Fratton Park Seating Plan  2024, Ticket Price and Booking, Parking Map

The Fratton  Park Stadium is located in Portsmouth, England, and is dedicated to football games. The Fratton Park stadium is the home of  Portsmouth F.C. During stadium history this stadium was only dedicated to  Portsmouth F.C. for the football games. In this article, we are sharing the Fratton Park seating plan with rows and seat numbers, parking map, ticket price, and ticket booking.

The Fratton Park stadium started to build in 1899 and on 15th August 1899, this stadium opened for the public. The Fratton stadium has been designed by Arthur Cogswell and owned by Portsmouth F.C. Over the period this stadium has many times been renovated to maintain the structure and match the time being facilities. The stadium has a surface Semi-artificial hybrid based with a field size of 100 x 65 m. This stadium hosted many games FA Cup, the 1948 London Olympics, the England U-21 internationals, etc.

Fratton Park Seating Plan  2024

The Seating Capacity of the Fratton stadium is 20899 and the highest attendance recorded in the stadium is 51385. The Fratton Park seating chart is very helpful for visitors, with the help of a seating map visitors easily can identify the seat location. The seating map of Fratton Park is divided into four parts :

  • South Stand: The South stand of the stadium is the main and long side stand. The seating capacity of this stand is 4856. This stand is the oldest stand in the stadium in the player’s room. As this stand is a long side stand and offers various great views from the seats. This stand is the home supporter stand and provides the premium VIP and directors seating. The South Stand has two tiers with a South upper and lower.
    South Stand Blocks: SA, SB, SC, SD.
  • North Stand: The North Stand is the largest stand of the stadium and seating capacity is 8147. The North tier is also divided into two tiers i.e., North upper and lower. This stand is very famous among the home supporters. This stand has the family blocks in North lower.
    North Stand Upper Blocks: NUE, NUF, NUG.
    North Stand Lower Block : NLA, NLB, NLC, NLD, NLE, NLF, NLG, NLH, NLJ, NLK.

    Fratton Park Seating Plan Portsmouth, England
  • Milton End: This stand is dedicated to home and away supporter Milton stand is the smallest stand in the stadium with a seating capacity is 3196.
    Milton End Stand Blocks: ML, MM, MN, MP, MQ, MR, MS.
  • Fratton End Stand: The Fratton End Stand has a seating capacity is 4,700 and this stand is very famous among the home supporters. This is the single-tier stand and short side stand.
    Fratton Stand Blocks: FA, FB, FC, FD, FE.

Fratton Park Ticket Price 2024

Fratton Park stadium ticket prices 2024 vary as per the event, game, playing team, and seat location. In another way, ticket-deciding factors impact ticket prices. Visitors can check updated ticket prices of Fratton Park on the club’s official website. Many other sites are selling Fratton Stadium tickets 2024, it is suggested that book the tickets through trusted sites to avoid any type of fraud.
The tentative Fratton Park season tickets prices 2024 are  given below :

Category Fratton End/North Stand Wings/South Stand Wings North Stand Centre/South Stand Centre
Full Price Early Bird Renewal Early Bird New Full Price Early Bird Renewal Early Bird New
Adult £464 £414 £424.00 £479 £424 £434
Senior (65+) £354 £314 £322.00 £366 £322 £330
Young Person (18-22) £311 £271 £278.00 £322 £278 £285
Junior (14-17) £115 £90 £90.00 £120 £95 £95
Child (2-13) £115 £90 £90.00 £120 £95 £95
Child (2-13) – family areas only £25 £23 £23.00 N/A £23 N/A
Ambulant £274 £254 £261.00 £280 £260 £267
Wheelchair £242 £222 £229.00 N/A N/A N/A
Adult Executive £581 £531 £544.00 £599 £544 £557
Concession Executive £475 £425 £435.00 £490 £435 £445

Fratton Park Ticket Booking 2024

Fratton Park stadium ticket booking 2024 is available on the club’s official website. The home matches, season, and away games schedule is updated on the website. Visitors can directly book the ticket through online payment in minutes. The other way is offline ticket booking, visitors can book tickets through in-person visits at the stadium ticket office.

Fratton Park Parking Map

On matchday parking is a very important and concerning point for visitors. It is suggested that fans and visitors reach the parking prior to kick-off. On game day parking rush create problems and due to jam and parking unavailability, many visitors attend the game late.

Fratton Park Parking Plan, Portsmouth, England

Fratton Park has a parking facility for 250 vehicles which can be booked through the club’s official website online. The Fratton Park parking charge is £10.
Apart from the stadium parking another parking option is Milton cross school car park which charges £6.00 per car on match day parking.