Wolverhampton Molineux Stadium Seating Plan with Rows 2024, Parking Map, Tickets Price

Wolverhampton Molineux Stadium

Molineux Stadium is one of the most popular football grounds located in England and it is mainly used for the hosting of football matches. This stadium is one of the first stadiums to use floodlights for matches. It is a very popular Stadium and during the hosting of games in the stadium, people look for the Molineux seating chart with rows and seat numbers to find their seats. Molineux Stadium is located in Wolverhampton City, therefore, it is also known as Wolverhampton Stadium. Wolverhampton Wanderers is the main tenant of this ground since 1889.  Wolverhampton Wanderers is known as Wolves in short.

This Stadium was built in 1889 and it was renovated multiple times to improve it for the comfort of players and spectators. Molineux Stadium is owned and operated by Wolverhampton Wanderers. The seating capacity of this stadium is 31750. The field size of the ground is 105 by 68 meters. The seating capacity of the stadium varied from time to time during and after the renovation. In this post, we are sharing all the information related to the Wolves Molineux Stadium seating plan with seat numbers and rows. The demand for Molineux stadium tickets 2024 is also very high during football games and events in the stadium.

Molineux Stadium Seating Plan with Rows 2024

The current seating capacity of the stadium is 31750 and during the hosting of games in the stadium, it is tough to locate seats in Molineux Stadium Wolverhampton. We are adding a Molineux Stadium seating map with stands and rows to locate seats easily.

Wolverhampton Molineux Stadium Seating Plan with Rows 2023
Wolverhampton Molineux Stadium Seating Plan with Rows 2024

All the stands and rows of the Molineux Stadium are clearly depicted on the map along with markings and numbers. All the entrances and executive entrances are clearly drawn on the map along with all the important details. The location of the bar, ground, and pitch is also marked on the map. The whole stadium is divided into multiple stands and rows. The seat number and entry gate number are clearly mentioned on the reserved ticket. With the help of the above map, visitors can easily find their respective seats.

The Molineux stadium seating chart 2024 is also helpful in finding the best view seeds of the stadium before booking entry tickets.

Molineux Stadium Parking Map 2024

Two car parks are located near the Molineux Stadium and around 200 cars can be parked near the stadium. On matchday, the car parking lots near the stadium fill fast. Visitors planning to visit this stadium can book the car parking space in advance. Some other car parking lots are located near the stadium and they are very useful during the Molineux Stadium matchday. On non-match days, it is easy to find car parking near the stadium. A little fee is required to pay to park the vehicle in the parking lot.

Molineux Stadium Parking Map 2023 with Directions
Molineux Stadium Parking Map 2024 with Directions

All the parking lots near the stadium are clearly depicted on the Molineux Stadium parking map. More than 10 car park lots are situated near the stadium and during the match day, they are very convenient for the visitors coming from their own vehicles. The directions for the stadium are also drawn on the map for smooth access. Pre-match safety features are also marked on the map. The parking map of the stadium is very useful while visiting this stadium. Visitors can pre-book parking spaces near the stadium.

Wolverhampton St. George’s and National Rail Wolverhampton are the nearest public transit options near to the stadium.

Wolverhampton Molineux Stadium Tickets Price 2024

The demand for Wolverhampton stadium tickets is generally high during the games and the rate of tickets depends on the type of games. Molineux Stadium ticket prices generally start from €10 and tickets are available in multiple categories depending on multiple factors like the view from the seat, the importance of the match, the demand for match tickets, etc. The visitors can check the Molineux Stadium ticket price list 2024 from the official website in advance. Molineux Stadium tickets 2024 can be booked from the official website or authorized ticketing partner.