Hillsborough Stadium Seating Plan 2024, Sheffield Ticket Price 2024

The Hillsborough stadium is a very famous stadium among the people. This stadium is a dedicated stadium for football games. Hillsborough stadium is located at Owlerton, Sheffield, England. This stadium opened on 2nd September 1899 and has been the home of Sheffield Wednesday since the stadium opening. The Hillsborough stadium seating plan and other facilities at Hillsborough stadium are given here.

Many people know this stadium in both ways good and bad. The Hillsborough disaster of April 15th, 1989 occurred on the field, and it is still considered the worst athletic catastrophe in British history. While watching a Merseyside club game against Nottingham Forrest in the FA Cup semifinal, 96 Liverpool fans died as a result of appalling crowd control and policing. Although police attempted to accuse spectators and hooligans, a formal investigation has happened and indicated that no hooligans and spectators are responsible for that incident.

The stadium has a lot of history that we must also talk about, even if the tragedy must never be forgotten and the victims must always remain. For instance, but also European Championship games from 1996 and the World Cup games from 1966. Outside, there is a memorial for the 96 fans that died in the tragedy of 1989. If England were to gain the opportunity to host an international competition in the future, the club has also had planning clearance granted to raise the capacity to around 45,000.

Sheffield Wednesday was founded in 1867, making it one of the world’s oldest clubs. Because Wednesdays were a half-day off from work, employees may participate in the sports club in the afternoon, giving Wednesday its unusual name. The team has played at Hillsborough since 1899, and the stadium continues to boast numerous vintage aspects that truly transport you back in time while still serving as a useful big stadium in the present.

One of the relatively few authentic classic football stadiums in this country is Hillsborough. Approximately 40,000 seats are distributed among 4 different stands. Character abounds wherever you look, from the massive one-tiered kop to the enormous grandstand with the conventional Archibald Leitch Triangle configuration incorporated into the rooftop.

Hillsborough Stadium Seating Plan 2024

The Hillsborough stadium seating capacity is 39732. The Hillsborough stadium seating plan has been divided into 04 stands. This stadium is designed to have a consistent appearance as all four stands are similar in height and all covered. Hillsborough is the precise definition of a football stadium in the “English style.” Nonetheless, they have added seating to the corner between the West and North Stands as a nod to contemporary stadium architecture. The Hillsborough stadium seating chart is very useful for those visitors who want to know their seating view during booking.

  1. The North Stand is a single-tiered section that extends along the side of the field and has room for less than 10,000 spectators. The ticket office and the official store of the club are located outside of this stand. In the past, the North Stand was the largest cantilever stadium ever constructed in Britain
  2. The Spion Kop: This stand, also known as The Kop by most Wednesday supporters, is where the club’s loudest fans can be found. Although it has two levels, they aren’t separated, creating the impression that there is just one big layer.
  3. The South Stand – This stand is two-layered, with the upper level ordinarily called The Grandstand. The two-tiered South Stand is the biggest and has a stunning design of the stadium, with a consolidated limit of the north of 11,000. It houses both the Directors’ Box and the Family enclosures.
  4. The West Stand – Better referred to most as The Leppings Lane End, this segment of the ground was where the Hillsborough tragedy happened. It is currently a single-tier, all-seater stand with a limit of somewhat more than 6,500.

Hillsborough Stadium Ticket Price

Tickets for Sheffield Wednesday matches are available online or by phone. Tickets can also be purchased at the Megastore or Ticket Office at the stadium.

Tickets can still be purchased at the stadium’s ticket office on the day of the match if they are available. Although Wednesday’s attendances are among the highest in the Championships, tickets will still be available for most matches.

Sheffield Wednesday has divided up its home matches into seven pricing categories. For all stands, tickets for category G matches are flat £20.00. The prices for category F matches go up to £27.00 and £33.00. After that, they go up by £3.00 per category until reaching £42.00 or £49.00 for the category A matches.

How to reach Hillsborough Stadium

Hillsborough Stadium is located in the north west part of Sheffield. It is located in the north-west of Sheffield It is about 2.5 kilometers away from Sheffield city center and 3 km far from Sheffield Rail station.

The stadium is accessible via Sheffield Supertram. The tram is accessible from various locations in the city’s center (e.g. Castle Square, Cathedral, or City Hall). The yellow line will take you heading toward Middlewood. Take the stop at Leppings Lane, from where it’s a short walking distance to the stadium.

From the bus station at the Rail station, you can get bus 53 (to Ecclesfield/Parson Cross) as well as bus 77 (to Chapeltown). The journey takes around 15 minutes.

Parking at Hillsborough Stadium

Street parking is typically accessible to the north from the Stadium, but certain roads are permitted only, therefore make sure you check the restrictions prior to parking up. Additionally, there is an auto park in the venue itself as well as several other parking areas for matchdays that are within walking distance of the stadium. The other parking points details are here given for the Hillsborough stadium.

Car Parking Navigation Parking Charges Distance from the stadium Details
Hillsborough ‘Wednesdayite’ Car Park S6 1QE £7 0.2km The closest parking space close to Hillsborough is the Wednesdayite car park. It’s located right to the left of Spion Kop and Wednesday Club Shop
Meadowhall Railway Station S9 1EQ Park free then £3 tram 7.5km If you’d like to park in a different area from where the Stadium is located, the best option is to put your vehicle near the Meadowhall Railway Station near to the shopping mall. From there, you can take yellowe tram that goes to Leppings Lane near the stadium. The journey will take about 35 minutes.
Middlewood Park & Ride S6 1TQ £4.50 0.8km Middlewood Park & Ride offers visitors to park a little away from the bustling streets that surround the field for an easy exit following the game.
A61 Matchday Car Parks S6 1LP £5 0.5km There are many parking spaces that are not officially licensed for matchdays along the A61 which leads up to the stadium that are popular with fans who visit.
Herries Road – Street Pa S6 1L Free 0.5km Parking is available on the street along Herries Road which is just an easy distance from the stadium however, this parking isn’t secured and therefore, cars are left at their own risks.