stadium World Cup 2019 matches Schedule

County Ground stadium is chosen for hosting 3 CWC 2019 matches. All of these matches are league matches and top 4 teams would be promoted to the Semi Finals. After that, it will be knock-out. The first match would be played between Afghanistan and New Zealand on 8 June, Saturday. The second one would be between Australia and Pakistan. It will be hosted on 12 June, Wednesday. In the last match, West Indies will be facing Bangladesh on 17 June. All the teams are playing here for only once, it will be a new pitch for all the teams. England cricket team has no match scheduled on this stadium, hence the fans here would not be able to cheer their home team in the County Ground stadium. The Taunton County Ground stadium world cup matches schedule is given below:

Date/Day Match Venue
8-June, Sat Afghanistan vs New Zealand The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton
12-June, Wed Australia vs Pakistan The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton
17-June, Mon West Indies vs Bangladesh The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton

The Taunton County Ground stadium Seating Map

The County Ground stadium is having all the world class facilities of an international cricket stadium. The County Ground stadium seating map layout allows 8500 spectators to enjoy the match. After increasing it temporary, it can accommodate around 12500 spectators. The County Ground stadium seat map is quite useful for the people booking the County Ground stadium tickets. The one who are trying to locate their booked seat can also take help from the seat map. The Seating layout of County Ground stadium, Taunton is shown here.

Cooper Associates County Ground Taunton Seat Chart and Layout
Cooper Associates County Ground Taunton Seat Chart and Layout

County Ground World Cup 2019 tickets booking process

The County Ground stadium has been hosting international matches for a long time. The 2019 Cricket world cup matches would be a treat the eyes, especially for the cricket fans. The World cup starts from 31 May and it will be concluded on 14 July 2019. County Ground stadium ticket booking is carried out online mainly, people can try their luck at the County Ground stadium ticket counter as well. The tickets for the world cup 2019 matches are sold on the official websites mainly. The process is very simple and anyone familiar with internet can book the online tickets of County Ground stadium, Taunton. County Ground stadium seat map is shown during ticket booking and you can choose the seats from the map itself. The County Ground stadium world cup ticket booking process is shown here:

  • Visit the ICC official website, you will be able to see the match tickets here.
  • Search for the County Ground stadium world cup tickets.
  • Once you can see the tickets, proceed to book it.
  • You need to choose the seat and stand from the Taunton County Ground stadium seating layout.
  • Complete the payment on the last page, and your ticket booking is complete.