Specsavers Ashes 2019 Ticket Price, Booking Process and Schedule

The Ashes series is played between England and Australia. It is a historic series played by both the teams. The series was hosted at least once in two years by the team who won the last series. The series is still played in test format only and the competitive spirit is very high as well. The 2019 ashes series is scheduled to play in England. The five test series will be played in various stadiums of England. The ashes 2019 tickets are also sold on various websites. One can get the Ashes 2019 tickets from the stadium ticket counter as well. The last Ashes series was played in Australia and the England team faced a huge defeat with one draw and 4 losses.

England team has been improving since then. The series is hosted in England, giving an upper edge to England team. This is a good opportunity for the host team, to get ashes trophy back in 2019 Ashes series. All five test matches will be played on different stadiums. The series will kick off in August and the first match will be played between 1 August – 5 August at Edgbaston, Birmingham. The Ashes 2019 tickets booking, schedule, stadium seat map, and other relevant information is present below.

History of Ashes

The story of the naming of the Ashes series was also very interesting. When England faced defeat from Australia, the sporting times newspaper printed a headline that stated: “England cricket had died, the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia”. This became the quest to regain the Ashes, in the next series when England team toured Australia for another test series. And thereafter, the test series is widely known as Ashes series. A total number of 70 ashes series are played till 2019 and Australia has won 33, England won 32 series. Rest of the 5 series were drawn and the last winner kept the trophy. Total 90 tests were drawn, out of the 330 test played as part of this series. The Australian team is leading here also with 134 wins, whereas England has won 106 tests.

Specsavers Ashes 2019 Ticket Price

The 2019 Ashes tickets are sold by the online and offline process. The Ashes 2019 online tickets are sold on some of the official websites. The ECB shares the notification for tickets and all the related information. Specsavers Ashes 2019 ticket booking is done online by following a simple process. The stadium’s ticket counter will have the Ashes offline tickets. The tickets will be sold for 5 days combined as well as for individual days. If one is planning to watch the complete match, it is recommended to buy the complete 5 days tickets and not 5 individual tickets for each day. The Ashes 2019 ticket price is approx starting from £200 and it goes up to £400 and even more in some cases.

Specsavers Ashes 2019 Ticket Booking Process

The ticket booking process for Ashes 2019 series is quite simple and it takes a few minutes of time. The process is no different from other ticket bookings. You just need to be aware of the stadium seat map, which is shown when you book the tickets online.

  • Open the ticket selling website directly or search in google.com.
  • Check in the sports category and find the Specsavers Ashes 2019 tickets.
  • Check the venue listed on the page and select the city.
  • Select the date and find the stand and category, for which you want to buy Ashes tickets.
  • Choose your desired seat from the Ashes stadium layout and check Ashes 2019 tickets price.
  • Check the for the total amount payable and proceed for the online payment.
  • You can use your Debit card, net banking, credit cards and other modes of transaction.
  • Tickets will be booked and sent to your registered E-mail ID.

Specsavers Ashes 2019 Schedule

The Australian team will be in England for almost two months for the Ashes. The first test match of the series will be played on 1st August 2019 and the fifth match will end on 16 September 2019. These two teams will be playing 5 test match during that period. The first match will be played in Edgbaston stadium between 1 – 5 August. The second test will be hosted in Lord’s cricket ground. The third one is scheduled to be played at Emerald Headingley, Leeds. After that, both teams will play at Old Trafford stadium and the last match will be played at Kia Oval, London on 12 August 2019.

Ashes 2019 1st Test Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham

The Edgbaston cricket ground is a big cricket ground. It is chosen for hosting of world cup 2019 cricket matches too. The first match of Ashes 2019 series is played on this stadium. The match will start on 1st August 2019 and the last day of the match would be 5 August 2019. The Ashes 2019 tickets for the 1st match are not easy to find. Most of the tickets are sold as soon as they are made available. The Edgbaston Ashes 2019 tickets are mostly sold on the official ticket selling websites. Some other websites are also selling these tickets apart from the ECB website. You can try your look at Edgbaston stadium ticket counter too.

Ashes 2019 2nd Test Lord’s Cricket Ground, London

The second test match of Ashes 2019 is being played at the Lord’s stadium. It is a world class stadium which is famous for various records created and broken at this stadium. The cricket ground is situated in London. The Ashes 2019 2nd test match is hosted here and it will be played between 14 August and 18 August 2019. The Lord’s Ashes 2019 tickets are available for all the 5 days, these tickets are in demand and it would go housefull. There is a possibility that the Ashes 2019 offline tickets are sold at the Lord’s stadium ticket counter.

Ashes 2019 3rd Test Headingley Cricket Ground, Leeds

The last series was not good for the England team as they faced defeat from rival Australia on their home turf. It is an opportunity for the England team to score a good series win, as Australia will be away from their home this year. The 3rd test is being played at Leeds, Headingley cricket ground. It is evident that the tickets are not very easy to get, considering the craze of Ashes in the cricket fans. The Leeds Ashes 2019 tickets would be sold online and offline. One can try to reach the Leeds stadium ticket counter to buy offline tickets as the online tickets are sold very soon these days.

Ashes 2019 4th Test Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester

The World cup is a special tournament and it pumps up every team for the big competition. This time, Ashes is scheduled very soon after the world cup finishes. The team of England is ready to take revenge from Australia by defeating them at the home pitches. The Ashes 2019 is being played at England this time and England team looks strong too, indicating that England might win this series. The Old Trafford stadium is hosting 4th Test match of 2019 Ashes. The Old Trafford Ashes 2019 tickets are sold online and offline. The tickets are sold at a few websites, another way is to book Old Trafford offline ticket by visiting stadium ticket counter.

Ashes 2019 5th Test Kia Oval Stadium, London

The Last test match of every series is always important. The last match is generally the decider and hence people try to book the tickets for the last match initially. The hope to see a final match, makes people book the tickets in advance. The Ashes is quite an important test match series for both Australia and England. The teams prepare very well for this series. Oval stadium Ashes 2019 tickets are booked on the website. The traditional way of booking tickets, Kia Oval Ashes offline ticket booking can also be done. The online tickets can also be done at a few official ticket booking websites.