Bellerive Oval Seating Plan 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

Bellerive Oval is a multi-sports stadium located in Bellerive, Tasmania, Australia. Due to its location, the stadium is known as Bellerive Oval. After the naming rights. The official name of the stadium is Blundstone Arena. This stadium is mainly used for the hosting of football matches, and domestic and international cricket matches. During the hosting of sporting events and concerts, people look for the Bellerive Oval seating map with seat numbers. The demand for the Blundstone Arena tickets is also high during the events. It is a very popular sporting ground of Australia and matches of the 2022 T20 World Cups were also hosted in this stadium.

This stadium regularly hosts Australian rules football matches, domestic cricket matches, International cricket matches, football games, Big Bash League, etc. The owner of Bellerive Oval Stadium is Clarence City Council. Blundstone Arena is operated by the Tasmanian Cricket Association. The ground was built in 1913 and it was opened in 1914. This Stadium has many tenants related to football and cricket matches. Australian National Cricket Team, many professional football clubs, BBL teams, etc. are using this ground as their home ground.

The first test match of Bellerive Oval Stadium was played between Australia and Sri Lanka in 1989. The match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka in 1988 was the first One Day International match of this stadium. In 2010, this ground hosted 1st T20 game of this Stadium between West Indies and Australia. The cricket matches of the 2022 T20 World Cup were also hosted in this stadium.

Bellerive Oval Seating Map 2024

Bellerive Oval Seating Plan with Rows
Bellerive Oval Seating Plan with Rows

The seating map of Blundstone Arena shows all the stands and rows of the stadium clearly. All the entry gates, names of the stands,  box office ticket counters, etc. are marked on the map. The map of the stadium is very helpful in finding the seats inside the stadium. The stadium seating capacity is 19500 and all the important detail of the stadium is clearly drawn on the map. The location of wheelchair seating, toilets, taxi stand, bus stand, corporate area, ATM, baby change room, Cafe, etc. shown on the map.

The location of the nearby roads is helpful in reaching the stadium via popular transport and own vehicles. The Blundstone Arena seating map 2024 is also very helpful and finding the best view seats of the stadium before booking the tickets.

Bellerive Oval Parking Map 2024

There is very limited parking available at the Blundstone Arena, therefore, visitors are advised to use public transport options to reach this venue. On match days, it is difficult to find Parking near the stadium. Visitors might Park where vehicles at Kangaroo Bay, Regatta Grounds, South Street Reserve Belleriv, and Bellerive Primary School parking lots. It is advisable to check the availability of parking lots in advance with the help of Google Maps and other mapping applications.

Bellerive Oval Parking Map
Bellerive Oval Parking Map

Bellerive Oval Tickets Price 2024

Blundstone Arena ticket prices depend on multiple factors and they are available in multiple price ranges. The starting ticket price of the stadium generally starts in the range of $15 to $20. View from the seat, type of the game, importance of the game, facilities provided in the stand, etc. are some of the important factors that affect ticket rates. Bellerive Oval ticket price list 2024 can be checked on the official ticket booking website or ticketing partner websites. Visitors can book online tickets from authorized ticketing partners. Always use the trusted websites to book Bellerive Oval tickets online to save yourself from any potential scam.