Wembley Stadium Seating Plan 2024, Ticket Price, Ticket Booking, Parking Map

The Wembley Stadium is located at Wembley, London, United Kingdom. The Wembley Stadium is a football stadium. Football is a world-famous game; it is widely played on international levels also. Many world cups and other matches are regularly played in the stadium. The Wembley stadium is the home of the English National Football team. The Wembley stadium is the largest stadium in the United Kingdom and the second largest stadium in Europe. In this article, we are providing the information for the Wembley stadium seating plan, ticket price and parking map etc.

Originally Wembley Stadium opened in April 1923 after many matches and a long Era this stadium was demolished from 2002 to 2003. Previously Wembley stadium is also known as the home of sports due to its multisport matches/plays like Rugby league, speedway championship, greyhound racing and stock car etc.

The newly constructed stadium opened its doors on 09th March 2007.  This stadium is owned by the Football Association with the headquarters within the stadium. This stadium has been designed by Foster & Partners, HOK Sports with engineers from the Mott Stadium consortium. This stadium was constructed by the Australian company Multiplex. At that time the overall cost of this stadium was £789 million.

In 2007 Wembley hosted its first FA Cup final between Chelsea and Manchester United with the highest total audience 89826. This stadium also hosts home matches and Live earth awareness programmes. More than 150 musical acts come together to raise climate change awareness.

Wembley Stadium Seating Plan 2024

Wembley Stadium is the biggest stadium in the United Kingdom and the second largest in entire Europe. The total seating capacity of Wembley Stadium is 90000.

The Wembley Stadium seating layout 2024 has been divided into 04 stands.

  • West Stand: This stand is the main stand of the stadium with a seating capacity of approximately 20000. This stand provided premium hospitality, VIP boxes, and Royal box with a reservation option.
  • East Stand: This stand is famous for its hospitality and VIP facility in the stadium. This stand seating capacity is approximately 22000 seats.

  • North Stand: This stand is the most popular among the people, it is the home support’s favourite stand. The capacity of North Stand is Approximately 25000 seats. This stand is located behind the goal.
  • South Stand: As well as North Stand this stand is also located behind the goal and the approximate seating capacity of this stand is 34000. The stand is the largest stand in the stadium and is mainly used for the away fan zone.
Wembley Stadium Seating Plan London

Seating levels are divided into 03 parts i.e.

  • Level 1: This level is the nearest level from the pitch, 101-144 blocks are covered in this level. The seating capacity is approximately 34000, and this level is spread in all stands of the stadium i.e., North, South, East and West.
  • Level 2: It is the middle level 201 – 252 blocks are covered in this level. The seating capacity is approximately 26000, this level is spread in North, East, West & Club Wembley.
  • Level 3: It is the highest level of the seating map which contains the 501-552 block in the upper part of the stadium. The seating capacity is approximately 30000, and this level is spread in North, East & West.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour 2024 UK Tour at Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is also going to host Taylor Swift’s UK tour in 2024. This tour is very famous among the fans and will attract the crowd on a big level. Wembley Stadium Taylor Swift Eras UK tour tickets 2024 are already open for sale.  The Eras UK tour ticket booking and ticket price are available on the tour and stadium’s official website. Taylor Swift will perform at Webley Stadium in June and August months of 2024 as per  following dates:

21st June 2024, Friday
22nd June 2024, Saturday
23rd June  2024, Sunday
15th August 2024, Thursday
16th August 2024, Friday
17th August 2024, Saturday

Wembley Stadium Ticket Price 2024

Wembley stadium ticket price depends on the demand for the matches. As we know, football is very famous and fans are keen to enjoy the matches in the stadiums.  The tickets for Wembley stadium vary as per match. Which teams are playing, home matches and tournaments all tickets depend on the demand of spectators and matches.

The ticket price of Wembley stadium is normally for football matches and boxing bouts, starting from around £30 to several hundred pounds. The premium seating ticket price can be more expensive as per demand. For music concerts and other entertainment events, ticket prices start from around £20 for general admission to over £100 for premium seats or VIP packages.

Wembley stadium ticket booking for football matches can be done through online or offline. Tickets are available on a first come and first served basis. Therefore, it is best to book tickets online to avoid the last rush and long queues. Sometimes in online ticket booking, we receive extra discounts on tickets or at the payment gateways.

Wembley Stadium Parking Map 2024

Wembley stadium parking is available on a booking basis and opens at 7 am and closes at midnight. Wembley stadium parking charges/prices depend on the events and matches. Here are some parking options for the parking:

  • Stadium Parking: The stadium has its own parking space with 3000 car parking spaces. The stadium parking rate may vary as per the event and match, normally parking prices at Wembley Stadium start from £30. Wembley Stadium also has Blue Badge (Disabled) parking for the disabled, A blue badge parking helps you to park close to your destination, either as a passenger or a driver.
  • Green Car Park: This parking space is available near the stadium. The green park has 2000 car parking spaces. This parking is located at A404 Harrow Road and generally charges £20. The rates may vary as per the event and match at the stadium.
  • Yellow Car Park: This parking lot has a parking space for up to 2000 cars. It is located at A406 North Circular Road within walking distance from the stadium. It cost approximately £20 per car. The rates may vary as per the event and match at the stadium.
Wembley Stadium Parking Chart London
  • Other Parking options: The other parking option near the stadium is also available such as streets, shopping centres, small parking lots etc.

Visitors can reach Wembley stadium by car, coach, and train. National Express is the official coach supplier to Wembley stadium. You can book your coach as per the event and match to avoid the parking rush and stress within the UK.

Visitors can also reach Wembley stadium by train. The nearest railway station is Wembley stadium railway station on the Chiltern Main Line and this station is the nearest station to Wembley stadium.